it’s a big moment got your plate i’ve

got your registration ready for this

this was originally meant for la c8

american muscle

but we’re gonna put it on your italian

bowl who’s in charge of this first of


dave it was all dave look at your custom


show the audience what it carol is

that’s so amazing now what you need to

do you need to tell the audience okay

all you cool cats and kittens what

listen to my lamborghini purr

fire it up we gotta hear it let’s hear

the lamborghini purr oh here pearl

exotic cars exotic cash

let’s tell me a baskin

let’s hear it

all right guys let’s go for a rip we

have a special project

sitting over at rap works that’s getting

wrapped up and then you guys are gonna

get to see

pretty quick the reveal of the world’s

first and only

supercharged v10 lamborghini huracan

evo aperta superlazera that’s a little

too far but it’s an aperture for sure

you ready for this

yep you excited yep let’s do this let’s

go and we’re gonna hopefully get there

in one piece he doesn’t have a lot of

driving experience

let alone in a supercar that’s what

dad’s here for the coacher

follow uncle dave g-wagon

lamborghini this is your first official

actual drive in this car with proper

registration and insurance and

everything you let off the gas and it

really slows down

right the engine compression slows the

car down

if you’re on an angle you’re good this

car’s not slammed give it just a little

bit of gas don’t do it crazy like you

can enjoy it you can

you can accelerate to the speed limit

you have to get there doing 10

kilometers an hour feels a lot different

than my

uh ikea the miyakia quesadilla you’re

clear no trains

planes or automobiles that is good yup

catch up to dave please like we can we

can at least do 50 kilometers an hour

you gotta get you you gotta are you

nervous yeah i’m nervous

because it feels so much faster even

though i’m going like 20. does it feel

really that much quicker

to me yes well it’s the power right the

torque power and torque hater suckers

wow it really didn’t downshift there did

it it’s really smooth in auto

we’re driving an auto for me at first

how are you doing you feel confident


yeah no did i hit it uh

yeah just a little bit just a tiny bit

how’s dave’s driving

uh same as mine i’d say it’s not the

same you didn’t hit a curb and you’re

never gonna hit a group

damn your truck is jacked yeah you’re

just like me

why is it so much bigger trying to be

nervous or something compensating for a

small penis

that’s pretty big yeah just like that uh

you’re going on an

incline let’s go see what the huracan’s

up to oh

what do you think mia holy how sick does

that look guys

it looks so good all right guys sam

is just wrapping up the back end we

still have a bumper to do but

this car is completely transformed i

want to show you from a side profile

because it looks insane but first i get

the attention of dave and mia we’re in

the front seat of my car playing race

shadow legends what the hell

yeah cause today’s sponsor you son of a

[ __ ] let’s get straight to the game you

guys let me ask you a question mia you

ever dreamed of fitting a truly triple a

quality game

in the comfort of your pocket something

you just whip out at any time and play

whenever you feel like it yes

it keeps me up at night well now you can

with rage shadow legends i heard raid’s

a tough game it’s got 10 challenging

dungeons each with a super tough boss

that requires specific teams and

strategies to beat

and that’s just the start that’s true

mia but if you care about storylines

it’s got an awesome

fully voiced campaign with 12 unique


and three difficulties for you to dive

into and there are 13 unique factions

like dwarves or the undead

or badass midnights and a ton more with

all those factions

raid also has an incredible 460

champions each totally unique with their

own design skills and strengths

no matter what you like raid’s got

something for you raid’s super active


with over 200 000 clans fighting and

competing right now and with over 25

million players raid’s the hottest

mobile game around and it’s only getting


yes mia you combine all those things and

you get a game that has basically

endless content and infinite ways to

play and there’s never been a better

time to get started

raid is free to play and available on

both mobile and desktop

all right mia you ready for this yep

okay check this out first of all notice

the crazy graphics

these are epic champions right here

there’s like over 400 to choose from

look at that one calm down dave but look

at the graphics seriously

look at that pretty cool pretty insane

and this month’s grades got their

biggest ever update the main event

coming soon is the doom tower

it’s a giant tower with 120 floors a

bunch of secret challenge rooms

and 12 seriously bosses to take on i’ve

been waiting for this for a long time

and i just can’t wait to dive in

on top of that they’re also releasing 14

new awesome champions

just in time for the holidays along with

a whole host of holiday events

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for you can find me under the username

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you here the rewards will be available

only for new players and only for the


30 days battery died choosing my phone

now can i get my phone back please i

know you’re addicted to raid shadow

legends but we have the vlog to finish

you guys you want to play with us

find me in the game mia baskin you’re

better than bear

she’s very good at it mia baskin and i’m

dave underscore dde download raid right

now see you in the game get back to the


get my phone back yeah

show the people sam let people know this

is a 3m

satin fluorescent and then it’s glossy

because it’s been laminated which makes

it what

thick like me thick that actually makes

it more difficult to

install does it not incredibly what are

you doing put the trim piece on

what are we gonna do with him anthony i

don’t know yeah i do

i’d be awful at installing vinyl i would

not be good i don’t have the patience i

don’t have the finger work

actually my fingers whatever happened

to emmett the guy who won the integer

type r can you just hit him up and see

if we can randomly call him

hey hey hey how are you

good how you doing good congratulations

i appreciate it

can you say vtech you’ll be v-teching

all over

paris ontario dude how excited are you

to get the type r oh my god

have you ever won anything before

actually yeah um

earlier this year i went up here at


dude you want a pair of shoes that are

worth the same amount as the type r

are you kidding me we tell them they’re

really good news yes i’m really good

enough so guess what typhoid’s coming to


but guess what else is coming to you us

we’re gonna deliver

in person yeah dude no way we’re gonna

we’re at your house we’re gonna eat your

food we’re going to his house what are

we going to find in your fridge

we’ll find some pasta on italian oh

seriously no joke pasta is my favorite

food we can tell

yeah what did you think when you heard

you were the winner

what went through your mind speechless i

uh i watched the video i’m going to say

three four times before it actually you

know started turning my brain and i ran

downstairs i was in my boxer still

my mom was like what are you doing i’m

like mom i just want a car

me and my brother downstairs we were

like losing it man losing it

okay take care brother dude peace

that’s cool that’s cool cars going

through the shop make sure it’s perfect

let’s get in detail

then in canada this car is the other

side of the country it’s like seattle to


new york it’s not close yeah it’s really

far so

literally like four weeks probably to

ship it it’s really slow in canada

there we go we got the official winner

of the itr

and he’s italian and he’s a pastor lover

give him a lamborghini yeah

we’re not going that far sam is banging

it out look at that hanging it out

banging it out brother it looks really

sick so check this out

shot with sam but look boom how insane

does this car

boom how insane does this car look


now we still have the front bumper the

rear bumper sam’s gonna bang that out

tonight we’re gonna leave sam to finish


the bumper is really intricate how many

hours do you figure sam the front bumper

alone is gonna take cause it’s got

quite a few angles three four hours

three four hours so the front bumper is


back here and he’s gonna dig into that

sometime tonight or tomorrow and we’re

gonna come by

pick up the car and we’re taking it to

fast track auto body where the 720 is

and we’re gonna get the car

reassembled so look at this imagine

having to wrap all this

and all in here we’re doing a little

something in here i can’t really talk

about it yet but this whole front bumper

is going to be completely done this is a

cool bumper it’s my

favorite stock oem bumper you’ve ever

seen got a huge front splitter

so i’m really excited to see this

actually on the car and this is what’s

going to make the car make sense for you

guys i know right now with no front

bumper on it doesn’t make sense visually

but i promise you once you

see it all put together it’s going to be


next level first one one of one in the

entire world

need to get out of sam’s hair yes i’m

also working we’re really distracting

believe it or not

you don’t say you don’t say we’ll see

you guys in a millisecond it’ll be the

next day

what’s up dd fam we’re back i’m with mia

we’re in

the gyarados we’re on our way to rap

works to finally get

the huracan aperta we gotta take it back

to fast track auto body where they’re

gonna start the assembly process

i’m super super excited you guys are

eventually gonna see the full reveal

with the car with the front bumper on it

and everything in it wow does it ever

look different but right now we’re

almost at wrap work so me is doing an

amazing job

driving her lamborghini and remember

this is only like the third time

ever driving for lamborghini mia you

killed that parking spot

thank you i have the ultimate test for

you now you ready for this oh gosh we

are here at rap works we are going to

pick up

the huracan evo aperta and we have to

take it over to fast track auto body now

what i’m thinking

is i make you drive the car i should

have known you have to wear a helmet

it’s kind of like riding a motorcycle

while driving a car you ever ridden a

motorcycle no

oh well then you have no idea what

you’re in for you have to wear helmets

you’re gonna hear the wind blowing by

your ears it’s a little overwhelming

the problem for us is we only have on

hoodies and sweaters i’m gonna make you

drive it oh

yeah look at this thing i’m pumped dude

it’s almost finished it’s almost finally

i’m making mia drive it over to fast


what yeah i’m gonna make mia drive it

i’m nervous why are you nervous

because i’m nervous driving my car i

feel like this is worth triple the


yeah not anymore it’s not the details

damien right i love it it looks so good

oh crap

maybe i’m the only one driving it maybe

meal drive it and we’ll just follow her

i don’t she doesn’t even need my help

what do you think

you don’t want to drive it alone no are

70 horsepower now uh 840. 840. yeah okay

and it’s only rear-wheel drive what’s

the worst that can happen

that’s one gear too oh yeah

look at the mirrors man look at those

mirrors those are gonna look good hey

truck you got that one absolutely i love

this one piece yeah that’s up on the



contrast against the black it’s awesome

it looks super awesome we’ll throw these

parts into dave’s g-wagon we’re gonna

put some heat in this engine

fire it up get that supercharger going

all right mia you put some heat in this

engine i’m driving it right now

well yeah you gotta start it first

when you put your foot on the brake flip

that up

got a couple of helmets here


you look good though you look good what

do you think you ready for this

oh god dd fan baby it’s gonna be

freezing in this thing look at this


let’s get you all situated are we sure

we want this in sport mode

you want to go in corsa you want the

crazy race mode okay we’ll go in the

crazy race right now turns up the idol

makes things a little faster yeah we’ll

go on courser mode never driven this car

in torso mode because it scares this

you’ll be good you’re gonna be fine

don’t go anywhere until dad gets the

seat belt on you’re in corsa mode

that’s the best mode to be in yeah sport

mode you went back

what the heck i figured it out all right

let’s go


i’m so nervous now you’re good

there you go

this is insane it’s pretty crazy


what’s up





this door and stop right here

my feet are on fire you turn up the heat

so god damn hot

oh yeah i got the heat blazing so that

we stay warm feel the heat

yeah my feet are on fire so in this car

this is park hit park that takes it out

of gear

and then this you’re gonna pull up

that’s your park brake pull that up

and all you got to do is flick this back


and you survive

young lady i heard that swear word she’s

the first person to drive this car with

the new rap color

and supercharged i haven’t even driven a


you guys are going nuts those guys are

going crazy weren’t they yeah

amazing amazing hanging out boys how’s

my hair how’s my hair

well you got hair you’re lucky door

handles are like this

just pull that pull the middle there you


we’ll get it put back weight reduction

this is hands down one of the funnest

driving experiences ever

oh like what’s it like driving this

thing it’s crazy

right crazy i’m speechless what do you

think of the colors

where’s the windshield you tell us you

tell us

you have no idea i said i wanted a

slight modification this is what he does

that’s it the window tint not one of the


you’re not thinking if you were cold on

the way over here you had like cold

hands right

you should have wore my driving gloves

that matched the car i bought

we got it all girl wear them right now

you can wear them put them on put them

on put them on put them up

see how those go with the fingernails

okay guys so we’re at fast track the

guys are going to put this whole kit car

back together they’re going to start

with all the little bits and pieces

there’s a lot that has to go into

putting this together then we’re gonna

get the front bumper and the rear bumper

back from rapworks

but thanks for watching today’s video

smash the subscribe button and that’s it

this car is good to go it’s rear wheel

drive it’s super light and we’re gonna

have some epic avengers and a

crazy reveal so stay tuned for that

video hit it with the gloves see you


smash the subscribe button boom


is this a culinary where’d you get this

from pardon me

yeah you guys have any grey poupon this

thing’s purple inside that’s sick man

this is like

straight strad specs holding in look at


this thing is crazy i’d take it without

the cracked windshield

how did that happen holy crap that’s

shipping damage from the factory

for real how expensive is this

windshield no idea

but it took six weeks to get this one i

was telling you to

raise and put wheels on oh this is the

one you want to turn into an off-road



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