the ferrari is so insane is it permanently broken did dave break your maybach yes he did son of a bit you know what else dave did what he bought a maybach he bought him his heart uncle let him know what’s up guys welcome back to another episode of daily driven exotics raymond lentes his maybach as you know we’re cruising around this thing’s absolutely beautiful v12 sick feels a little dirty at the moment and really wet out here this is the first time it hasn’t been raining but check this thing out look at the back of a maybach we have all the room for activities the seats fully lay back and they massage the problem is the front seat also massages but they broke it we’re either gonna have a massive bill to repair raymond’s maybach seat or he’s going to be able to reset it i hope he can reset it inside we’re working on the winter beater ferrari build look at this we need a little teaser i can show you too much coming along we have some crazy camera we got a little piece in here to finish we got a ski box and

Xem them lam phim gioi thieu doanh nghiep.

we have some amazing lights today is all about finishing off the winter beater and we’re going to reveal it by the end of this video you broke his maybach i broke your maybach how much is that going to cost dave 199 199 thousands i hope we get a new job now all right i’ll see you guys later i’m done with this one i got an idea dude well we need holes so we can put lights in it that’s a good point just free handing i mean why not what do you know i don’t know not my problem just leave it in there they’ll figure it out [Music] let’s go get raven he’s gonna lose it but i just did that i did the thing hey i did a thing i wanted to save you some time i think we should put them approximately i think we should put them approximately right where that drill is hanging out of the ferrari front bumper is that cool martin you make you work with that okay they’re in the perfect location i’m sure they are you know how i know no i i looked eyeballed with my eyes all right i’ll leave it in their capable hands i’ve done my work for today my blind spot i really have no idea what i’m doing hey it’s dave dde all right jesus christ oh hey why are you stopping it’s break time it’s been five minutes yeah but i gotta play rage shuttle legend for sponsoring today’s video this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends let’s get straight to the game let me ask you a question have you ever dreamed of fitting an epic triple a rated game in the comfort of your pockets you play it anywhere including this excavator but look no further than raid shadow legends i love playing competitive games unfortunately in my excavator there’s no room for a laptop i mean really where would you put it but with your phone bring it anywhere which means you can also play anywhere so let’s get straight into the game this game is super sick you guys we’ve been playing this game for literally years i’m super addicted to it whenever you see me in the videos being distracted on my phone i’m playing rage shadow legends and ignoring damon’s bullsh oh you guys look at how sick the graphics are chris can you even handle that this is rage shadow legend you play this game all the time all right this is mine go away chris you’re a champion but these champions are much more epic they have special powers all you can do is drink a six pack of beer in one sitting these guys can literally fight you but look at this one look at the graphics it’s absolutely crazy and oh hello there i’m gonna look in and i’m lagging there’s tons of epic champions who are constantly adding new ones which is really exciting where’s my favorite one uh yeah you think that’s my favorite but it’s actually not this guy because if i had hair it’s exactly how i’d do it now let’s check out his skills he’s got the dark bolt which is sick acid rain oh god hope it’s not acid rain here raid is free to play and available for both mobile and pc ray just released the artifact forge where you can save time and craft artifacts directly as well as whole new advanced quest system with amazing rewards and that’s not all they also brought out some amazing new champions and they’re developing the amazing looking doom tower as we speak which i’m super excited about so what are you waiting for you can find me under the username dave underscore dde click on the link in the description download right now and get exclusive rewards and this month you guys you partner with raid to get an exclusive offer just for the dde fam i’ll be giving out a whole bunch of awesome items to three lucky new raid players all you have to do is go to your profile raid hit info and copy your user id then leave a comment in this video with raid id i’ll choose three random people in the last day of the month if you’re a new player you’ll get 100 000 silver coins a free champion the slasher which is a really awesome champion you can only usually get after playing the game for quite a while all of this treasure will be waiting for you here the rewards will be available only for new players and only for the next 30 days click the link in description download rate right now absolutely free find me username dave underscore dde find chris chris poulet we play the game all the time now i’ll get back to work oh you’re fired you’re fired too chris hot potato hot potato fresh delivery not gonna say what this is on camera you guys are gonna have to wait and find out what that is for my job



really yeah rear bumper install should i keep the stock wheels or should i get different wheels i got them powder coated but i mean we could get something else hell yeah a little teaser that’s all you guys get that’s it that’s it that’s it hey what do you think should i get some different wheels no i like those noodles you like these yeah that’s it okay they’re boring dave made the call i got good news for you guys though damn i got the call the huracan can now cross the border just now it’s to get twin-turbo we’re going to get twin turboed at 316 in clearwater florida that’s going on a vacation we can’t go on a vacation but the car can ironically enough well that’s exciting you guys so dave’s huracan is now officially cleared head over the border and go down and get twin turbos one million horsepower here’s the thing though i i see this winter building i’m a little jealous i want a winter build i had an idea for a winter build what are you thinking i always tell the audience i want to tell you off camera okay something crazy we should do something like this also to anthony’s porsche in the meantime his wrap anthony’s whole body in this room surprise anthony do i not tell him to actually do this to his car i was a surprise crank him did he get pissed off he’s kind of unpredictable let’s find out let’s find out let’s find out let’s not tell okay we have a little bit of a project to do well these boys are working on that we’re gonna work on this pizza pizza delivery pizza come on not taking the maybach no raven feels we’ve been too spoiled with the maybach so we’re gonna take the prison on wheels yup freeman isn’t that cute you and your obsession with snoopy okay here we go wow this thing is scary as hell look at this [Music] ah full delivery thank you sir thank you and we have a ski box do you think we got enough material he laughs don’t laugh [Music] too short we can piece it let’s piece it together you got the skills you’re okay with it hell yeah it doesn’t need to be one piece i’m not that picky what kind of a client do you think i am he laughs he’s like no no comment and we’re back and we’ve got everything i told anthony not to take the wires but you know what he just doesn’t listen to something i left these wires i didn’t take the connectors smartass that’s my second name smart or douchebag take the plastic away not a whole lot to these cars is there now you can see why my 458 front end just ripped right off we’re not done we gotta go finish the car so i’m gonna show you in a minute just hang in there just a little longer i promise you it’s all worth it no bs it is legit 2 40 in the morning sam yes sir you banged it out bro you banged it out i found it okay you banged it looks amazing you guys i’m gonna give you a teaser little slow-mo and then the full reveal oh wow the ferrari route it’s a rally car it’s a winter breeze it looks like a rally car is so insane you guys thank you to raymond kevin martin the whole team here dude you guys killed it like seriously yet again enjoy it yet again thank you sir [Music] amazing so [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] um so hmm [Music] you couldn’t even get my shift knob off i’ve been working on your stupid car all day and you couldn’t take one bloody shift knob you’re a douchebag i’m tired of it you


Xem them mua san go cong nghiep chiu nuoc tot o dau tai ha noi .

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