first drive of the bugatti chiron sport you gotta love these doors did you enjoy your trip sir i did sir excellent sir you excited 100 pdi idp what do we call this vpk today is the official delivery day of the bugatti chiron sport for raymond so first drive this is the face of someone who gets a four million dollar bugatti look how happy he looks all right guys let’s do this still locked doesn’t matter it’s probably because he pulled the wrong door the other door was open you’re supposed to turn left dave turns into a fence quite enjoyed the ride across town in the rolls-royce dawn with the red roof nothing’s quite as bougie as a rolls-royce the red roof oh there’s the svj everybody was saying i should buy the black one said you guys were all like black black black this is a six spec we’re not shopping we are not here for me we are not getting an svj at this moment you want to get two bugattis here’s a second bugatti this is the budget one this is the budget bugatti i thought the whole thing was exposed it’s only the back this only has exposed mirrors but then the body’s a solid color and the roof’s exposed two tips instead of four tips on the sport so this is the basic charon and then ray’s got the charon sport with the four tips quad tip

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[Music] this is oh this is the charon sporky box this is awesome yeah oh my god wow holy crap what is this delivery kit oh my god the best part about this is all this stuff’s coming out and raymond’s nowhere to be found who’s bugatti now mine i can’t wait to see what’s in that this is cool this is really cool this is a different key isn’t it this is a different key than the one we saw the peasant key this is the nice key close all this and pretend like we didn’t touch it hey your stuff’s over here this is beautiful wow the quality of all this is pretty sweet oh they already stole something it’s missing that bag will make a good gym bag for me hey how are you good how are you ah this guy dresses really puts us a shame he looks good yeah yeah all right this is asgard owner of the dealership i’d rather dress like you guys would you this is a casual monday every monday every day so where do we put all this stuff it’s not going to fit in the shrine we’re putting it in the rolls i saw the little mishap down there e63 like really tire player fence layer thank you thank you again i’m really excited right now i can tell he is excited look you can see it through the window oh my goodness it’s right there it’s right there oh boy

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i like that we got dave opening this up for people whoa look at that it’s all ready to go so clean honestly this is the first time i’ve ever seen this on a bugatti and it’s so sick are these polished covers for the engine now you can really see it’s blue that day we had some overcast it looked a lot darker blue fully exposed carbon fiber whole body let’s go i will follow you guys in the rolls royce and get this car driving because it’s gonna look mint first drive the one piece that runs all the way corner to corner bugatti signature it’s like a porsche thing too actually totally everyone’s saying that this car comes from the factory with how many kilometers 250 to 300 miles that’s a lot it’s a lot of really test them [Music] how does it feel so far uh it’s moving it’s nice it’s moving it’s nice come on you get the steering wheel cover on what is wrong with you [Music] i love him typical guy who also sells cars everything has got to be mint oh yes okay that’s sick look at the mechanisms vancouver cruise the 4.1 million that thing looks so insane like seriously insane i like it with the wing up it’s in like the baby mode not in like the total mode as it goes up higher oh right there fu or is that as high as it goes on the chiron i don’t know how to do any of this i’m pretty new to the bugatti game i’ve only had [Music] uh three didn’t stand a chance 1500 horsepower [Music] there’s 500 charons in total being built so 500 total but 60 sports so this is one of the 60 sports but really out of the 60 i don’t think there’s anything that has blue exterior carbon full blue interior like this is something yeah oh the blow off valves this car has 16 cylinders four turbos like 16 radiators 64 valves 64 in the map last time it’s 18 kilograms lighter than the regular charon wikipedia that earlier wikipedia is really handy i’m not gonna lie that’s a good feel uh i’ll be honest bro it’s a bugatti like i’ve yeah i’ve driven the bear and i’ve been so lucky to have uh one of those what is it like compared to the veyron because a lot of people haven’t been in either they’re both very easy to drive that’s that’s the biggest thing the veyron well obviously it was it’s older car didn’t have a apple carplay or anything like that i’m a little bit excited you can’t tell in my face or it’s the first time i’m driving it and i’m going into the middle of downtown traffic yeah you can focus on that there are so many noises to wrap this though right yeah we’re gonna bring a camel wrap a matte black or a camel rabbit yeah well if we put the or we get about two ski boxes so ah for god’s sake what’s wrong there’s nowhere to go fast oh we got cops up here no it’s all cops it’s uh it’s the signs the new signs they try and trick you they’re trying to trick you oh yeah they have a fake pop though a quick jaunt around vancouver was fast with the traffic and everything oh you got the charon puddle lights yeah well that’s that’s worth the four mil right there how was it i loved it it’s ridiculous yeah i heard you for a second 1500 horsepower and gone can you smell it no it smells new look at the wing how was the ride like nothing else that was amazing no yeah yeah we’re going slow doing thirty the whole time ray’s so happy we’re asking a thousand questions like i need to concentrate for a second we’re in downtown traffic with a four million dollar car and i was like look at me right look at me look at me right thanks for coming along you guys will be seeing a lot more of this whoa make sure to do some more stuff with the charon sport look at this interior again you guys now that all the covers are off the seats the stitching is so beautiful again if you didn’t see the delivery video go and check it out but these are matching exposed carbon door panels see that the outside of the car is the same as the inside of the car and then you have the beautiful leather look at those tail lights you guys this is absolutely insane car and i just noticed right now the detail where it says bugatti on the side of the tail light see that wow yeah anthony over here all these guys have shown up look at this car tucking it away we’re just going to take it basically from here the downtown vancouver bugatti dealership also known as the vancouver lamborghini dealership and it’s going to go out to the headquarters of esro auto group in richmond british


columbia like that we close it up happy with your first drive yeah we’re gonna have to really drive it in the next couple days that was a hell of a drive all right we are back at sr auto group’s head office in richmond scott to drive the uh luxurious roads royce and raymond is going to take this chiron sport out and put it into the showroom give me all your peasant cheese we’re gonna get another cold start here officially from behind oh that bag of chips might screw you might not make it in there i need some butter slide lube you up or what [Music] it’s amazing what they can do to build an automobile [Music] world’s fastest reverse rips it in reverse [Music] it looks great in the light because you can actually see all the carbon now look at that it’s crazy how they can build a car like that a little tight hey the door’s a bit wider than our big guy oh that’s the thing i was telling him i’m like okay this isn’t the best time to drive this car but i had to get it out of myself 5 30 when everyone’s gotten off of work everyone’s off everyone’s in a rush to get home and watch netflix netflix get this bugatti out of my way and the dd episode do you want a necklace and show later ray no

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