let’s do this we’re going to bid you guys we’re bidding right now on strad man’s veyron all right watch the door bro dude we’re at lamborghini yep you want to get a new car yep by the way hi how are you what are you guys doing you guys always gotta make it so interesting and awkward what’s up you guys welcome back to another episode of daily driven exotics today’s a mixed bag of fun one you saw the title and thumbnail we’ll get to that later okay just give me a minute on the topic of wifey’s new suv they happen to have two options in the back here we’re gonna go quickly have a look at them so gabe you want to come look yes i know one of these you’re a big fan yes big big fan damon i’m a big fan of all the cars there’s one i’m a bigger fan of than the other i get her a genie what do you think

Xem ngay cau truc bo ho so nhan dien thuong hieu tai day neu ban dang can biet tat ca thong tin ve mot bo nhan dien thuong hieu, cac cau phan cua mot bo nhan dien van phong.

she would think about that i don’t know not happy wife not happy life so i think i found the perfect vehicle for wifey we said lamborghini was what you guys voted for landslide and you know what my wife loves neutral colors she likes gray she in fact likes reggio telesto huh hell yeah all jokes aside the urus that we found the spec is so on point it’s brand new it just came in the only downside is price point right dave she’s a little bit on the uh stingy she’s a little bit high on this one this one’s expensive so hear me out this is a 340 000 suv but it’s probably one of the sickest specs i have ever seen now this is a brand new gray color that lamborghini came out with and it happens to be twenty-five thousand dollar option to get this color but it’s probably the most beautiful for me personally specked urses i’ve ever seen hey gabe what’s the name of the color grigio something gracious that was good gracious it has bright orange calipers and my favorite part an orange interior i think she would absolutely love this but i don’t know if this is going to be really the price point that i want to spend 130 000 340. that’s a lot of money this is a beautiful vehicle it would probably be our favorite spec we could find i don’t want to just get any old white urus boring i agree i think that would blend in this is more my spec but we found something else right they also right here at lamborghini happen to have a brand new body style g-wagon and it’s my favorite spec ever a panda what panda is is the black and white combination so this is a metallic black front bumper fenders roofline mirrors with this pearl white paint in the middle i think this is super super sexy but this price tag is much more reasonable at 218 000 that’s right all of you i know are huge lamborghini fans and so are we number one lamborghini ambassadors on the internet but if you are shopping for your wife and this isn’t for our company this guy come out of my personal money would you save yourself a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars and maybe buy your best friend an aventador oh i like that idea now we’re talking i thought i was his best friend i’m getting an aventador both getting aventadors for a split one split in aventador so tell me in the comments my wife would be ecstatic with anything she’s put in the hours the years supporting me building daily driven exotics for a quarter million dollars this is the vehicle to go with i think this is super cool and the best part is not amg dave tell everybody what that means this is a g550 so it has a more soft suspension more daily drivable it’s more utilitarian this is the vehicle you take off-roading the g63 is more of like the on-road sporty version this is a better all-around daily driver this is the car you’ll buy right now and i’m getting a small commission from lamborghini for saying this so all jokes aside we’re getting some numbers sorted out on this do what we need to do to potentially get this for wifey it’s not a done deal guys it’s in the works yes this urus is an amazing spec but at 340 000 i just don’t know i can pull the trigger on this right now it’s a lot of meatballs a lot of meatballs and dave wants an aventador and i know you guys wanna aventador and that’s gonna be on the channel way more than this or even if i got my wife that really it’s in your benefit right now to say buy your wife the g550 damon and save the money so dave can get a ventral well you guys see how that says bugatti they are also the canadian bugatti dealership now speaking of bugattis i spoke to you guys in a previous video and we were talking about what if we got rid of a few cars so we get a bugatti the only bugatti we’re going to get is a veyron a shiron would be the dream but ashiron starts at 2.8 million us dollars where we could get that blue and black bugatti varan i found for 1.1 and we found another one black wheels for 1.4 both fair market value at the moment and i believe only going up in value however we found another bugatti for sale previous video i made before even knowing he was gonna sell his bugatti and that’s right the strad man has put up his bugatti veyron for sale on ebay if you didn’t know and he has a reserve price now he did say in the video he was looking to get how much dave he wants one 1.3 1.4 1.4 anyhow it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.350 1.4 million us dollars and it is now being bid on now the bid we last looked at was at 250 000 and then this morning what was it a million dollars there’s like 200 bids on it it has 200 bids it’s up to a million us dollars which would be a good deal if we were to bid on this car what do we want to bid what do we think is a fair price i think one two one three one four starts getting high for that specific spec i’d prefer that blue and black one that iconic bugatti blue color and i just love blue you all voted for me to actually wrap the cgt blue that’s right which is still the most popular vote for the cgt rap color what do you guys think if we bid on this strad man’s bugatti veyron and we took that over and we did some dd stuff with it it had a good run on james’s channel but what if we got it and really did some really crazy we know that that car will do all-wheel drive donuts that’s right you know that for a fact you’ve done it and absolutely shreds tires so i want to know what you guys think in the comments below should we go and buy james bugatti and what would you think is a fair market price now he bought that car for 900 000. let’s say it’s also appreciated a few hundred thousand dollars yes so let’s say it’s truly worth probably one two five one two yeah one two if you guys watch until later on in this episode we’re gonna go on ebay and find james actual ad yeah a little bit on it and should we bid on it together live all of us should we actually been on this right now in this video i think we should go and check it out stick around we’re heading to sr auto group i got new wheels again for the carrera gt and the carbon fiber from tech art is all on so we’re gonna do a quick little simple reveal on that car we got some other stuff in store so stick around i think we’re bidding on a bugatti in this video oh snap this is about to get real crazy real quick as some of you already know we’re super excited that we’ve teamed up with universal to give you a sneak behind-the-scenes peek at some of the new cars in the upcoming fast nine as some of you know john cena is playing the role of toretto’s villain brother jacob toretto and well boy’s gonna give you the sneak peek of the noble that will be featured john take it away only picture car yes we’re on the set of fast nine and when you watch fast nine you are going to recognize this this noble m600 is going to perform quite a feat you coming this car does something that none of these cars can do why no traction control nobles are really cool because if you’re a track fan it has no assistance you actually tune it and forge the ride that you want yourself so why is every other car black and this one purple and yellow let’s just say our director justin lin’s a little bit of a lakers fan so i hope everybody enjoys seeing this noble and fast knife well that is super cool limited production noble coming up in fast nine i don’t know about you but i am super excited to see the movie when it drops speaking of noble people let’s get our friend dave colter the noble gentleman out of his pole shop by the way you’re gonna have someone clean your car because it is really dirty yeah you whoa bug uncle ray ray oh i want a bug like a ray ray i need some more cars right ray ray ray we’re also gonna consult raymond you know why because raymond is a very big bugatti what is that connoisseur connoisseur he is and he’s a patron of the arts hey who’s this this is your new ride this is raymond’s new personal ferrari big money right here this is your personal ride yeah how do you afford stuff like this um parents not true this thing’s actually really cool one of the best bangs for the buck is a f-430 uh one of my favorite cars i’ve had a bunch of them when i was younger long story short i bought it i’m excited to make it really nice and then it’ll just be one of the fries i have 2005 in 2005 they did not have ceramic brakes and it was 40 000 it is what damon said they were this one has ceramic brakes this has ceramic brakes you know what’s embarrassing this car has ceramics and the career gt doesn’t even have ceramic brakes the 40 000 upgrade back in 2005 to get these no joke no joke unbelievable what do you think of the new wheels on the cgp i have not shown them yet but we passed kevin it is glad you changed your mind on the saturn black and you didn’t make that mistake twice you said satin black but then you’re like raymond you know what the color you chose ebs gold that’s what we had to do all i’m saying is buyer beware buyer beware oh dude yeah gold was the right choice car now has a personality wow yes and look makes that rear wing more aggressive oh man kevin what do you think man gold is the right way to go thank you sir here you go sir thank you very much wow you guys the cgt it really pops now in fact the gold’s so bright i gotta wear shades yeah that really tied it all together didn’t it gentle gentle gentle yes you can’t really you can kind of see the front splitter but you’ll see that later look at the wheels you guys yes thank you perfect i love gold i love gold [Music] well the cgt is beautiful we have an idea there’s a car we want and it’s one of your favorites uh where did your cheer on sport go bye go on see you later sold it punted it boom because what do you actually want to get to personally drive i want a bugatti veyron 2006 2008 2010 any of the years a 164 with a thousand horsepower that’s my go-to car that’s what i want what did you have before oh wait sang noir sang noir explain what a signal juarez sang noir there’s uh 15 uh yeah there’s 15 uh special edition black car it was a beautiful car it had the black headlights the nicer wheels now we’ve asked you for advice there’s a bugatti and they’re on we’re thinking about buying it used to be a friend of ours well it is still a friend of ours he’s selling it guess where he’s selling it august i’m just joking he’s selling it on ebay can we go to the computer in your office let’s go let’s go in here august luxury watercolor no no let’s it’s on ebay it’s on ebay come on let’s go we’re gonna find stradman’s bugatti there it is look at this so let’s look at the specs somebody vandalized this with some purple rap he said it james i did not say that his signature color it’s super clean walk me through what his veron is what model is it is it a good value based on mileage blah blah blah so you know six and 08 they they only made one type of a run so they stopped in all seven so there was only all six and 08 08 is probably the most sought after one it has the nicer seats inside without that stupid headrest this is probably the car best bang for your buck so i don’t know what kind of mileage this has let’s have a look mileage twenty three thousand miles so uh well driven it’s it’s obviously driven we’ve all seen it but still these things if you take care of them they’re bulletproof he does say he that has a thirty thousand dollar receipt from bugatti san diego recently it has the car covered as the owner’s manual which are very important when you’re looking for these kind of things speed key and one key so there is one key missing i don’t know which key he has or which key doesn’t have so there should be three keys for the car he has the original wheels which are very important this is actually quite a nice car these cars were eight nine hundred grand back in the day crazy and the market now i think he’ll do well with this car we’re buying it what should we bid let’s pitch it so mileage it’s on the high side yes but even if it’s the cheapest car on the market right now let’s say it’s the absolute cheapest veyron on the market as the other veyrons grow in value yeah they’re going to pull this one right along with it so even if this is a million one and the other ones are let’s say two and a half million for example when that becomes three this will be a million bucks how many verons did they make including grand score super sport would be all the time whatever 500. that’s it 500 cars in the world right now we know about my sang the world got hushed yeah yeah there’s probably 50 or 60 though basically we’re down to 450. yeah let’s do this we’re gonna bid you guys we’re bidding right now on strad man’s veyron we’ve had so many cars on this channel that we’ve had that we’ve sold off and we’ve watched them live on on other youtube channels and maybe this is the time where we take a friend of ours car that’s a youtuber and his car lives on on daily driven exotics what kind of crazy stuff could we do to this car done all the fun stuff with it it’s just you got to make it your own well it’s currently at 100 million 100 000 100 in my opinion if i was buying it as a dealer yeah this is past my threshold what would you say it should be at i think one 150 is is what this car is worth i’m gonna be aggressive you guys are doing this or not what do you put in two million is that too much since you can press this button to buy it i think 135 is too much it can’t go that high i think one two would be our ceiling so let’s put in one one fifty one one let’s see if we’ll get it is that enough zeros that do this right six one two three four five six yep we’re good hold on decimal zero zero we’re at one million one hundred fifty thousand dollars yeah problem with bid we literally have purchased by a single account what we could just call james who’s called james and cody middleman ebay screwed themselves out of their feed because of this because of the whole security thing i’m good for it no answer just ended well ebay and james do not want us to buy this video we could call and try to deal with this situation but legitimately we just tried to bid and that’s no bs you didn’t know this would pop up like i ever bought we were really ready to put a bid on this dave and i kind of have a feeling that we’ll probably get outbid anyhow to be totally honest and if i’m spending 1-4 james you have a cool car it’s amazing it’s a freaking bugatti but my heart lies with the bugatti blue and the black huh and we do have a line on a blue and black bugatti veyron the great news i ain’t going to sell any of those amazing one-of-one cars to get a bugatti don’t even worry about that it’s not happening and i’d also like to take a moment to thank today’s sponsor rokform who are helping us pay for that veron without having to sell any cars so pay attention you guys rockform is the most amazing case won’t break anything can you do this with your two thousand dollar phone and it’s still okay bam look at this no problems all right guys this is the rugged the strongest most protective case that rockform offers i love it so much i got two of them it exceeds military drop specifications you can smash it hit it this phone is two years old no lie i’ll show you the front of it look at that not a single scratch or crack two years of beating the depth of it with this phone case here it has a twist lock system right here accessories the handlebars on your motorcycle or your mountain bike or a suction cup for your windshield neodymium magnets means you can use a magnet in your car to stick to the dash it also won’t erase the information on your credit cards shockproof case features protective hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft impact version core and comes in many colors to suit all your needs and desires the rugged is their most protective case they’ve ever built which is why dame and i trust it with our very expensive phones that we rely on to produce videos for you guys yeah i got two phones it’s a long story but they’re both protected with the rugged case you guys it’s common sense the phone is like two thousand dollars cases around 40 50 bucks plus you get a discount 20 off links in description hurry up protect your phone it’s really a no-brainer let’s hear it that’s exciting let’s go speaking of exciting who’s excited for dd back in the us now when i say that i don’t mean we’re leaving canada normal canadian vlogs they asked me when to add in some u.s vlogs not just california but texas florida there’s a big battle between texas and california where’s the most dd fans are they in texas or california too much neck and neck it is 50 50 or 49.51 you guys have to battle it out if you’re from texas show us some love in the comments put a like on this video you guys and if you happen to be from one of these states and aren’t subscribed one i don’t know what you’re doing smash the subscribe button but give us a like on this video and let us know in the comments who’s the number one state for dd fan following is it california or is it texas it’s really close because we’re prepping the cars to go back to the u.s there’s a few cars down there now the twin turbo f12 is so close to being done my twin turbo huracan is also almost done so pretty soon we’re back now speaking of going back to the us we gotta get transport organized we gotta get the cars organized and we’re doing just that so if you wanted to know well damon what cars yes i have spoken myself in the third person what cars can we expect to see well the ones you want to see you’re going to see the aperta you’re going to see the 720 gtr and you’re also gonna see well the twin turbo f12 do you want to see the cgt we’ll bring it we will bring it dave675lts coming i’m more excited to see the twin turbo or gone i’ll just think about we like being that 1500 horsepower it’s hot here by the way oh it’s carlos what’s up you made it here they close at five and you’re here at five o’clock at five o’clock and he always gets here at 505. i’m waiting for you bro you weren’t waiting here for dude i’ve been waiting i just called andrew was like carlos here he’s like no not yet he said he’d be here 445 he told him right yeah yeah yeah what happened to the tunnel took the tunnel tunnel is the amateur move you guys want to know what he brought look what’s in here what do you think of this beast i love this thing man right i love it this car’s going stateside baby i’m taking it to the chase rip around and have some fun what’s the first stop first off it’s probably gonna be beverly hills we’re gonna welcome ourselves back to the bhpd in style [Music] what [Applause] [Music] supercharged thank uvf engineering all right guys this car is going to be prepped it’s good to go it just needs a few little fixes bam bam bam next thing you know this thing i’m not going to tell you exactly when this car is going because then you’ll know when we’re going it’s going to be a bit of a surprise dave and i wanted to surprise you guys didn’t we we want to surprise you guys like a birthday only more fun you guys smash that subscribe button all of the u.s is open it’s still not open here we still have restrictions allegedly till like september so dave and i are like that okay we’ll still make videos here but as far as like driving an epic crazy driving content it’s happening in the u.s we have so many race tracks we have drag strips we’ve got our boys we can go rip around with we have rallies and we’re going multi-state here don’t worry we’re not just going to go hang out on rodeo no we’re not doing that so stay tuned lots of stuff’s coming couldn’t tell dave and i are excited i’m ready to go back to the u.s and drive the cars in the meantime don’t forget to get your rokform case discount link in description ready actually that it’s impressive like like look look you trust your case enough like where’s your case you will you do this will you do that with your case nope no no i’m gonna get you a rock form case look perfectly fine we’ll see you guys in the next video peace you know what car buying is easier than you think at augustus motor cars okay i’m still wondering why is that all good smaller cars like i i like them quite a bit but why did you just say august motor cars on my turf it’s my turf bro

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