that’s a beautiful day seize the moment

and go for a rip minus two celsius and

we got snow coming up in the forecast

that’s a clue as to how cold it is here

today as it is chilly i have this

massive coat on for a good reason we’re

not gonna let it stop us from going for

a rip

and the evo aperta i by the way do not

have winter tires on that car

a lot of you’ve been asking why don’t

you go take the aperture out

in the snow i’m not scared to take the

aperture in the snow because it doesn’t

have a roof i actually just don’t have

snow tires for it there’s a specific

size obviously for the huracan

and while we’re out of those i had only

so many chose to put a set on dave’s

huracan which ended up ironically in

florida getting twin-turboed but it is

gonna make its way back to canada very

very soon we do have the 488 winter

beater back there but today

our weapon of choice is the topless evil

aperta the only thing i really need

to stay warm is to turn the heat on down

on my feet and wear this big coat put

the helmet on

and we should be good why don’t we get

this sexy beast onto the ground

well there you have it we have the

aperta on the ground

a lot of you guys have been asking me

what tires do i run

what sizes do they come in we’ve been

working with x-comp gladiator for two

whole years on developing the high

performance tire that you see

on all of the dd tire slayers now is

your chance to finally get the


high-performance x-comp tires you’ve

seen on all of the dd cars

and we’re gonna give you a massive

discount at shopxcomp.com by simply


the code dde fam the high performance

motorsport grade compound will maintain


as the temperatures heighten they have a

large contact patch which reduces slip

under heavy acceleration and hard

cornering this increasing

sustainable g-force g-forces under load

the superior engineering of the two

layers of polyester carcasses provide a


casing for quick steering response and

unsurpassed handling performance

the uniform consistency is very

important because with their twin inner

grooves and cross

patch sipping generates positive

handling and traction during

inclement weather conditions now again

go to shop

xcom.com and use the code dde fam

to get 10 off the already discounted

entry to the market

pricing finally this beauty of a tire

made by gladiator x-comp

now is available at shopxcomp.com

and they come in a few sizes the huracan

size they come in the r8 size they come

in the gt2 gt3

rs sizing and a few others this is the

tire you see

on all of my cars including the twin

turbo f12 now that is a 20 front and a

21 rear staggered setup basically the

exact same setup that comes on a gt3 rs

on this car we have 20s all the way

around on the back

you can see we have gladiator tires this


a 305 30 20. check this out you guys

look at the wear

i’ve done about 30 donuts on that and

look at the grooves the tires look

basically brand new and they also look

amazing on the wheel i love the way that

the sidewall looks it’s a very motor

sport looking wheel perfect for any

supercar or high performance vehicle i’m

gonna put some heat in the engine and

actually go and enjoy

my xcom tires with my aperta you guys

are coming along for the ride

what a beautiful day oh here he comes

mad whip

what’s up you son of a what up

dude it’s one of the coolest days in

kelowna and you’re

driving mom always said dress for the

occasion i got gloves on


a big puffy jacket and i’ve actually got

the heat on on my feet honestly with the

helmet i’m not making this up it’s warm

in here i couldn’t pass up going for a

rip ah i’m so happy you called me we’re

gonna go over and check out all the

progress on august luxury motorcars

version two we’ll go for a rip

okay your neighbors are gonna hate me

it’s time to get some fuel quickly

remember the car’s got

203 kilometers it’s got less kilometers

than raymond’s chiron when it was


out of a box less kilometers

i don’t know too many

people that come to the gas station with

a helmet on other than a motorcycle


let’s feel this bad boy up dave’s credit

card another fill up coming off of

dave’s salary such a beautiful day out

today we had to like seize the moment

and go for a rip we’re going with the

good stuff

94. any guesses on the fuel cost you

guys how much do you think this is going

to be

85 bucks you’re going 85 yeah i’m gonna

go with a hundred 102.

102. yeah you’re right i just might bid

to 92.

92. yeah someone’s got to buy someone

else dinner that’s the snake

done no pun intended holy

i think you said 85 didn’t you 84 no i

don’t know whatever you said something

closer than 92.

you know we sure a hell of a lot closer

than 102. you win this round

actually states are on dave and dave’s

credit card for everything

thanks dave thanks dave yeah let’s go do

the back road up there cool little view

guess what we have some updates guys we

have some updates updates are

the r34 gtr is complete

fast track auto body has the new nismo

front bumper z-tune

fenders s-tune side skirts painted

installed you’ll see that in an upcoming

vlog also

mia’s lamborghini boom is done it’s done

in the innozatec

gloss high gloss sand with new wheels

and it’s lowered

wow also the itr day’s new daily driver

which is going full spoon build should

be done

out of the body shop in like two days no

way putting 20 g’s worth of stuff on

that car

in one day that’s gonna be a fun

building because it’s all it’s all

bolt-on yeah yeah so the car’s gonna

come back from the body shop and we’re

gonna put on spoon hood spoon lips spoon

wheels spoon breaks all spoon stuff

under the hood

it’s like literally going to be

transformed in one video between you and

dave which is the big spoon and which is

the little spoon again

i’m definitely the big spoon good to go



august like your motor car

so i’m debating i’m a master debater at

what point do we take the 488

winter beater and convert it from the

winter beater to the second generation

ferrari tire slayer we’re remaking my

old 458 have everything to do it fast


will bang it out and we can film the

whole process that’ll be more of a fun

build series

where you guys will actually get to see

cutting of the fenders in the whole nine


your home of the you son of a

what’s up you sound

i see a lot of cars out there come on

sell them sell them sell them i did

sold sold viper right there sold done a

viper in the snow would be fun

it would be you know what he’s not

picking it up for a week why don’t you

take it out

oh you can’t say that don’t do some

donuts in the field can’t say that on


customers all think we’re always doing

shenanigans in their cars boardroom i

definitely like the upgrade on the signs

around here

definitely stepped it up a notch oh

that’s cool there’ll be a lot of nothing


getting done in there

i saw a guitar in there nobody plays

guitar that’s interesting

oh remember the old fish tank well it’s

doing good you guys taking good care of

that awesome

wow i wonder what’s growing in here sea

monkeys and

even sea biscuits oh he’s coming in like

sea biscuits out of all the fish there’s

one little little bastard left not to

throw up

good luck with this video pete is coming

for you the showroom

so they polished all of this and they’re

working on

obviously all of this massive showroom

hey they’re going to have a delivery

turntable where you can put your car

on a turntable and take delivery of it

sitting right under there i believe and

the far side it’s like a lounge

tv wall and then they’re going to have

like wine tasting and everything in the


we’re giving you their own podium but i

said you know what feature of the month

i said don’t give me

until it’s done i want to see that

that’s looking good man where’s matt

well here at august luxury motor cars

they definitely have the

priorities in check here how do you get

in it’s locked they locked it

they know us too well what are you guys

doing well we’re just making sure it

works after we’re supposed to be selling


matt dad dad done let me just open up

another one for you guys i can’t leave

the party and leave you guys

empty glasses here i have to shoot this

on the little office

oh mike’s little office yeah that one

you’re a bit of a son of a yeah yep all


damon’s catering services right here

funny enough i grew up doing this


need my little bow tie hey sir for the

big boss make sure on your way out you

make sure uh

mike’s working hard that’s a lot another

one dead

i apologize for the mess i’ll send dave

the night janitor

i’ll see you guys all soon we’ll be back

to see the showroom in a couple of days

if they can get it done matt has an

important message he said hurry up

start selling cars they’re drinking

prosecco and they want to drink


but you need to sell more cars you send

them up yeah you tell him to get off his

lazy ass

start working are you on the phone

calling uh fish tank people we’re gonna

alligators in there now

oh look at this 4×4 squared i’ll tell

you this if dave was driving this


been it would have is yeah you see

biscuit did this through the

you’ve also would have had like the

entire fence ripped out

it would have just dragged it down often

into never never left new inventory at

august legion motor cars you guys maybe

even a new dd car somewhere hiding in

there so you have to stay tuned for

that but the sun’s starting to go down

we have this beautiful sunset the sun

goes down it gets even colder it’s not

that i’m gonna be cold tires again

aren’t winter tires so they start to

turn into hockey puck with the helmet

the heat on the gloves

and it’s the jacket the jacket saves you

i was frozen

it was freezing lamborghinis

that cold start is insanity i need one

of these

holy crap dude my neighbors would lose


oh no you have the valve

oh yeah that’s really quiet

oh yeah really quiet i’ve been toning

your sleds with this right yeah there’s

no other way to

show up to the sled parking lot with a


the julie eight thousand pounds it’ll

tow eight thousand pounds yep

looks so good it really does guys you

guys don’t have one yet to be honest

i need to sell some ferraris


not made of money oh there there it is

holy crap look how fast it goes up

wow that’s a lot of ride holy how high

does it go well you could successfully

go through a fence with that

safely at least that’s that’s crazy

dave’s about a sea biscuit full sea

biscuit that’s crazy it really looks


stance you can’t lower it all right

right click dd you guys see

any nourish is that like a priority

instead of an svj

and all that other stuff right now who’s

needing ears

what what

can i go look at the fence totally now

hold on be careful

because this yeah is very slippery oh


lots of traction dude uh even frozen

don’t don’t make dave look bad sorry

dave i love you

all right so here we go this was the

angle of attack

and then turn at the last minute and

took out

these three posts we got the bill for

that paid that one can’t even tell

no look it back in the ground

new concrete really yeah he ripped him

clear out

wow can’t believe he didn’t damage his

car more like oh dude g-wag is a

tank crazy g-wagon is a tank oh here we


dave can come and sign this when he gets

yeah titan fence go thanks guys

fix that all up boom no problem next

time we’ll build a jump right here

just clear the fence we need something

that’s awesome like a side by side

yeah that we could jump and clear the

fence and land in the other field they

on that field

uh no but that wouldn’t stop dd you know

what it couldn’t leave without checking

out the

the dd signature right here we left oh

we’ll sign this whole parking lot


you see that deer in front of me they’re

just everywhere

later boys

feet are getting hot the heater in this

vehicle works very well

shut her down close this up so what do

you guys say for the 488 wide body it

sooner than later or should we rock this

a little bit longer the whole

rally lights and the ski box i haven’t

really done anything

really with it i mean we made a handful

of videos and that’s about it

i really was planning on going up big

white and going snowboarding and doing

all that stuff

hovid has just been ruining everything

and it’s just been kind of like going

back into some form of more restrictions

where i live so

i don’t really know what else to do at a

minimum we could take this to fast track

and we could start cutting

all the fenders out and we could put the

wide body kit on let’s see it takes

about a month to build regardless

so it’s a big project yeah perch on the

other hand is pretty much perfect with

the vf engineering supercharger it’s got


uh that it’s just amazing to drive it’s

so responsive it’s like it’s stock but

it has 200 more horsepower and then the

gladiator x-com tires even in the minus

three conditions they have

amazing grip so remember you guys ddfam


shopxcomp.com pick yourself up a set of

tires they have all sorts of sizes look

at this beautiful

borsteiner carbon i just love this car i

think it just needs some sunshine we

need some california

or texas or florida sunshine eventually

hopefully things will get a little

better in the next little while

dude your splitter is holding out pretty

damn good yeah feel that

that’s the racing tape bro yeah you

honestly almost can’t even tell where it


and begins like at a distance it looks


you never even know

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