we need to do a loss control

they’re all going off

big day today big day what a gorgeous

day we have here in the okanagan canada

so that’s what that feels like

another favorite oh dude how popular

today’s gonna be a loud day i think

lousy indeed you guys love it when we

mod the cars dave’s gt3 rs

is getting the rsr race car equivalent

exhaust system the whole shebang you

think the car sounds really nice now

it’s only got one so right now it’s a

center pipe so porsche has basically

three parts to the exhaust yes so

there’s the corner pipe the center pipe

and the header we’re doing everything so

right now

the middle middle’s done at titanium we

have inconel titanium

and titanium and then two tips and vf

engines gonna tune the rs today so

uh more power here’s some flames i don’t

know how excited you guys to hear this i

mean it already sounds really good as it

is they told me on the phone right now

you’re a seven out of 10. today will be

a 15 out of 10.

15 out of 10. who’s excited to see the

gt3rs go to a 15 out of 10.

you know what before we get to a 15 out

of 10 let’s just let my neighbor one

last time here a 7 out of 10. ready for

this yeah i’m ready

look at this day you guys

it’s only going to sound better as the

day goes on

as well as we’re going to talk about

some of the first mods that are coming

for the 6m5 lt you guys

you’re going to love them basically mso

mods there is a 70

000 mod we’re gonna talk about in this


and we need your advice as to whether or

not we should drop seventy thousand


to change dave’s 675 lt to the extreme

version of that car

i got an email this is big from mclaren

about that they hit me up

what’s up dave what up dave they didn’t

say it like that i’ll read the email it

was so proper it was so english

you guys jason this is william from


we’ll tell you what the mod is it is 70

000 us dollars that’s close to 100

000 canadian dollars for one single mod

but it’s a game changer for the 6m5 lt i

don’t know should we do it should we do

it i like making bad decisions today

feels like a bad decision kind of day

right right

all right here’s the game i have a timer

we’ve done this before we’re gonna buy

everybody lunch right

tell them dave how this is gonna work

i’m gonna order pizza for everybody here

at august garage

takes about 45 minutes to an hour to

arrive how long will it take you to

reinvent this exhaust

15 minutes hello okay now he’s talking

we can get pizza here in 15 minutes hour

hour an

hour you’re gonna install all of this

within an

hour no problem okay he does it what

does he win let’s give him an incentive

here what do we do for him he can have

his own pizza

your own pizza what pizza do you like

meat lovers oh that’s what i like why is

it you

love eating hot dogs with no buns

catherine do you like pizza

yeah what’s your favorite pizza pizza


and we’re going to go start now sir

start now

can he install the entire exhaust system

from the headers back

before the pizza gets here i think we’ll

throw a little extra incentive in

we’re gonna give them like 500 bucks

good morning good morning

what’s going on well we’re gonna see if

we can install complete header

exhaust system back to the center pipe

center pipe center pipe center pipe if

he can do

everything else before pizza gets here

steve we’ll win 500

500 yeah out of your salary i guess


oh is this the pizza we got 49 minutes

52 now any more time so actually that’s

almost perfectly an

hour from the time he started and he’s

seven minutes and 24 seconds in do you

think he’s gonna win the prize and the



stick around and find out he’s looking

pretty confident he’s already got his


very deep and dave’s back end of his

gt3 i mean on the car

hold on hold on is he only helping lower

this or is he helping undo both

i’m not smart enough to undo bolts yet

it’s gonna take some time

that’s pretty good so let’s check the

clock we’re 20 minutes in

pizza is not here yet look how big those

corner pipes are

and these are the new show me again show

me again

so these are replacing those that’s

amazing that’s going to make it sound

and sing it’ll be louder maybe not

louder but it’s going to have a higher

pitch like the rsr race car

i’d almost want to say like high pitched

like an indy car the august motorcar

showroom we’re going to drive in

and do a launch control okay let’s do it

you’re making quick work of all this man

and he’s already going in for the first

one all right are you nervous

nervous for what him to win you’re going

to lose the cost of a pizza and 500

out of your salary i don’t get a salary


how’s it going how you feeling 40 minute

mark has been reached

sir you have 12 minutes and then pizza’s

here 12 minutes 12 minutes

12 minutes it said 52 minutes didn’t it


the pizza what if you you have 13


no pressure whatsoever don’t even look

at the clock

don’t look at the clock oh the camera

yeah and it does

yeah you better yeah seriously

yeah it’s done oh canel

you want to hear it we have an f1 car

now do you want to hear it yeah i want

to hear it should we start it let’s

start it

you guys ready for this headphone users


clear prop




you know what we need now we need to do

a launch control

all right let’s see it


they’re all going off another one see

why they sent these now

because race car it like echoes through

the whole valley

tell you guys about that special project

by mso

on dave 6m5lt in the meantime

this thing’s ready for track day it is

absolutely ready friday and we’re going

to be hitting

the track with the 3rs and the 6m5 lt

yes so right now we’re going to head

over to august luxury motor cars and go

see billionaire mike hall

and see what he thinks of the rs’s

little upgrade hey

he likes loud cars he thinks his car is


i think this car give a run for its

money just let him hear us coming


uh your 458 one have a run

c you have a competition go get your


that’s crazy i’ve never heard a poor

sound like that

look at spencer in the window

when you get this exhaust this is what

they send with it jcr

ear protection that’s perfect now i

don’t have to hear this anytime he’s

talking to me

i’m just gonna put these on

mike wants to wear these anytime someone

asks him if he wants a salad

let’s see how far away we can hear this

car from

that’s so loud

which way to go i don’t know to the moon

i think that’s just me so maybe we’re

trailing right there

okay park this let’s talk about 6m5 yeah

good news as you guys know when we buy a

car there’s a process to get insured


this car went to alberta it came back it

is good to go i have a piece of paper

they’ll be here in the morning

for their registry i’ll be driving that

as my daily

driver mods for the 6 and 5 lt come

close as you can tell

it is the perfect car for mclaren


there’s a few things missing from mso

the louvered

carbon fenders yeah why’d you sheep out

i want to know why dave cheap

you wanna i wanna know too right

billionaire mike calls like why didn’t

you get the louvered fenders

why didn’t you get the p1 hood why

didn’t you get the roof scoop

why didn’t you get a wing that was made

of carbon fiber the one big elephant in


the room not mine

louvered fenders did you call mike and

elephant yeah what are you son of a

you know i’m working on lubricant right

now for me fenders

i don’t like the yellow wing i actually

found one on ebay of all places twenty

thousand dollars for the wing on ebay

shut up i got dave the wing and the

louvered fenders

for six grand together they’re doing the

winning six yeah we’re not getting

a twenty thousand dollar weight he’s a

liar though on the internet what did you

say six grand

for all of us he knows the guy rosie got

the crooked nose like this was he gonna

cut it with tin snips mclaren mso

actually messaged dave and they said hey

your car doesn’t have something but

guess what

we could make it happen good driver oh


so a new driver the roof scoop on this

car is actually

functional it actually feeds the engine

it does not on the

lt that is for looks if you didn’t know

that knowledge bomb boom saloon bob’s

your uncle they couldn’t figure out how

to make it all work so they just made it

so it basically

is the intake manifold it doesn’t go

inside anything now it doesn’t go in

there and there’s no noise

they can do this they do this it’s

called the heritage program mso if i

ship them the car to walk in the united

kingdom they will cut the roof off and


a uh hold on hold on they’ll cut the

roof off yeah they actually have to cut

it off

the scoop’s only there all things carbon

the scoop is actually built into the

roof so it’s one piece

carbon the price we’ll get there in a

second it’s a it’s a bit it’ll be fully

functional it’ll be plumbed in you can

hear it is the full one that we got from

the factory so they said ship us the car

i’ll take a few months actually a few

that right now getting it done now the

price tag

i’m not gonna lie to you mike it’s a bit

it’s a bit how much do you think it’s

gonna cost

i would say 40 grand i wish 40 000 i

would drink that drink right now and i’d

be running around this room laughing

because probably vodka it is

considerably more

really for 80 80 usd u.s so it’s a

hundred thousand it’s a hundred thousand


a hundred thousand dollars it doesn’t

increase the horsepower it doesn’t do


it just it’s just prosthetics and the

noise it went on for 12 bucks

one more time here’s the argument what

are you doing i’m putting a roof coupon

it’s a podcast

it’s the roof scoop it’s a roof scoop

listen linda this car with through

school is worth a hundred thousand

dollars more so if you buy the roof

scoop it’s actually

the money is there it’s not gone it’s

there it’s a wash you have a roof scoop

and you no longer have an aventador so

if you take a hundred thousand dollars

and put it down on an aventador you

could have an aventador

or you could just have a hundred

thousand dollars in your bank give me 50

grand i’ll kick you then that’s a good


that’s what’s called the knee slapper

stay with me what if

they would allow us to come film the

process we could fly to england we could

hang out and drink tea and have crumpets

and it actually let us nobody’s letting

dd in the factory no i don’t know

that’s the question is it worth doing

you guys i want to hear from you we

start walking around

so i have a few ideas we’re building a


drift car handbrake another 15 to 20

degree steer angle if you’ve ever seen

them when they build the cars it is

spotless it’s like literally in a

hospital it’s all white and clean we

walk around with damon is neon shoes

tattoos and beautiful car i don’t think

it’s worth 80 000 to do this but here’s

a real issue with it time the car’s gone

for probably six months is this a good


vote spend eighty thousand dollars send

the car away for six months just to get

a roof scoop

save the money and get an aventador for


days so we can’t drive this right now

we’re driving it tomorrow

recap we’re gonna do the louvered

fenders we’re gonna do the wing we’re

gonna do the louvre fenders

question mark based on the audience’s

response and this has got to go carbon

i know everybody right now is agreeing

with me because it looks like a banana

big bird

banana mike loves bananas mostly for the

shape and the texture


okay it has been a long day we are back

at the crib

it’s not over yet we do have to prepare


we got a track day coming up and dave

there’s no time tracking the 675lt tires

on there are original the car’s low

mileage they’re six years old and

they’re on x-comp we need

x-comp tires now fun fact we got a

counter offer on the gram we do

so on top of that so you guys as you

know we tried to bid on stradman’s

bugatti james actually replied that he

would give it to us for

1.15 the real downside is apparently all

you guys do not want me to get a bugatti

i read the comments in the last video

i’m kind of torn i want to get it for me

i love it but at the same time if you

guys don’t want to see a bugatti on the

channel make the videos for you guys so

yeah i mean we get cars we love but at

the same time we do this because if you

don’t watch the videos

zero million dollars in a car you guys

have to watch the video so hey

yes please please watch that’s how this

has to be please watch the videos

basically what we’re saying is i think

we’re off the bugatti thing

you guys basically ax that it’s a lot of

money if you’re not going to watch the

videos i’m not going to spend that kind

of money on a car

but i do want to know what would you

spend 1 million to 1

5 usd on what car would it be two


the new ford gt twin turbo v6 doors go


beautiful car carbon chassis senna

that’s pretty cool set is pretty cool

because i love my 720 gtr but what would

you do to it how do you make it original

and at that point it would almost be

worth spending like a few hundred

thousand dollars more and getting a

senate gtr

so you have a race car for the road can

you guys think of anything else that’s a


we don’t want those we don’t want those

we don’t want those this is only about

half our cash we have a whole

container sr full of tires from xcom

well we have so many tires yeah burn

them off well we’re getting to the point

where we’re going to be burning a ton of

tires off by the way i just want to say

right now james thank you very much for

the offer that’s very kind of you

but i’m going to pass we’re going to go

through the house and show up in the

other garage

all right here is my tire stash in the

other garage what are we needing i need

to the rear is a 305

30 20. it was a huracan there you go fun

fact got some of those

i don’t know if i have a at x comp here

i call

uh carlos our friend have him ship from

vancouver by tomorrow morning

all right it’s hot it’s hot in here you


smash the subscribe button join the dd

fam we’re doing an epic track day we’re

going gonna slay some tires have some

fun give us a thumbs up on this video

we’ll see you guys in the next video and

i heard you loud and clear i ain’t

buying a bugatti


why does it have a yellow air brake this

looks like a big

banana to me at this ride the banana

this is actually this is carbon fiber

but they paint it

no i don’t why did you paint it mclaren

don’t do that don’t do that you guys

hello anybody home at mclaren stop doing


nobody wants the banana

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