what’s up guys this is absolutely insane would you believe me if i told you just an hour and a half ago it was snowing look at this gorgeous so welcome back to daily driven exotics you guys today we’re going to be giving you a huge update an update you’ve all been waiting for on a few things one where’s the straight pipe for the carrera gt number two when’s the rest of dave’s exhaust get here because that’ll make his gt3rs straight piped as well we also need to talk about where is the infamous white hummer the hummer i jumped over six feet in the air and pretty much destroyed the car truck sorry my bad truck i was looking at cars it’s been a predator inc for the better part of the last year and it’s finally complete and it has been repainted it has been rebuilt it has basically been restored from all the damage that i did when i jumped it now it has been painted in the very very famous mercedes 4×4 squared electric beam yellow basically a paint version of something like my aperta so if you can even fathom an h1 that’s right soft top convertible i replaced a soft top which had a tan top on it with a black new top the old one used to leak like a sieve we didn’t want that anymore and now


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it’s finally finished now we got one last little detail and our friends at foreign builds are working on completely stripping the interior out hey guys this is fonzie at foreign builds last night we received daily driven exotics humber h1 to do a full custom exterior on it so let’s have a walk around see what we’re going to work with let’s just start off with this whole peanut butter color this is all going to go this is all going to change into just uh black we’re going to go with suede the reason why for that is it is a drop top and you know black leather in the sun that ain’t going to work unless you want to end up like that door over there i mean look at this looks like somebody was making a campfire in here or some s’mores or something man predator did a really good job on the exterior but now it’s just our job to you know match up the interior and make it look good as well because the condition of the interior man it’s it’s really poor i mean screws bolts missing everywhere everything is loose i mean look at this right here everything is just kind of falling apart everything is really worn out there is a lot of work that needs to be done to the interior man we got to put a lot of love into this all right so this is a really cool carpet actually it’s made for the boats but it’s low profile it has a really good feel to it we are really excited for this build i cannot wait to see the final results of the finished interior there’s the hummer in all its glory it is now electric beam yellow but look at the interior it’s tan doesn’t go with the rest of the build now does it how epic does that look though like this thing is nuts we are replacing all this can interior this is all gotta go and we’re doing a very very bougie diamond stitched interior like what you would see in a g wagon so black with a diamond stitch but look how good that thing looks and it’s going to be back in time to make content with it this summer it’ll be back i’m thinking in the next month and a half push it two months with transport we’ll be able to have this thing back and we’ll be tearing up all sorts of fun and epic content with it when i started this channel i never thought about ever having any type of suvs or trucks on the channel i only wanted lamborghinis ferraris that’s kind of where i drew the line and i was just ecstatic to be able to even have one lamborghini let alone where we’re at today and if you’re new to the channel maybe you don’t know what’s in the daily driven exotics fleet because cars are all over the place so i’ll quickly name the three cars that are in this garage shut up is it snowing again i kid you not it’s so bizarre can you see this i told you it was snowing look look at my pool liner i think it’s coming from that one cloud that’s so bizarre i apologize for interrupting this amazing vlog chances are i’m saying something really funny and i cut myself off so dave i apologize to you to you to me anyways we have a cgt payment due today’s video is sponsored by rage at legends let’s get straight into the game freeze stop whatever it is you’re doing and take a breath don’t waste your life it’s time to make some changes have you taken down the demon lord yet crush the ice golem ascend the doom tower what about fighting against millions of real players in the arena best part is this raid is absolutely free to play and is available for mobile and desktop there’s nothing better than playing raid on a cold rainy day or a sunny day it doesn’t matter block out your windows forget natural light you’ve got rage head of legends i literally play this game everywhere i’ll show you why right now and raid sent a few friends to rough me up a little bit you got nothing i’m friends with damon fryer where is he eating the first thing you’ll notice is the crazy console light graphics and rage shadow legends probably the best game ever created ever voted by me dave underscore dde find me in the game let’s play today okay let’s check out some of 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new player you’ll get the epic champion the jolton who is amazing for the doom tower 100k silver 50 gems and three ancient shards so you can summon epic champions as soon as you get in the game oh this treasure will be waiting for you here the rewards will only be available for new players and only for the next 30 days you could find me in the game username dave underscore dd uh your chicken you chicken you too scared to fight me in the video game they fight me in real life please don’t let’s talk about the cgt one of my favorite cars on the entire planet best sounding v10 i know people are going to argue no and maybe some people think it’s the lfa it’s not it’s the career gt as the best sounding v10 on the planet and now here’s what’s going on with that i’ve been working with chris from unobtainium and he has been making all my custom one-off exhausts and some of those are titanium but he also works with a material called in canal and in canal is nuts it’s what is used on the f1 cars nowadays my carrera gt this one right here has a very unique install for the exhaust and so chris was working to get these little bad boys made now these are like some fancy little i don’t know what you’d want to call them like bungs or like they’re part of what holds the exhaust in on the back of this career gt and they’re very specialized so he had to have a maze this is how they attach to the exhaust in the cgt isn’t that weird so he has a stainless straight pipe that we bought actually raven bought for me shout out to my boy raymond at sr auto group and i shipped that off to him and kept the stock exhaust on so that he could copy this and make me an inconel setup and i want in canal because this i feel like this car just deserves the best i mean it’s one of the best cars in the fleet this is definitely hands down the most expensive car in the fleet you could buy this car at one time for 300 000 and now they’re a million dollars and i’m very fortunate and very grateful i’ve worked my face off to be able to have this car in the fleet let’s just say it was a massive down payment and i have a really hefty monthly payment that i make on this car and insurance for this car was cheaper than the p1 this car is 44 000 a year every year you heard me right this is 44 000 to insure this car to be driven on the street now we’re gonna start this car up do a quick cold start i also want you guys to hear dave’s gt3 rs this car is crazy this car by the way is lava orange underneath this wrap we bought the car wrap fact this car is so new we even have the dealer tag still on it but this is like the color of the car underneath why sob stands for you son of a and thank you to everybody who bought everything over this weekend we have an ongoing sale if you want a pullover tee if you want one of our sand hoodies one of the new dd or ysop mugs or ysop crewneck there’s links in description go now because in the next 48 hours everything will be turned off and we will fulfill those orders and that’s it it’s done limited edition let’s go ahead and put some heat into the carrera gt’s engine and you guys can hear it in its current stock format soon this thing is going to scream straight piped unobtainium in canal exhaust super crazy i’m also giving you guys a little more update on the f12 i got some photos from aaron kaufman that car is coming along absolutely bonkers world’s first top mount twin turbo f12 ever no one’s ever done this before a couple other f12s have been twin turboed never on the top though and the very first one by the way huge shout out to manceri lance remake body kits and build cars and they built a twin turbo f12 back in 2013 it would have been like when the f-12 first came out they built a twin turbo f-12 and it was in switzerland at the geneva auto show had a crazy brand new mansory carbon fiber body kit on it was red and carbon most people will know that car i mean not bad stock right it’s only going to get a heck of a lot better from there before you guys freak out the cgt was pre-warmed up before i came out to the garage i had it running for about five to eight minutes and got the oil temp and the water temp and everything up so i did not just rev cold start cgt i think i said let’s do a cold start but it’s not really a cold start i was like let’s see what’s behind door number two on the gt3 rs because we just did stage one of two to do the full rsr sounding race exhaust on this car now this is an exhaust from jcr thank you to those guys for sending us this product it’s amazing i want to show you guys what this car sounds like because this is obviously significantly different from that but this sounds really really amazing too that’s a little louder it’s a little louder all right i just wanted to show you guys what that sounded like this thing even with stage one is a complete change from what it was stock it sounds so much crisper so much louder so much better but this is daily driven exotics and we want the crazy of the crazy so we’re going to go ahead and straight pipe the 3rs and we’re going to do it with the world’s best sounding exhaust which mimics the sound of the actual porsche rsr race car another little upgrade for the 3rs are these extended paddles are they also sent with the exhaust these are going to allow you if you’re dave to be a little more handsy you don’t have to quite find the two-finger spot you can go four-finger or whatever you want to do when the sun comes up and you got one of the most iconic cars porsche ever built for the street i think it’s only right that we go and enjoy this thing i’m not gonna guys i wasn’t the hugest porsche fan before you know the cgt or the 918 were really like what i love and once i started to drive the other block cars in the porsche lineup the other models like the gt3 rs the gt2rs which i’ve had the privilege of driving tuned close to 900 horsepower they make probably one of the best gearboxes they also make one of the best kind of all-around performing cars is it the flashiest car i mean we’re not talking cgt the cgt is like just an animal but i mean when it comes to the typical 911 what they’re known for lineup it’s cool and i love the way the 3rs looks with the big wing and the wide hips it’s taller right it’s not as low and sleek and that’s what i was always my heart always loved was that lamborghini ferrari-esque that low super wide sleek supercar man have i ever come to appreciate respect the porsche 911 lineup now that i have the career gt this is just one of the most iconic supercars they ever built i don’t know why porsche went ahead and put a v8 into the 918. i really think they should have had a v10 hybrid which would have just decimated however that makes the cgt just that much more special and hey i’m not complaining you know i’ve got one of these and it is one of my favorite cars so let’s go rip it i love this thing you can tell porsche took all their r d and their motorsport experience and ported directly into this machine and obviously this car is so well balanced being a mid-engine car oh we’ve arrived at our destination we came to see billionaire mike hall he’s quit the supercar game you guys he’s no longer driving exotics he’s gotten super old man on me set up yeah i can actually get out of this car without having to hold my breath my fat stomach gets really great what do you mean exactly let’s see this thing rs5 actually painted nardograde not a wrap not a rack this is actually an audi caller i honestly haven’t driven the new rs5 this thing’s hot why do you have this though tell the audience all our supercars are sold he doesn’t have a choice this is a good runner-up bro oh yeah wow this thing’s loaded it comes with like an alcantara steering wheel and everything yeah alcantara steering wheel the shifter is even alcantara maybe i shouldn’t show this and you won’t have a car to drive probably not you’ll be driving a mazda i’ll be taking the bus this is actually pretty nice man just lots of room like the door open like yeah yeah you know still breathing yeah it’s actually pretty easy yeah way easier yeah that’s a good sign of how old you’re getting though it’s fat did you sell some stuff today yeah we’ve been busy so busy i wouldn’t doubt if someone calls you but you’re like we want the rs hold yours five minutes that mike’s driving mike’s like you son son i bet you would give this a little run for its money yeah i don’t think so maybe if you tuned it i bet you off a dead launch i’d beat you 100 because i’m not i’m not willing to risk the 50 000 clutch just my ego is not that big as much as some people might think it is grace what do you think of this thing i love this car dude next week we should be getting the uh straight up exhaust i can’t wait that’s what i want to hear you want to hear the street the sewing machine right now what you insulting my car wow it’s beautiful but it just doesn’t have that sound like all your other ones have oh you’re a piece of it sometimes anyhow we’re just out for a cruise in this because soon it will be straight piped i think i’m going to do a wrap on it i might yeah all the purists are going to hate me i’m going to do a crazy dd livery on it and we have to try to find some wheels which are proving to be the hardest thing i have ever had to mod on a car is finding wheels for this side of them we’ll just powder coat those gloss black i like them silver silver on the gray looks good look really good i don’t think so not on the gray i’ve seen this car funny enough with black wheels and i didn’t like it really i think the caliber which i don’t like silver wheels a whole lot you know so anyhow we gotta do a crazy livery make it nuts that’s what i mean that’s what mike was talking about but you know what your rs5 don’t sound like this by the way billionaire mike hall bought a new boat i’m gonna call it a mini yacht it’s ridiculous and it’s gonna be here next monday and the best part is he has to shut down the whole city like the bridge everything just to bring this boat into town so we’re gonna go and film that because you’re gonna be really impressed when you see this boat it’s a mini yacht we gotta come up with a name for it because right now it’s called magnum i’ll leave you to your own imagination with that one well guys check this out how beautiful is this how great does the cgt look i can’t wait to get some wheels for it and get that exhaust sounding so it screams this is the side of the lake this is a dead end road doesn’t go all the way around i live about five minutes this way you can’t really tell but that whole corner of this property that’s all green that’s someone’s property i mean most of the homes out here are like 15 20 25 million dollar properties and homes it’s insane three billionaires that live in kelowna in the area this whole side of the lake burnt down in a forest fire in the early 2000s that’s why it’s pretty bare looking you can see these burnt trees these little twigs that are left here there are some new trees growing in but it takes decades for everything to grow back i’m just super grateful where i live british columbia is beautiful and on the license plate it says beautiful british columbia for a very good reason let’s jump back into cgt i’ll show you guys a little bit about this road it’s a lot of fun oh it’s so windy this road it’s an epic little road to come out and do a little cruise on especially on a day like today and it’s got some really tight twisties at the left back to the right just in second gear not really flying this is a pretty tight section right here oh yeah that’s a tight one oh on rails this car can’t beat the view what’s into this engine can’t get enough can’t wait till the stream and we’re back oh sounds so good in here listen to it oh nothing sounds like this car oh yeah oh yeah i cannot get enough of this car i’ve been quite literally daily driving this car since i got it a bit of a love-hate relationship with it because in first gear the clutch is so stiff driving it in town is a bit of a pain in the air because getting it off the line you don’t want to touch the gas and the clutch at the same time or it’ll stall or you’ll burn the clutch out the clutch is 50 000 which i don’t want to do or have to deal with right now i got the car with about 60 clutch left on it so i’m gonna see how long i can milk that for before we have to do a big clutch service which is a complete engine out it seems like i’ve got a lot of cars that would you have to do an engine out to do anything on them aaron kaufman is dialing in the f12 twin turbo and i have some more updates little teaser for you it’s not as big of an update where he’s been talking and doing videos and sending them to me but i think you guys will like this it’s the start of cutting the hood so one of the toughest things with building this car has been aaron having to relocate stall features and parts and things of that nature so the car didn’t have to be completely cut up and destroyed and one of the biggest challenges he had and he was excited about this if you see here before we get into the cutting of the hood here’s aaron opening up the hood with the stock latch and the best part is he just relocated the stock latch so that it would work and it closes and he was really pumped about that because he said it wasn’t an easy thing to do to get that car to do that you can see there the hood is not cut yet now in this next photo that is one of a few different cuts aaron’s going to be doing he’s going to have a really good sound of the blow off valves coming out through the hood and then there’s gonna be a cut here and a cut here for the turbos i promise you guys this car will be worth the wait the legend aaron has built it it’s coming together quite nicely this will be getting a straight pipe next week and look at this it’s just porsche killed it with this it’s absolute art how you can see obviously the suspension the v10 all this insane carbon what an incredible car and this whole car is built out of carbon fiber you can see that the wheel wells and everything are all carbon and a cool feature is if the wings up when you park you turn the car off the wing stays up guys thanks for watching today’s episode don’t forget we got the brand new merch line out it’s at ysop is at if you guys want to go and pick some of the merch up please do you son of a because it supports us it supports the brand and you want to look good for summer go and pick that stuff up now thanks for watching this episode smash the subscribe button and i’ll see you guys in the next one today was a fun one to go and do because it got sunny out i had a great excuse to bring you guys and go take the cgt for a rip but we got plenty of madness coming oh and one last thing we will be shipping this down to california the f12 has got to go there for tuning i’m just gonna tell you guys right now i plan on shipping the aperta down to california so that i can drive it down there i want to come out and do a fan meet probably beverly hills we’ll do something on rodeo probably shut it down probably get in trouble with the bhpd but that’s how we roll daily driven exotics because that would be the perfect place to drive around with no helmets i’ll see you guys in the next episode peace [Music] can i get 91.99 i know 92 93 93 93 94 115. i had like five miles left for range so it’s gonna be a lot it’s gonna be a lot i’m gonna make sure i get that or my wife will kill us business receipts dave is also the worst it’s gonna be scary yeah we’re we’re pretty bad no i’m fine you’re pretty bad you don’t know how it works in life yeah i do know how it’s called priority sequencing what’s the priority it’s making the world’s best content on the internet and everything else falls below that receives at the bottom of receipts

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