i just had a really really good bad idea i’m gonna go teach mia how to drive a manual for the very first time i’m going hard yelling at me i’m not doing this it’s so cool to see a jet in the sky man it’s been a long time since i’ve been able to travel how about you guys yeah dude i missed it i missed it too man huge shout out to the dd fam what’s up welcome back to the channel we’re gonna be taking godzilla and mia in her lambo over to sr auto group he ordered some parts for mia’s car we want to do a build on mia’s car tastefully nothing too crazy but we do have a little little power mod upgrade and more importantly a sound upgrade fire up your car the dd fan wants the mia kia quesadilla to be fired up you gotta love lambos they still sound great stuff papa media mamma mia let’s fire up a gt-r it ain’t gonna sound anything like that we got the old school gtr key an old school lock it brings back so many memories is being in a car that’s like not fobs and all that airway yeah she’s a little quiet we’re gonna have to wake this thing up a little oh absolutely i hear there’s a few mods you can get for these cars just a couple not many but just a few you can go completely wild with gtrs i just don’t know how far i want to go with this car this car is a really clean oem example right now for like 21 years old everything about the interior in this car is like mint pedals again let’s put it to an audience vote do we go full dde crazy or do we keep it tastefully modded detune aero looking kit we definitely gotta do something with the motor i’m not gonna lie out of all my cars not to sound like a complete snob this car is really slow compared to what i’m used to driving tire slayer thousand horsepower twin turbo v10 lamborghini this car’s gonna need at least

Xem them bao gia san go tai day.

five or six hundred horsepower we’ve got some work to do let’s get on with it you want to race i live my life a quarter mile at a time i’ll beat you let’s go my jdm space force hey pass me i love the past imagine that we’re back sr auto group the land of non jdm let’s get this thing modded make it sound like a lamborghini a screaming v10 you ready for this yes quick espresso montage to kick demon into high gear double cheers f5 exhaust mia this should be full exhaust system for your gallardo that’s pretty big it says daily driven exotics g63 g63 what no no mods you know who this belongs to dave oh i should have known he told me about this fi just made a brand new exhaust system for the g63 and dave ordered two one for wifey and one for himself and somehow his exhaust beat yours that sucks we thought we were gonna put an exhaust system on mia’s car today that’s obviously not happening we could try to make it fit side exit exhaust on the guy possible anything’s possible but not that specific exhaust dang i want to screw dave we all want to get him sometimes side note the car that’s sitting there it’s back yeah it’s back oh i gotta go sit in that car i have a special car that is coming to the channel i can’t tell you too much about it but what i can do is say thank you to today’s sponsor raycon are you guys i want to thank today’s sponsor raycon they make these amazing bluetooth little wireless earbuds they were founded by ray j and they are endorsed by the likes of mike tyson snoop dogg and melissa etheridge they’re also endorsed by me legit love these things i wear them all the time this is raycon’s everyday e25 model they pop right into your ears real easy they’re super comfortable they come in all sorts of different colors now this holiday season you need to pick a pair up not only for yourself but these make an amazing gift perfect for putting in a stocking or maybe you wrap them all up separately and put them under the tree but i’m not joking i listen to these all the time like the gym which is now by the way in my house or watching my favorite daily driven exotic vlog mia was scared when she drove this car so you guys you’re going to want to go and pick up a set your amazing raycon bluetooth wireless earbuds they will pair to any bluetooth wireless device the best part is these will last up to six hours usable play time they’re beautiful they’re very comfortable and one of the best parts is the quality of the sound they have this amazing bass like no other earbud that i’ve ever had in my ear before raycon earbuds start at about half the price of other premium wireless earbud brands sounds just as amazing as the other top audio brands alright ddfam go click the links in description to buy forward slash dde and get 15 off this holiday season get them while they last because these are hot convenient they slide right into your pocket you can take them anywhere you go i just had a really really good bad idea mia have you ever driven manual no today i think we should teach mia how to drive a manual on no yeah all your good bad ideas dammit right no is that this car is too expensive to learn manual on no it’s a nissan the clutch is still cheap this is an r34 gtr and the best part about it is it is right hand drive you know what that means yeah it’s on the wrong side of the car no you have to drive the car with your right hand right hand drive so you shift with your right hand and you steer with your left i’ve never taught anybody how to drive manual so i’m probably going to be just as bad of a teacher as i am going to be a student while watching her this is you this car is precious to me i just picked it up it was not cheap and it’s precious to all of you are you worried right now that she’s gonna wreck the clutch i wonder what a clutch is worth probably twenty thousand dollars at least twenty thousand jdm bro jdm bro just jump in mia you gonna fit back there bro i hope so bro i hope so jdm bro i’m having difficulties it’s all good what’s the package just pull it it’s right down there what do you mean just pull what pull it up inside okay wow i’m really special you’re really spoiled because you don’t know what a manual seat is like i love that yeah you’re used to electric okay mia so this car is a right hand drive car that means right hand is what shifts this car so you put your right hand over here and you put your left hand on the wheel this is how they do it in japan that pedal right there that’s the clutch the left foot clutch in right foot on the brake left hand on the wheel right hand on the gear you shift up into first gear you drive like this the whole time the whole time the whole time this is how you drive a right-hand drive car so now i want you to give it a little bit of gas with your right foot letting your left foot out of the clutch let it go let it go let it go get the car rolling let it out more let it go more let it all the way out let oh oh oh there you go got a steer we’re gonna go left with your left hand on the wheel okay and you’re gonna now turn harder now clutching clutch in clutching shift down yeah that’s third clutch out break break that’s not normal that’s not normal your form is impeccable what the hell there’s way too many lefts and rights and this book goes here and that foot goes there and i’m not doing this i’m impressed you didn’t stall it more than twice this is just a joke right hand drive only implies that the steering wheel is no longer on the left side of the car why do you use my car knowledge to your advantage it’s not fair that is in third by the way not second gear how you feeling about all this i’m so lost you’re an awful teacher we’re gonna actually do this for real all right right now it’s in first gear and this shifter does not tell you where any of the gears are that’s awesome do you have any idea how this works first is up and then second is straight back down and then third is slightly up in the middle straight down for fourth and then fifth is up and sixth is back here i don’t think you’re going to get into sixth gear in this parking lot and if you do we locked up okay all the way in foot on the brake for now take this out of gear pull it out lightly and then see right there it’s like that’s neutral okay okay now put the key on the far right side throw the car on car’s on you got harnesses in here give me some harnesses so the purpose of all this is you need to put in the clutch because all the power from the engine is going through the clutch through the drive shaft to the axles to the wheels now this car is all-wheel drive so it’s going to all four wheels what’s really interesting is you can do something what’s called slipping you guys know what’s slipping the clutch is that is where you let the clutch out gradually and it just starts to get a bit of friction and it’ll actually move the car forward without fully engaging the clutch and all that pressure and putting all the power to the wheels so that is what allows you to get the car rolling especially off of a start or on a hill without it being like and like grabbing all the power and launching the car forward so you are going to want to slip the clutch now there’s a point where you can slip the clutch too much you can actually damage the clutch especially if you’re giving a lot of gas and bringing the rpms up because it’s only spinning faster and faster and faster thousands of rotations per minute we want to go probably for this car like at around 2500 to 3000 rpm and slowly let the clutch out and it’ll start to roll forward we have no obstacles for at least 50 yards and then we’re gonna launch over the grass and onto the highway if you go too fast so we’re going to start off slow you worried yes i’m worried through this what are you worried i don’t know what any of the words you just said meant none of that’s going to matter because the car will just do what the car does put the park brake down foot’s on the brake yep clutch is in put the car into first up and up there there what i want you to do is let your foot off the brake get the clutch in give the car some gas okay yeah keep it up there yeah keep it right around there okay and now slowly let your left foot out let it all the way out oh okay oh we’re moving success okay now the next part is steer over here hard left hard left hard left turn left left i don’t want you to drive over this so now put the clutch in and put your foot on the brake and stop okay like a pro whoa first time to install okay okay let’s try that all again go we’re going hey i’m pretty sure you just like did a little all-wheel drive little chirp thing yeah it was like a little mini launch yeah mini launch yeah you’re not bad at this let’s just skip right into like going into second gear hey put the clutch in and shift straight down that’s fourth oh yeah that’s fourth that’s definitely you keep steering there’s a lot going on isn’t that there’s a lot going on [Music] all the way up into first again that’s good you have to let your foot off the gas when you do all this by the way oh i didn’t know that oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you can hear it revving hard hard hard don’t don’t hit that don’t hit this my nismo lm wheel can you put up the gas and break stop come just stop okay come to the stop come to a stop come to a stop come just stop you’re just like do this i am an amazing annual driving coach some would say you’re a guru i am a guru and there it is the stall nice work that happens i think it was me and the passenger seat clutching he’s doing actually really good i’m impressed more yes well i wasn’t sure if you were going to stop there for a second oh i see a little more power this time can you get a little more gas and then let the clutch out really rip it for a second then put the clutch in and come to a saw just rip it how do i do that give it a bunch of gas and then let the clutch out and rip it yeah the launch okay guys listen be nice in the comments my 18 year old baby we’re talking about just gotta learn somehow i’m not really giving her the best instruction but it is funny all right mia do the launch there you go let it slowly a little more a little more a little more a little more little walk a little more get the car going yeah turn left turn left right left right left hard left hard left i’m going hard i don’t want to curve my wheels like i’m driving oh wow you’re just swerving she’s just swirling she teach me how to drift yeah go left or here and around this and then right through there now we’re slaloming yeah now you’re slaloming and then you’re gonna do a full u-turn and go back through the slalom can we drift now skills on skin is behind me hey dude what up bro how are you good bro show them the trick fun fact i learned today in the comment section you do not have to push the clutch in to start an r34 many people are upset that we pushed the clutch in to start it well doesn’t hurt anything guys doesn’t hurt anything fun fact you know you’re the jdm guru i should know that you know what you don’t have to push the clutch in either on the mercy to start it really yeah so they’re mercy this is the same car basically yeah what’s funny is when you own 12 cars you get confused take it for a ride mia [Music] killing the game dude [Music] we’ve got this dude she’s grabbing second gear she’s not stalling it’s really impressive honestly plus this is right hand drive i know did you show them how right-hand drive works show him how right-hand drive works i might have triggered her on that one i told her that’s how she had to drive it learn how to drift now what what i want to learn how to drift i want to be like mia from fast and furious serious yeah she had a front wheel drive integras like probably pull some e-brakes can we talk about that for two seconds please mia’s name is from dominic toretto’s sister in fast and the furious that’s how obsessed with the movie i was that’s how obsessed i was with the cars and just so everybody knows you don’t have to know everything about jdm cars to buy one proof in the making so i might not be the smartest person about jdm cars but i guarantee you when i’m behind the wheel i’ll be one of the funnest dumb people you ever meet all started with jd i had integras like 25 years ago oh dude we did turbo kits we did motor swaps we did everything i wanted the 300zx i wanted the nsx i wanted all those cars i still want some of those cars i want an nsx first gen again still we’re gonna have every awesome jdm car there is we will be the number one source for jdm cars we already are but we’ll really establish that we’ll have like 10 of these what do you think nia how are your lessons you want to do one more okay smash the subscribe button join the dd fam give me some props she killed it only sold it once today you got this baby show them how it’s done okay she sold it twice i’ll see you guys in the next video more jdm content r34 mods coming and another gtr that’s why we got an r3 actually anthony and i weren’t joking hey that one that we were talking about earlier oh yeah that’s we found a really rare one it’s worth like almost 400 grand we’ll talk later i’ll show you it’s it’s done it’s cool because we don’t have to build it it would already be done 850 wheel horsepower super rare color

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