you guys hear that

birds chirping so peaceful it’s about to

get a heck of a lot louder because

dave’s exhaust for the gt3 rs is finally

in and we’re heading to august luxury

motorcars right now to install this son

of a

brand new race exhaust let’s go oh you

want to give us the very last cold start

on the gt3 rs

with the stock exhaust how pumped are

you talk to me goose that perfect


it’s here it mimics the rsr race car

right yeah i heard

sound clips of it it never translates

the same in a little instagram video

wait till you hear this it’s gonna be

crazy this won’t be crazy this is stop

fire it up we gotta hear it fire it up

is it odd is this a tesla take a stab at

the v10 the straight pipe exhaust for


should be done any day now so we’re

going to get shipped down to sr auto

group they will do the install on this

car because they’re very familiar with

the carrera gt and we will have

v10 straight pipe noise and potentially

fire got mine done first number one all

right cold start

both these cars are pretty quiet right

now very quiet we’ll fix that or ruin

that based on your opinion

i think we’re gonna fix it we’re gonna

fix it right guys everybody wants

straight pipe on the internet and you

know the funny thing about making

automotive youtube videos is that you

can give a car a whole bunch of power

and it’s really hard to translate that

onto video with the exhaust notes

that’s the easiest thing for the

audience to really appreciate

why because you can hear it

my neighbor by the way hates that

dave check i am backing out of the

garage initiate

garage closing of door the door is now

closed dave should i put a big ysob logo

across the side of this car oh matt

black get a satin blackett

ew what do you think satin black cgt i

feel like you need to go

real crazy on the wrap on this car

because no one’s done it acid green

yeah i don’t know that acid green would

go with the terra cotta interior maybe

if it was a black interior what are my


that color would go good it would go

good with like a bright blue

i don’t know i’m not good at this i know

i’m not gonna like i don’t know it would

go good with the bright blue

it would look good black white white’s

pretty boring white is boring but a

white cgt is really nice looking it’s


it is it’s clean dave i have a crazy

wrap for it in mind except for

we’ve done it several times oh that one

this car would look really good with the

racing livery yeah i can’t say the name

of the brand

no it’s white and it’s neon orange it

would look crazy on this car

because the porsche gt1 car is what they

raced that livery with what do you guys

think i don’t know i don’t know what to

do with this i’m trying to come up with

a more original idea i’m trying not to

just do something porsha would do

really piss everybody off and camo wrap

it and hide all the lines

oh god right it would look cool camo


keep banging out some decals

oh it should be done when we got here

she didn’t say that

y-s-o-b rectangular outline

over top of that let’s go put an exhaust

on it loud

everything loud including my voice why

are you yelling you yell now try it

feels good try it

try it no balsa wood yeah doesn’t make

you a classy guy

that does you’re a pretender okay look

at my look at my hoodie i’m classy by

the way

new merch april 9th 6 30 am

things go live and the new ysob drop oh

same day but it’s at that’s

where you send them i think you really

can’t wait on this i don’t understand

that this is gonna sell out really fast

if you do want one don’t say we didn’t

warn you we’ve warned you for the past

week now true let’s go to the august


and we’re back august garage

we don’t ask questions we just pull

straight in like we own the place

yeah baby that’s a very pretty 488


ah fellow porsche owner all sorts of

quirky cars here all right that’s crazy

that’s an old maserati look at the shape

of this glass

how it curves like that what a bizarre

car i have no idea what

model this is but it is super

super funky and that is cool what a

funky car

if someone in the audience knows what

this is comment below it’s really cool

you never know what you’re going to get


when you show up to august garage we got


beautiful corvette just say hi to the

boys glenn

hey how are you doing david good how are

you sir good oh that’s cool

turcon’s quite the color lots of

ferraris in here right now

old ferraris look at this thing do you

guys like these bright colors

or are you more of a me a neutral person

i like the bright colors

i’m all about this is this it that’s it

where are you going can we open it right

here look at that jcr

in the uk so that’s so cool you have

scissors here seriously

this is your office you know your

opening packages you know scissors

we assumed at a shop you’d have cutting

objects we got a desk and no seats

all right what can i do for you yeah

your bill’s over here somewhere you need


brake drums and a transmission

thank you to jrc jcr i’m dyslexic i know

we heard that in the story

thanks jrc let’s go to the staff member

or jcr

jcr thank you jcr dave you said it’s

your exhaust this is jcr

yeah and they make a bunch of cool stuff

for porsches and they dm me after the

launch delivery

they slid into your dm they said we have

the perfect exhaust for your car

probably the best car available for

the rs best car available for the rs the

best exhaust available for the rs man i

know you man what’s wrong with all of us

ready well lack of sleep first of all

that’s pretty what’s in here what’s in

here whoa they’re purple

that’s cool

hayden this is for you thank you for the


hayden what do you got just the tip

look at those holy crap holy crap it’s


that weighs nothing right

now that’s awesome lightweight and

louder don’t give me the purple tip

just the tip purple tip a purple tip

that’s sexy you know it’s cool this will

all change color once it gets hot

toy tiny slide it slide it in

the size of your tip tell me some noise

there’s a box from jcr oh they’re


bigger paddles no that’s a little

surprise i don’t know it’s coming no

they snuck in bigger paddles that’s cool

thank you jcr

jcr painter kit install those today too

please sir

no problem anything you need my friend

whole front end of the car park

i have the exhaust everybody stop what

you’re doing i have a new exhaust for my


oh that is light it’s made out of


hey look at those tips what about there


they’re about there definitely double

team those hey

what’s going on these bolts are too hot

to handle it’s not even hot down here oh

that’s pretty toasty grab the shield

i’ll take the last bolt up

yeah grab the shield dave there’s two or

four oh that’s the last bolt why’d you

still stay in there

it’s stuck there damon and dave build


these little plastic things there

they’re holding on oh

i see the blind man’s having to do his

death you’ve done a lot of these

exhausts back in the day yes i have

short long quick install hard wet it’s a

medium one because

the bolts on all these exhaust things

they expand and contract sometimes you

shear them off like we did on gabe’s


so it’s a relatively straightforward

process but you know like anything how

long do you think how long

an hour an hour if everything goes right

i like to use confidence we’ll go with

an hour

an hour no pressure timer starts now all

right guys stick around see if hayden

can do this

one hour if hayden does it inside an

hour what do we give hayden

oh i think it’s something really big

purple a purple tip

i’m gonna sit here and count the whole

time which won’t be annoying at all 29


21 20 19 18.

we’re watching hayden bam i’m watching

you buddy

don’t break

don’t break the ball


time check 42 minutes remain put my man

right here look at this

do you want to use a lifeline call a

friend 50 50.

oh yeah ask the audience no yeah no

we’re doing good that was crazy this is

actually really late it’s hot so don’t

grab it but

it’s hot it’s not that hot it’s not even

that hot

i think it all works they call that the

sneaky pete that’s how you make cars

fast i think what’s up billionaire


buddy how are you since when are you two

at the store at the same time

you just went for lunch so you’re not at

the store just one for lunch

exactly where was our lunch call i’m

hungry huh where’s our lunch call


i assumed you ate lunch already hey are

you excited to hear this thing i am

gonna sound nuts it’s not really cool

once it’s got the headers and everything

in a few more weeks

supposed to sound like the rsr race car

that’s gonna be cool i know it’ll be

louder than probably every car we have

they asked me how far do you wanna go i

said as far as you possibly can

go you wanna go to first base second

base to third base dave said

take me home i want a touchdown

no pressure buddy you are about to hit

sub 40 minutes

no pressure as he tinkers around just

wasting time like he’s

god i love when matt august gets


hey that’s good fingerprints all over it

so when we turn it on

it just burns right into the titanium

mat fired up fired up while he’s holding

it what do you think hayden

please yeah

so what’s the issue perfectly loose bolt

piled up while tight

oh uh oh do you think that’s gonna be

the demise of hayden’s clock ticking

down because we are down

to 34 minutes


we’ll make i like the sound of the

confidence coming from his voice

oh i’m excited to hear this this is

still screwed

and he needs to go get the torch to try

to i don’t know do something with it

not sure what it is we are down it’s

getting close

it’s close you could easily burn 20

minutes with the torch trying to get a

bolt off

for sure hey build after got some tight

nets like this guys

oh now we’re talking hayden

ready put out a little bit more fuel to

the fire


and we broke it we broke it

it’s hot it’s a little hot 18 and a half


will hayden make it work willie make it

work if you win what does it get we

haven’t just

pulled your gift card to the keg how

much do we put on there 10 bucks

500 500 i don’t know i’m just joking i’m

making up numbers

100 bucks okay these guys are like oh

he’s done he ain’t done i don’t see no

wheels on the ground

not done yet it’s not done until the

first startup and we hear it all right

down the last 12 minutes

active arrow wow he did it he actually

got it done bro

how much time is left 11 minutes and 13

seconds he won alright i want to hear it



oh it sounds louder sounds good

hit it again

yeah it sounds good but unfortunately

it’s a porsche you can’t rip it past

4000 rpm unless the car is moving so we

can’t really hear it until we get moving

all right

so we’ll go outside we’ll get moving an

idea before you get out of here

what if you tried to do launch control

so we could just here

louder do it again do it again do it



i wasn’t ready for that i was a little

close sounds good

this is stage one stage two is like a

whole new level of noise

this sounds good sounds good

well this sounds good eh

sounds really good

chris yo you sent him you think sounds



oh sucking back the gas in the cgt

fill up number two this thing sounds

good that’s it

yeah you want to do a three-way gas

station challenge all i heard was

three-way let’s do it

cgt versus gt3 rs versus 458 straight


this guy borrowed this car from we can

they came back and no gas in it

that’s what billionaire mike hall does

that’s what everybody in august does

it’s a signature move by these guys

okay i want to know how much fuel does

this thing take hit it

any guesses any guesses 128 dollars

she’s thirsty yes sir she’s thirsty

she’s on instagram or something

how is this not stopping yet i think you

said it had a 70 what liter tanks


they put a few more on this one holy

jerry seinfeld worked with porsche to

develop this car yeah this is true

and there’s two gassing options there’s

a bigger tank option when you buy this

car it’s bigger than this

that’s this one that must be this one

mine’s still freaking going too

yours is a 66 meter jig holy

mine’s 92 no but this is perfect 107.

all right guys go and buy some merch

this friday because we’re now broke

i love this car so seriously how are you

gonna wrap it up

i don’t know you’re after your game dude

this car should be built by now what’s

going on there’s something that hasn’t

been touched

okay i will go and look all the cars

online that look good they have classic

deliveries you all pissing people off


yeah that really good

full carbon wrap now no

no yeah i can’t even i can’t bring

myself to do that guys we’ll see you

tomorrow it’ll be a whole new day when i

go like this

it’s magic okay you ready one two three


i don’t know if that worked do you wanna

try it again i’ll do a counter clock

once you do clock lines okay

one two three magic and we’re back

getting close bro you look good change

the uh wardrobe all of a sudden the cgt

is not here the murcielagos here

and dave’s still got the gt3 rs so we’re

going to go right now and we’re going to

put a decal on the side of the black

gt3rs and it’s for a special event

friday april 9 the official launch of

the new ysob merch line hell

yes we’re gonna do this in a big way

you’ll see yes

you like this car by the way you’re not

a big fan not a big fan but you know

what i keep it around just

to remind me how a car can be

how not to build a car that’s right

we’re obviously joking please

smells like the clutch wasn’t all the

way disengaged there

well we’ll find out the next bill well i

smell it oh there we go the other hand

i love this car

look why they’re having so much why not

everybody likes it


you son of a what’s up that looks

so good that actually looks awesome i’m

gonna get a matt black car too dude it

looks so good

good that looks awesome i really like it

oh i love it

that’s so fun look how big you want it

like yes

yes please merch 9 it’s cool


we want to keep it low-key dude it looks

so good dave

i love it car sounds good too right new

exhaust the new exhaust sounds good

can you rip out of here one more time so

we can hear it i just want to hear you

go i like to see you leave

but i hate to see you go i don’t know

what the saying is i hate to see you go

but i love to watch you leave

i got no game i’ve been married ten

years like do a donut okay it’s dave he

doesn’t know how to do a doughnut put

new fences in

our fence installers just pulling in oh

good timing

he knew you were here that’s the guy who

fixed the fence last time

it is

sounds good that’s awesome nice work man

that’s all he knows i really need how

you did that

it was really neat it’s cool is that a

special setting

i probably had to get that tuned to do


okay go go go

holy look like he was gonna hit him

stuart’s awesome dude watch this

watch this

oh small incident we won’t talk about

small incident

i’m sure you can figure it out come on

you son of a what do you got

well not bad for a little marketing in

the meantime

i like it it looks really good let’s go

make me a sandwich

what i don’t know let’s go look it on

the news let’s go look good on the news


i really like the guys of this exhaust

those downshifts are brisk

a very nice tone hit me with the fire

look at this view look at this view


stunning breathtaking if you will

well you son of a new merch drops

this friday april 9th at

and the new daily driven exotics

clothing will be out the hoodies the

shirts the hats

all the good stuff also april 9th at we wanted to show you this

beautiful view

feeling pretty grateful right now where

we live beautiful where you live

must be nice hey huge thank you to jcr

for the epic exhaust will be a link in

description if you’re a porsche owner

they make the best porsche stuff and

there’s more things coming for this car

to make it sound like a race car it’s

just like a race car the rsr race car

what we do it sounds amazing as it is

right now but

it’s gonna sound even crazier once

you’ve got that exhaust on there and

it’s like

completely bonkers all right you guys

smash that subscribe button join the dd

fam we’re excited to have you

and that’s it for today’s video we’re

gonna leave you with this epic view

and remember go to the links in

description and pick up some merch

you son of a

don’t trust that what’s your

i don’t want to show them because that’s

our company credit card

duh tell the audience not rich at all


no you’re the one with all these cars

how many soldiers you have fun

this is a forgotten

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