all dinners got pulled over he looks

past you have your driver’s license on

you oh yeah i do

yeah beautiful day for a road trip

gabe coulter’s birthday we’re gonna see

happy birthday collectively together


me me maybe maybe me happy birthday

to you happy birthday

to you falsetto now happy


happy birthday to you you ready to do

this should we make our bed

hold on can we make our bed no he didn’t

let’s go

who wants to hear an actual cold start

of a straight pipe prayer gt

headphone users beware

it means business this car means


and zero luggage fits in it so i gotta

stick it all in the gyarado which

doesn’t have much room either that car

sounds like the squadron’s cold start it

rubs up and that noise right now sounds

like a squadron

this thing is awesome kind of different

isn’t it

yeah get in the cgt and damon give chris

the proper introduction to this car i


it’ll be a snug fit for us big boys


okay there’s another cgt that’s not

another suitcase

okay guys we’re gonna say goodbye to the

beautiful career gt we’re gonna drop the

keys off

here at sr auto group and we’re gonna

take the lamborghini

and the r34 back to kelowna a lot of you

have been asking

where is my daughter mia my beautiful

beautiful daughter mia and i have an

answer for you

we have some unfortunate news around the


gyarados we’ll get into all that we’re

going to do the road trip stay tuned i

don’t want to get any bad news right now

because we have a long drive ahead of us

i want to stay positive

i want to keep myself in the game dave’s

birthday nothing bad with mia mia’s

great she’s been busy she has a new job

she also still

will be on daily driven exotics but

let’s just say things are going to

change a little bit it has a lot to do

with this car we’ll get to that later

let’s get the r34 and hit the road

hit the road hit the road jack

it pains me to have to drop this off


i like that oh hey guys sorry to

interrupt the video

but we have to thank today’s sponsor ray

chatter legends let’s get straight

to the game i just threw it shoot rage

shuttle legends has taken over and

gaming will never be the same raid is

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and there’s no going back i’ve been

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love me some cold heart cold heart might

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son of a look at that outfit like

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oh this treasure will be waiting for you

here the rewards will only be available

for new players and only for the next

30 days get in there get up and we’ve


the cgt in for an r34 gtr here is our

ride for the day you guys epic road

trips we do a cold start doesn’t sound

like much


if we’re gonna do a five-hour road trip

we’re gonna need a little more

than half a tank of fuel so we’re gonna

go right now and fill up let’s go fill

up that’s amazing he just pulled up

beside us and said

let dave know happy birthday from you

have a gift for him and i said well he’s

right there in the gyarados where did he

get you hold on it’s a 96 999-9 carrera

that’s amazing

is that the same one that erected

raymond oh don’t believe me

why do i have to be driving this thing


that’s super cool thank you dude grab us

some water

drink some snacks yeah probably muscle

with me you can’t mess with me anymore

take it easy take it easy whoa whoa

fifty dollars that’s all it took to fill

up the r34 gtr today chris this is your

first dd road trip i know it’s not but


it’s the first one this month yeah a few

things we’re gonna need we need water we

need red bull

could you get damon some emotions but

that that stuff makes you podium yeah

keeps it in no no i wanted to go out

oh that actually gets yeah so water

because we’re responsible red bull

because we’re not responsible what’s the

most expensive order they have for

gaming it’s a million dollar car oh

chris chris

right there that’s dangerous that’s more

than the red bull and we’ll get smart

water for us see how cold that is that’s

very expensive water there’s a new red

bull that doesn’t have aspartame it has

sucralose black can zero sugar and it

has sucralose which is better for your

body than aspartame so i read on sally

just raphael’s blog

there you go damon’s a big lad so we’ll

get him the batter buster i always strip

over that’s a good one

they said you’re a millionaire so you

have to have the best water possible

extra hydrogen in that water three parts

hydrogen let’s see hold on hold on hold


hold on

this is too wet it’s too wet too wet get

some dryer water

i want dry water take this back that’s

really good water

actually as ice cold and that aluminum

can it’s so good

happy birthday next year to you

you couldn’t find an h birthday

next year to you happy birthday

you son of a

is that a mccain cake look at the wax

roll with the icing already oh

i love these so good

thank you next year thank you

go i want to see you take a bite no no

no no no no no no

no no put your mouth in there and take a

bite just eat it come on

take a bite

thanks for the used sweater guys this is

brand new

thanks for the non pre-washed used


we’re getting all the needy it looks

good on you always a pleasure

who feeds you let’s hit the end don’t

forget who feeds you raymond don’t bite

the hand

hey boys this is it comes check hey duck

you got a little ducky in the face

all right let’s go yo ysob

keychain i love you have a good day

brother dude that guy had a ysl keychain

in his truck

legendary sticks you son of a

right hand drive i could get really

close to you rito

someone all right guys you ready for

this we got my best friend’s birthday

he’s rolling with his best friend i’m

nobody’s best friend

but i still feel special

well there was that pulled over he

radioed me on a 10-speed device to say

that the car gave him a thumbs up and

he’s super cool

and then they called pulled him over you

have your driver’s license on yet oh

yeah i do yeah

i’m glad to know that i’m i’m recording

involves you an audience

i figured it was a routine stop i wasn’t

doing anything wrong so so chris and i

stopped at the shell about two

kilometers just past where david got

pulled over we don’t know why he got

pulled over right now chris nailed it

because like i think this cup holds

maneuver right now

and i was like well it can’t be the

camera talking about he gave him a

thumbs up uh

well yeah that would speak to the

contrary he looks

past look probably because you’re

filming him crazy how do you do that you

disrespectful something

the reasons in the canada why we can’t

stop cars is the flexibility the

driver’s license

anytime yeah oh yeah i understand the

law perfect oh man i’m glad that you do


people don’t yeah no no i understand you

should have put your keys in your car

and left it going

oh no i i always put them down because

when i pick up my camera to film

i don’t want that whole like oh did you

have your was it distracted driving

right were you driving with the car with

holding the camera because

some police officers just like some

citizens aren’t quite as nice

exactly um i try to be nice yeah i know

that’s totally cool but you do have a

nice little car here

yeah it’s uh from japan i know that so i

follow that

one of the one of the car club things oh

cool not where

people buy are the skyline stuff so is

it just uh so you were pulling over

because i understand there’s no driver’s


yeah that’s an alberta thing yeah but

it’s not illegal to have that is it

um no it’s not illegal to have it but we

can check your driver’s license

just to make sure it’s like your bc

plated vehicles yeah yeah

it has your driver’s license information

this is different yeah most alberta

ones have the driver’s license

information on the bottom but it just


no driver’s license so we stopped and


that’s because then i’ll explain for you

this car is actually registered to my

corporation which is why i have a bc


so this is a corporate car it’s used

actually for production use

so there’s just no license because

multiple people can drive it

you want my insurance uh do you have it

i got everything

there’s both in here registration is

pink white’s insurance that’s all i’m

looking for

right there give me two seconds mister

take your time no rest we’re just having

a fun road trip back to kelowna

yeah that’s nice i would love to see

that picture from that lamborghini

because i went like this

i’ll be right back give you a business

card yeah and then if he could send me

that photo would be greatly appreciated

  Mercedes G63 AMG

we could do that

that would be awesome okay because i

think that would be a nice photo

it would be a good photo okay have a

good day yeah be right back

okay he’s super cool i was kind of like

why is he pulling me over because first

he was on the side of the road we had

radar which is legal here

and it was going off and i was like oh

there he is and then he pulled out

and he came ripping up behind in the

other lane coming up behind me

and then he kind of slowed down and

pulled up beside me over here and gave

me a nod

and i was like oh he’s being super cool

and then he pulled off back onto this


and he was driving at like the speed

limit like maybe

10 kilometers under the speed limit and

as soon as i passed him he pulled out

behind me and i thought okay

that seems a bit weird and then he

turned his lights on so you can see

he’s got this is an rcmp officer that’s


royal canadian mounted police and the

reason why they say mounted

is because they actually ride horses the

rcmp which is a fun fact compared to

like let’s say municipal

police officers so like vancouver police

department of their own police


it’s not just policed by the royal

canadian mounted police

they are like a federal policing the

difference is these guys

actually go to like military training in


in a different province and it’s a very

specialized training camp

but it’s at like a military grade level

of training whereas city cops don’t

quite get that level of training so you

guys are no joke this guy’s being super


my license is clean so he’ll come back

and probably just be like cool you’re

good to go you’re on your way

you’re all good there yeah thank you sir

i’m not that’s me i’ll do it you could

send me a photo would be greatly


always love action photos especially

when i get to pull over cool little cars

like this

thanks that which is a great color and

everything like this it’s one of my


hey thanks man and i always watch watch

the the things the

the car clubs or whatever like this and

all these skylines that come in and


brings them in there guys just wonderful

i have no problem with them

not as long as they’re in great shape

and this one’s in good shape yeah that’s

the beauty that’s my baby

no camber in it there’s that little loud


it’s actually this one’s quiet yeah it’s

actually not too bad yeah here

like here it’s actually really quiet

compared to like the uh lamborghini

yeah the lamborghini’s got the v10 so

it’s a

yeah it purrs oh yeah this is nice

actually i think really i think if you

even revved it it wouldn’t even be loud

nope there’s nothing wrong with that

yeah i like it oh hey

it was blair blair damon damon nice to

meet you nice to meet you sir thank you

david have a good day cheers what a

great guy now there is an amazing


of a police officer just doing his job

by the book complimented the car i mean

it’s just cool

that was a great interaction i do have a

lot of those i don’t always get to put

them on the channel

this one’s definitely going on blair’s a

rad dude amazing guy well guys we got a

little pit stop here

in hope we have a huge dde fam member

who actually

owns this triple o’s burger joint we’re

gonna get burgers we got milkshakes

we’re gonna play fat kid which i always

play dave’s birthday so whatever dave

wants dave gets i want to go here so

we’re going to get some burgers you know

the guy who owns this triple o is a huge

dd fan

really yeah huge burgers he’s going to

be excited when we get in here

chris he’s going to be even more excited

when he finds out it’s your birthday

just going to come back a few burgers he

can we all can oh snap

is it burger time or what yeah yeah it’s

coming bam today

is dave’s birthday oh everybody can we

get a milkshake and put a

candle i have a milkshake last time dude

what happened oh yeah he’s lactose

intolerant and mainly just intolerant do

i do some burgers what do you recommend


bacon cheddar burger what are you gonna

get i’m gonna get a chicken burger

trying to build tension with a close-up

camera angle like that how close is that

really like i’ll pay with the company

credit card and take it off your salary

everybody has to come to the triple o is

here in hope

connected to the chevron you know this

is where they film rambo i know a lot of

you have heard this

if you’re new to the channel hope is

where they filmed the very first rambo

very personal i was in rambo i was

actually a double for who sylvester

stallone is that just christmas lunch


what are you guys getting okay we’re

good thank you so much thank you very

much thank you again super grateful

for this just like dessert we got donuts

in the parking lot okay guys thank you

thank you and the gentleman here at

tripoli wants a rev

yeah man all right so first things first

make sure it’s not

here and then just give it a little tap

tap tap from the throttle it’s a little

bit more

more than that i’ll probably do

how’s that good all right now chris is

going to get arrested

a little naughty he’s being it again i

was just getting the pedal placement


lead the way toretto

that’s awful sounds like your pants

right now to that milkshake

he’s in the jdm space full of poops all

right guys

this is it this is the long haul it’s

like a four hour drive i

love road trips i miss super car rallies


let’s go



well dave i would say we’ve officially


the r34 gtr the luggage car

the back seats and that full rear trunk

is quite the luxury in our job

i’m actually shocked at how much snow is

still up here considering how much it’s

warmed up the last little while

and we are at august luxury cars you

guys look at what they’ve got out front

we’ve got

block corvette gyarados spider r34 gtr

the aperta and well you need to say


to what was mia’s gallardo and i think

we need to explain this here’s what

happened the province we live in

we can’t get our cars insured here we

have to use a private insurer have

everything set up in the province next

to us in alberta so these are

commercially insured vehicles

all of our cars are commercially insured

they’re not for private use

they’re used for making production

videos for daily driven exotics company

long story short they are all

commercially insured the downside to

that is the

value of our overall garage policy is so

big that even dave

even at the ag is at right now 38 looks


oh jeez billionaire michael but when he

was 37 and we applied they actually said

dave was even a bit too young

technically to insure him i’m not even

joking they want

40 and above to do the policy that we

were requiring on these cars so guess

what happened when they found out my 18

year old daughter was driving one of our

lamborghinis that was insured in our

corporation they were like

no you can’t do that we don’t insure for

that risk level

already your friend dave is not even

quite where we want him to be but he’s a

few years away he has a good driving

record we’re doing you guys a solid

so unfortunately my daughter cannot

drive these cars which means there’s

really no point in having it we do have

a loophole there is an

opportunity to insure one of these cars

or a car like it

in this province british columbia but it

has to be approved

outside of what’s called group rate 98

because that is a very very expensive

policy for exotic cars here but there

are a few cars on that list so things

like early gen

r8s even v10 there are some even older

generation ferraris

lamborghini lamborghini super super old

but not that that

that would be in it how old would you

have to go to get a car

mia could drive not end up in group rape

98 and have to pay 20 000

for insurance well the r8s you can get

2010 2011.

do you like those yeah gallardo i think

it’s 06 and down

here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna

drop this car off today and this car is

now for sale it’s for sale with the pure


right with the enos attack brand new

wrap this is an amazing wrap by the way

if you see it

and you love it i mean i’m telling you

this is what the hottest color right now

but if you really wanted it black

it is perfect paint underneath so you

got the pure wheels these are 20 inch

wheels we also have the stock wheels

properly lowered

it drives like a dream it has a full fi


sounds amazing it is here at august

luxury motor cars contact these guys via

email or give them a phone call

no tire kickers this car is going to go

really really fast and we will

still have me on this channel we will

find her an appropriate car now my heart

is broken

just like your guys’s heart’s probably

broken right now but we gotta play by

the rules we could get an r8 that’s like


a v10r8 early gen so we have a bunch of


we’ll sit down with mia mia does like

porsche she does like

she does unfortunately for now one of

you lucky’s sons of

has the opportunity to buy this gal we

say farewell we’ll bring it into the


all right that’s it she’s up for grabs

you want to do one last rep

sure this is really good fi exhaust

thanks for watching you guys smash the

subscribe button join the dd

fam we’ll get mia something different

we’re just as bummed about it as she is


also has a full-time job back at home on

the island where she lives that’s also


she’s been absent recently i’m her dad

at the end of the day i love to support


but she ain’t gonna learn as much as

just going out there and

working for somebody else and doing what

we all did grinding hustling and finding

her own path in life she likes cars

but it’s not like her dad’s obsession

with cars so i’ve always helped her and

nurtured her she’ll be back on the

channel soon though to play with the

cars she’s always been there for years

wow it’s only because of his birthday

who feeds you

you probably have the filthiest cars

yeah on the island at least

so badly i keep clinging to this black

guy that’ll have like a bentley a lambo

and it’d be full of garbage

it’s not so much dirt it’s usually

garbage like cans and

you want to know the truth the bentley

i’m super anal about no you’re not no i


did you make anyone do this too you

always say that you’re super

on about something when it’s not here

you can’t prove it

how would we prove that right now this

is dave’s game make some phone calls

before i’ve seen him take garbage out of

one car and put it in the other one

well yeah don’t take care of that i mean

it’s five years old

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