what a gorgeous

day we have ahead of us you guys welcome

back to daily driven exotics that’s

right we are here picking up the 720 gtr

i’ve always been notorious for taking

just iphone picks putting them on

instagram and things like that but we’re

actually going to go out of our way and

have a buddy of ours take some proper

photos because

guess what this is the number one

favorite car ever

on daily driven exotics this car even

exceeds the huracan twin turbo

it does we put a pitcher up and this is

the very first

car that ever got over a hundred

thousand likes on the gram for us so

thank you very much for supporting this

car in this build and us and in this

video some more mods for the crair gt

carbon fiber arrow made by tech art we

were looking around online for different

things and my good

friend gabe found me these incredible

pieces on facebook marketplace of all

things dave contacted the guy turns out

the guy’s a big dd

yeah like super cool watches daily

driven exotics and has a crazy car

collection what do you have

it has an f40 mirror and a countach and

he did it drives a turbo s

and he used to have obviously a career

gt which he says is his biggest regret

selling he bought the car new and sold

it back in 2007 and he had these brand

new tech art pieces that never went on

the car

sitting around this entire time 14 years

these parts have been sitting they just

got delivered too

say hi raymond say huncle ray ray hello

just got sent to

sr auto group and we’re going to insult

them today aren’t we raymond yes we are

thank you

so much are you excited

ready you ready for this let’s fire it

up put some new mods on the career gt

and let’s talk about some of the other

fun things we have in the works stick

around it’s going to be a really epic


ready for this i got dave going to do a

cold start with the unobtanium



good thing i got the windbreaker on dude

this pushes out some serious wind

oh yeah the air pressure yeah yeah it’s

cool turbos ready to go


car elevator it gets loud in here

we’re good

damn bro she looks good in the sun

actually it hurts your eyes it looks

amazing i have so many persons you have

two pairs of sunglasses that i noticed

you can’t see

actually hurting my eyes

doesn’t matter how fast your car is when

there’s traffic

everyone’s slow gtr looks damn fine

though and the gtr on that gtr

so many gtrs here at dd so sexy you like


yes i love having this thing we need to

get ppf

ppf all right you guys it is time to

open up

and unbox the carrara gt carbon fiber

now i bought this from a gentleman like

i said over in new york

he’s been holding on to these parts for


years that’s why they’re in a u-haul box

he packaged this all up himself huge

shout out thank you very much let’s drag


it’s super light is this carbon you got

this hold on hold on i got it i got it i

got oh i got it by the way say hello to

the murcielago she’s here

we are about to unbox the new 10 000

cgt modifications now

before we open this up we need to thank

today’s sponsor

manscaped you guys know how much we love

work with manscape they just dropped

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i want to see this i’m excited to see

these parts this is

it there’s not a lot of stuff you can do

to a career gt and this is one of the

main things

that’s a game changer i love it how do

you just survive in this business his

knife skills are horrible

oh i hope that did nothing bro is there

anything in there

oh look at the carbon oh you can see the


i hit a little curve there that’s okay


oh my god he packaged as well oh that’s


so we have a carbon fiber front lip for

the cgt

and an extended wing lip which goes

along the top of the active wing

all the way down onto the body onto the

edges so it’s going to make it look

way more aggressive

the time to put some mods on the cgt do


ready for this ready that’s a good shot

of you ray

come here you look good all day you look


let me get this hand up i like it

action now

it’s actually back at fast track auto

drop this bad girl off

for a little bit of well tow yard


scratches on the roof we’re gonna get

all this all fixed up

let’s take a minute to really appreciate

the color of this car

you glow bro lb performance well you

didn’t think we were going to come to

fast track and just drop the r34 off and

not give you guys an update on

that’s right tire slayer build 2.0 3.0

20.0 whatever you want to call it the

ferrari 488 you guys

has had a lot of progress done thanks to

fast track auto body so i’m going to

show you guys probably the biggest parts

the over fenders are on first of all

look how

wide this car just got damn bro look how

wide it is

yeah it’s crazy dude and i cut those up

so now it’s like a

personal build product of mine he did if

you haven’t seen that episode click the

link in description

dave cut three of the four fenders off

this car this is the part i really

wanted to show you guys when i said i

mix and match body kits i kind of do it

off of like my eye i have no

measurements i’m just like send me this

send me that and i hope it works this is

what’s crazy

look how beautiful tony was

complimenting or steiner on how well

their parts fit this is the vorsteiner

carbon lip

and i wanted this because of this little

fin on the side they have this beautiful

carbon fiber that by the way goes

exactly with the oem

ferrari race parts yeah it literally fit

like oem like it’s like he’s never seen

anything just here

check this out check this out this is

the rear active diffuser we’re not

putting the liberty walk rear diffuser

on because this is active arrow i had

vorsteiner send me their carbon fins

look at the fins wrong those are new so

here are the plastic bins

and then bam wow bigger carbon fiber


from vorsteiner those look so good

they’re gonna look so aggressive i mean

technically you’re gonna look at it like

this the rain light we’re keeping

here’s what i want to show you this is

the wide body ferrari race mirrors this

is what i’m talking about how it looks

like oem look at this see how the weave

and everything

is identical see that holy this is

ferrari this is a ferrari race part

right here and that’s war steiner it

literally looks the same yeah this is

the attention to detail you guys that i

go to

with my eye to try to make things work

when we build a car if i bring you guys

a little bit around here you’re gonna


fender flares or whatever you want to

call them the over fenders they’re

actually bolted on

so they’re on there oh yeah yep they’re

all on

all bolted this is how it’s going to fit

tony’s done amazing job making this

all fit beautifully this isn’t his first

rodeo when it comes to a liberty walk

wide body car he’s built my car he’s

built a couple other cars this is the

second piece from vorsteiner

carbon fiber side skirt i went with this


one it’s carbon two it’s got this cool

fin on the side

and i really wanted this and i was

hoping that it wasn’t going to interfere

with this

rear over fender and look at this it

worked out perfectly tony said he had a

little bit of trimming right here to do

on the liberty walk over fender but

other than that was

this piece was perfect fit beautifully

you can see look inside the cut line how


how much wider it is now it’s like sold

three and a half inches oh yeah bro

stock body line over fender this car

is significantly wider super excited

this is gonna be

one hell of a build when it’s all

completed we’ll do a quick little

montage you guys to show off kind of the

curves of this car we’re gonna head over

to sr and

boom shalom bob’s your uncle career gt

mods which are also carbon fiber





well guys she’s looking amazing and see

why i didn’t use this stuff this is

fiberglass none of this is carbon

no which is crazy because it’s not a

cheap kit i’m actually a little bit


this is part of the rear diffuser so

this is just fiberglass and then this is

just yeah

fiberglass so i didn’t want any of this

it would give you a crazy look there’s


this whole piece too

but you can see like this is just cheap

there’s no active arrow there’s all this

fiberglass i would rather the oem

active arrow rear diffuser in

partnership with that four sided

hardware you are a ferrari purist i am i

mean i’m the number one ferrari

ambassador on the internet solomon

is number two you can let him know in

his comments some of the comments like

just call ourselves the number one

supercar ambassadors and i was like

no you’re gonna be specific to the brand

you’re gonna be supposed to brag you

need a ride

come see uncle dave uh i’ll pass thank


see andrew suit yourself dude

as we would say good good living the


raymond had a really good idea and this

is why i come to see uncle raymond

because i don’t think it’s simple stuff

like this uncle raymond

you guys stop calling him uncle raymond

uncle raymond is gonna test fit

these carbon pieces by using some simple

double-sided tape because these are

carbon fiber pieces from the year 1999

these are like

16 year old carbon pieces carbon has

significantly increased

in quality over the last 15 plus years

let’s just say this isn’t quite up to my

standards let alone career gt standards


that doesn’t mean we don’t have the

shape oh

i like this i think i’m really gonna

like how this looks so it extends the

wing with this carbon piece

and these go on the side now we’re just

gonna test fit this we’re gonna test fit

the front splitter you guys are gonna

get to see the finished result and what

we’re gonna do is take this all off send

it over to the shop essentially

sand this down re-clear it and make it

look really nice yeah so we’re gonna

sand down the clear coat re-clear it and

then polish it up it’ll look just brand

new so

as you can see what this is going to do

is extend

on the wing about two inches and give it

a little more

limp i’m a looking and i’mma like it and

then these go on

the edges here like this

nice work so when you have a very

expensive piece of machinery like this

you want to make sure you do things


so double-sided tape 3m shout out to 3m

this is cool we got one more slide to do

and then we’re going to throw a front

splitter on

like i was saying previously there’s not

a ton of stuff you can do this car a lot

of people were saying

gambala mirage didn’t sell out all of

their kits

and there were a couple or a few of

those left and someone was saying go and

get one of those kits put on

that really modifies the car there’s no

coming back from that i do really want

to keep the value of this car on the

up and up it’s going to be the most

valuable if i do simple bolt-on or

tasteful things that then you can remove

that doesn’t modify or change

the actual chassis or the body of the


this stuff is all reversible it’s not

going to hurt the car

but it is going to make it have that

aftermarket tasteful more aggressive


now this might not be for everybody but

i like this i think that’s super cool

what do you think ray

i really like it too keep in mind it’s

not perfectly straight right now because

we’re just just putting it on we’re test

fitting but

it’s test fitting once it’s all straight

and tight down yeah it’s gonna look

really really nice

that’s pretty sick definitely gives that

extra little couple of inches to make it


that much bigger more aggressive looking

hell yeah

as you guys can see here boom and we

found a key one key for

ray ray

yes yeah

that’s so cool


okay ladies and gentlemen look at this

guy here the champ

this is crazy if you haven’t seen this

the front little do you call this a


or is it just like a thingamabob or

that’s made of plastic that hides under

there it is technically a splitter

it is a splitter isn’t it yeah it is

it’s just held on by these little

plastic rivet

yeah that’s exactly what they’re a

plastic rivet and

it’s holding this tiny little plastic

piece on which obviously if you scuff it

it’s easy and cheap to replace probably

not that cheap because the crew gt

but it doesn’t really stick or protrude

out this is really i guess

kind of the front splitter of the bumper

it’s all one piece and what we’re gonna

do with

this is we’re gonna accomplish this

piece is going to stick out and line up

the front

so it will have a little bit of carbon

showing right at the very front

i’m excited again super super subtle

quality touches because you don’t want

to ruin what a masterpiece mr porsche

created right mr porsche

there’s a lot of those holding that in

that’s not two okay look at the


people that’s the stock one and this is

the carbon one

well that’s gonna be an improvement you

know what i do for you look at this

my hands are dirty i have a cut i have a

ah this doesn’t give me the attention i

deserve anymore right

now hold it up yeah

carbon splitter that is sick i mean

again it’s just so subtle but

what a game changer

Thiet ke infographic hien nay dang la xu huong duoc nhieu doanh nghiep lua chon. Tham khao ngay dich vu thiet ke infographic tai day.

i think yes i’m liking this this is

gonna make a big

big massive one and a half inch

difference to the front end of this car

i wonder why no one ever created like

some crazy cool body kit for this car


back when this car first came out it was


400 u.s

msrp and now these damn things are a

million to two million based on the

color right

you’re welcome you say you’re welcome

it’s a seal gray which is better than gt

silver they made 320 gt silvers

and only 64 in the seal gray which is


what are you doing hey don’t be

scratching up my carbon or the faba

coming out of the fiber can i oh

hold the lip let me go home hey i hear

the 720 gtr

what’s up yo how’d the photo shoot go

well he made me wear a bikini which was


well that gets awkward hey

how do you think the photos turned out

it went well i’m pumped to see these you

gotta see the cgt

the done it’s test fitted because we

gotta send it away to be refreshing

these were used parts from like 15 16

years ago i want your opinion

come check it out it’s simple tasteful


not over the top but it’s like a little

lip and you can see it dramatically

changes like

how much it sticks off the back what do

you think

it’s a go for me i’m gonna send these

off to fast track auto body and we’ll

get them done at no time

splitter is already off you guys because

we had this little plastic trim piece to

take off

at the front of this there is nothing

like there is no splitter here

so that basically comes up right here to

the front of this

and gives you like a little a little lip

of about an inch and a half we’re gonna

ship this off and get it finished and

then we can put on another day ray wants

to go home so

you want to hang out tonight drinks


this is actually a pretty cozy ride

because we have a lot less luggage this

time no

you’re putting the backpack there i

don’t think this is the way it works

i don’t think this is the way it see how

that’s how it works give me your

backpack now

let’s go a little bit more hey ray

thanks for everything today ray we

appreciate you

thanks for everything today you did

nothing for me but damon seems to be

mildly happy

can i hear it

i picked up the camera to say something

i’ll go over the dd hat

that’s awesome that’s awesome i love you

guys what color

okay we need to pull the trigger we’re

going to see sam at wrap works

what color are we doing are you asking

me or the audience right now i’m asking


signal green mexico blue yeah orange and

white delivery

yeah blue was number one really buy a

landslide so let’s go and have a look at

what types of blues they have

hey check this out f8 spider what up

what up guys

great red rap you did on this you guys

killed that rap

have you made i know i know i know i

know i know

i know i know i know okay listen here’s

what’s going down

we thought don’t get mad i thought what

if we did fierce fuchsia again revisited


it would look sick on the cgt because

solomon did ruby stone it looked

unbelievable that was where we were

going we’ve been in here for like over

an hour it’s starting to get dark out my

other thought was we do a blue

the problem is a lot of these blues they

might look okay on camera but there are

better options edo’s tech make

the best high gloss wraps right now in

the game but they don’t make the blue or

wanting probably in the works not

available right now so here’s what we’ve

done sam had a crazy idea and we were

revisiting this

what if we wrapped it in neon yellow

like the aperta our version of

acid green the buddy of ours tom in

kelowna is an acid green 918. so this is

a model

this is the only car that has ever been

in this color what if we just make this


it’s a wrap if we put it on and we drive

it around for a couple of months and we

hate it we’ll come back we’ll remember

it’s his problem

we’ll unwrap it we’ll try something else

but we got black wheels

that are sick material is already here

yeah it is bright

neon yellow and then what would be kind

of cool is i have 20 in cars

just like dave dave has very twinning


and the squadron corsa what do you think

dave 100 this is the color

add to cart all right install it tonight

tomorrow morning we’ll reveal it yeah

you should be talking a little bit can


talk hey sav i like your legs you shave

them you look good

the shorts are nice you want to bang

this out so explain to me the process of

banging it out

goodbye can we do this soon yeah bye


smash that subscribe button join the dvd

fam and thank you for watching this

episode and don’t forget

we just dropped a brand new limited

collection of merch for daily driven


and ysob they’re both at one

shipping charge brand new

limited edition drip and some really

clean ysop stuff like what dave’s

wearing go get your merch cinema

we’ll see you guys in the next video


i hate to do this buddy what but if

we’re going to refinish this and we’re

going to refinish this

yeah can we refinish this and refinish

this and make it all

one cohesive piece

at a later date yes not this trick oh

we want to just bang this out and drive

it around because everybody wants to


and see the cgt on the channel in motion

and not sitting in a shop

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