leave it like this this is ridiculous looking stop loitering in my sword i asked you to leave three days ago now raymond i owe one percent of the one percent he owns we’re gonna go get the parts for the r34 hey where’s the lightning i need the lightning to put the car parts in the back that came overnight from japan okay let’s do this it’s in the back leave me back there what is this that’s system now probably in the door guys we’ve got the first parts for the r34 it actually came overnight from japan ready what’s up anthony how’s it going guys i like being driven out why is it so fast it makes no sense 752 foot-pounds of torque in the six and three-quarter liter bentley engine built by bob the builder no bob bentley oh my mom the builder you can tell dave’s a dad he’s been watching too many cartoons we’re gonna do a 20 foot you ready 20 foot yeah okay go [Music] right next to a fence oh front bumper and z-tune fenders s-tune side skirts to build that first jdm r34 oh and mia’s car’s got a little update coming gloss sand is what the girl wanted looks so good for anthony’s porsche yeah sure yeah bunch of smiley faces the parts vehicle we’re going in smell that deliciousness oh bentley like nope sounds really good amazing okay yeah i love that we’re taking a red lightning to go get actual jdm parts from japan for one of our cars i’m gonna take the gtr oh we got mini trucks we got more jdm cars we must be in the jdm space boy the canards on this no seats that’s running here’s the rear apron look at that legitimacy r34 gtr here’s your instructions damian what’s in the big one ready there you go buddy the fenders these are the z-tune fenders oh yeah just like the wide body kit the 48 there’s an official like proof it’s authentic great actually that’s really cool so you know we’re actually buying the real nismo parts and i’m not buying knockoff stuff what’s your question for these it’s a good question i don’t know everything together was like 14 grand canadian that’s not that much compared to a wide body kit for a 488 it’s a lot cheaper 488 wide body kit from liberty wash 25 000 usd i think i have the vorsteiner pieces that are carbon that’s another like 15 000 usd and then check this out the gt3 ferrari racing chassis mounted wing that’s like an eighteen thousand dollar wing just the wing and the mirrors are five thousand dollars building supercar like exotics way more expensive than building people think all this is free because we’re youtubers we paid retail for all this yeah we paid for all this ask anybody for any handouts happy to pay for go and have a look in this box here are the side skirts that go with those little extended pieces for the rear bumper and then we have oh genuine nismo parts in anthony’s business they call this the money shot come on what do you mean in anthony’s business i’m excited you guys excited who’s excited for the r34 gtr build we have a full titanium exhaust coming as well which is going to really make the car sound a lot better i think we want a little louder a little more aggressive little more dede you guys look at all these parts wheels suspension components but honestly who gives a [ __ ] about this when you’ve got rage shadow legends which happens to be sponsoring today’s video let me ask you a question do you like bat champions tough bosses millions of players excellent well rage shadow legends has all of that but it also has a ton of depth it’s got 13 playable factions and today we’re going to talk about the high elves okay so high elves are classic good guys mostly and they live in their walled kingdom of aravia and guess what you guys they’re easy on the eyes their queen is a powerful sorceress and they’ve been fighting evil since before it was cool to do so the problem is it’s not always clear just whose side they’re on kind of like damon to find out more you’ll have to meet them in the story campaign the best part is raids absolutely free to play and is available both on mobile and desktop okay first of all look at the graphics is literally the most epic thing you’ve ever seen in your lives seriously you’ve never seen anything better than this you haven’t if you have you’re lying you guys last month raid just released their biggest update ever the main event is here the doom tower it’s a giant tower with 120 floors a bunch of secret challenge rooms and 12 seriously bad bosses to take on i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time my entire life and i can’t wait to dive straight into the game honestly there’s never really been a better time to start playing than right now the best part is raid is giving away a ton of free goodies plus a super special champion to get everyone started in the doom tower the ball work he’s absolutely awesome in clan boss and you know what he’s gonna be a huge help in that tower against the bosses so what are you waiting for find me in the game username dave underscore dde click the link in description download raid right now it’s absolutely free and thanks to raid we can do things like buy spoon parts if you’re a new player you’ll get your free void champion ball work 50 gems an xp booster some energy refills and even an ancient shard as soon as you get in the game all this treasure will be waiting for you here the rewards will be only available for new players and only for the next 30 days so hurry up yes sons load her up boys we’re gonna tape this back together around here you have jdm tape jd goes right to left m tape oh that’s left to right front to back side to side well you’re good to go thank you for the parts welcome where is my exhaust for the r34 yeah exhaust for the r34 it’s coming you want me to do that scene at a fast and furious where we hold you down and pump you full of oil 30 weight or 40 weight you tell them what are you thinking dave 5w 30. it’s coming that’s not an answer remember guys i’m genuinely really excited for this build this car is just one of those cars i’ve come to fall in love with it’s just so different from everything else that i have in my fleet different experience when i drive cars it’s all about the experience for me funny enough for a 21 year old car it drives so well i talk about this all the time i went looked at a whole bunch of other r34 gtrs and little things like the screen typically in the center of the dash is always cracked and smashed like the steering wheel are not in this good of condition i really lucked out and got a really clean spec to start this build on i have been told by a few people who froze in this space i shouldn’t mess with the rb26 if you get a good rb26 don’t open it up keep it the way it is if you want to build a motor and get more power build a motor separately and then swap the motor out in the meantime i’m really just going to put an exhaust on this car to start make it sound a little crazier and then we’re going to see where we go from there so we’re back at fast track auto body we’re going to deliver parts that are in the back of the lightning let’s see where we’re at with the 720 oh that’s cool how cool does that look how crazy it look with no back end on it looks crazy well that’s cool that’s sexy you know i don’t know that people really saw this previous unobtainium exhaust that chris built me he did a beautiful job this is already all titanium almost like a bronzy gold matte finish type tip to match a p1 gtr seeing the way that he builds exhaust if you guys need a 720 exhaust or 48 or huracana r8 chris at unobtanium you can check them out on the gram make some of the most beautiful looking exhaust but also some of the best sounding it’s about to get louder though the only way to get another 100 horsepower out of this car is you got to remove the cats so we’re going full straight pipe this time so these current downpipes have cats you can kind of see where it gets fat down at the bottom there and the new downpipes are callous so we’re going to have full straight pipe action in this thing it’s going to be really aggressive and the new exhaust is going to come out right here redesign the rear bumper to look oem now you understand how much work has gone into this build now we’re getting into the real custom stuff custom exhaust custom wing all that stuff look how the rear diffuser can sit by itself wow the lights sit by themselves yeah it’s awesome you can really get creative and make this look really crazy i think so i think we should try that uh look like a spaceship yeah so that’s crazy i prefer the car in pieces like that what crazy looking how’s the exhaust by the way i can see it in your eyes right now oh it smells and tastes great exhaust allergies we call that dude he needs to leave the car like that with a big chassis mounted wing that’s how you drive that car friend’s not happy should stay like this yes i just said that just like this with the chassis mounted wing oh just like this this thing looks amazing how cool is it look going down the road insane you put the wing on it would be perfect i made sure not to get it hot we’re putting on a new exhaust a new exhaust not hot um what are you doing with this truck brand new i don’t care about tires i care about my lap dave’s the douche bag now ever since that fence incident he’s not not right in the head i honestly think this needs to stay like this it would be crazy but i think it would be really cool if there was a way we could do it active wing piece yeah just so it’s flat and then chassis mounted away leave it all open you’d have to really go to town and clean some of that up floating with double wing yeah and then the floating like tail lights yeah and then you got the floating diffuser i didn’t think the diffuser stayed on without the other stuff bolted on either it mounts right here you can see the suspension from here you see everything really cool it’s cool because you can see the full wheel this is almost the best version of a bumper delete you could get it pretty much is hmm comment below should we find a way to leave it like this this is ridiculous looking like a spaceship for sure i’m a funny feeling the cops might not like this no we have laws against having no mud flaps apparently but i was ticketed with on my 911. not having a mud flap no mud flaps realistically you have the mud flap part yeah it’s right here it’s a billet mud flap as soon as it cools down we’re going to take the downpipes off we got to take the rest of this out we’ll take these downpipes out and put the new downpipes in that’s all we’re swapping out is these two downpipes those two and this whole exhaust similar tips longer yeah and they’re gonna come out right here in the center like true p1 gtr style yes sir all right here we go titanium parts overnight from alberta you have the lamborghini gloves i got my lamborghini gloves i love these gloves i’ve actually used them i’ve actually stolen 20 sets from every car i’ve ever sold so what’s this what do you got here uh this is my suit that we’re going to put on to build the strap box we’re going to pick the winners for the bugatti strap safe call for talent talent on set talent on set so look at mia’s car we have all the pieces from wrap works everything’s been done in this nose the tech high gloss sand color one of the options was to leave the roof line black and the mirror’s black i thought to myself that would look really cool but it would make it too easy for sam so i said wrap everything simply because i wanted to be a son of a no sam honestly at rap works that’s she killed the game look at these mirrors they look amazing boys are putting everything back together we have a lot to do because this car went really deep really good job seriously mirrors are back on one door panel’s back on boys are working on all these little pieces there’s a lot of stuff they went really deep on the first draft anyhow we’re going to get back to this oh wheels do you see the wheels tropheo rs so these are mia’s new 20-inch pure wheels she has no idea by the way uncle raymond is hooking me up so when she gets back the car is going to be lower and on 20s instead of the stock 19. these might not stay on for all of winter but we want to do the reveal with these surprise me a little teaser because look the only tires we had at the moment were pretty low so i don’t know that mia’s quite capable of driving something like that in the rain but yeah it’ll look good for the reveal sign some stuff yeah let’s do it should i give the oh you want to show that look at it spoon wheels wants my autograph it has to be for a year it’s one of my autographs pretending it’s a giveaway’s first house what that is good dude that is good look at this anthony four straps that came from the chiron sport all the way from france and look how beautiful raymond made these backlit so you can hang these and then we’re gonna put our signature on them somewhere give it to you i love how much pride you take in like really making these look good this is a good testament it is to how raymond does stop test of character he does it right with everything he takes the time there’s detail by the way i was playing with this car today raymond gave me the speed key this car does come with a speed key and the speed key basically enables the charon the chiron sport the chiron puresport all those cars to go from a mile per hour limit all the way up to 261 miles per hour i put a lot of work into this like wiring those down so that when you pick these up they don’t flop around look at that first person damon at daily driven exotics i’m signing this okay let’s do it let’s go right on the forehead okay here we go [Music] the bentley owner signs you know it’s impressive it’s also blue [Music] that is impressive i’m only signing one of those with the snoopy logo that’s the one you want that’s the one that’s the one you want right there may the best man or woman win the squadron course has been rescued from damon’s garage who’s been rotting for three months and i can’t drive it because it has no snow tires hold on here oh [ __ ] we out here there’s carlos you guys from black shark transport it’s a long day but it’s all been worth it for me anyways how are you dude good how are you doing how’s the drive it was amazing orders scales missed this car i haven’t driven this car since like oh you know like october you son of a [ __ ] literally look at the scottish corsa look at the carbon engine cover oem the big wing oem in fact everything on this car is oem minus the supercharger that’s down there okay enough talking let’s get this thing warmed up and uh let’s go good man how you doing oh just living the dream bro how you doing living the dream are they flirting right now i think they’re flirting sounds like it how much i like this guy how much it’s like a wet dream wow wow i really like like this much dude like this much carlos always delivers he does the liver it is a good part of his job though are you gonna jump through the window did you get in there oh this is under here i’m watching you get in there carlos how do you do this with style don’t break the carbon door sill he’s stuck isn’t he’s going to get stuck but you’re so stuck when you pull your legs what are you doing oh damn i’m trying my best here okay i’ve never seen this method before results matter damon fryer you look like a seal reverse fur dead battery oh it’s cold outside the lamborghini is not used to being cold we have all the 488 wide body wing we have the vorsteiner carbon bit gt3 wing blade carbon wing blade from the gt3 race car overnight parts from kelowna good night guys another amazing day here at sr auto group you have to go my drivers waiting for me where’s my the car’s not even running who drive the gtr uh anthony should drive it anthony there you go brother you got your vape head on i do actually oh my gosh you actually do and it matches the car yeah face side blue vape pen there you go okay the more you know

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