Mercedes G63 AMG

you asked me didn’t dave do donuts no no okay come on oh no the rock gave away good morning welcome back to kelowna dave what are we doing today we’re going to see the boys today i have an issue for months and years now we’ve been toting 88 for mccurdy place we have to redo that now look at that rock chip in your windshield that’s not a problem that’s a big one he’s cut to the scene where we teleported from los angeles to august it’s the middle of the winter in the snow to buy this that was one year ago almost to the day i put on about 20 000 kilometers about 30 000 mods and it’s been a lot of fun got the suspension the wheel been a good truck so if somebody wants this g63 it’ll be up for grabs at august’s new location and it has a brand new fi exhaust point on it just for you end of an era dave 884 makurdi place will be no more the cars are gone all that’s left hey is happened to the car yeah he’s bigger right now the sales people are pretending to work he says come on in he’s doing hand signals i don’t i don’t know what he means he speaks speak sign language [Music] i feel like there’s more cars in here than the last time i was in here all the lifts are gone eleanor oh we’ve got the aperta in here what do you think sir third most incredible car i’ve ever seen in my life well number two would be the mustang station wagon i don’t know if you’ve ever seen that are you serious it’s convenient it’s fuel efficient comfortable it looks good but not too good absolutely nailed it number one is the gmc acadia okay good to know where your line of priorities are you piece of what’s going on here michael i do i love it it’s amazing always showing off the couple always you know what the biggest flex is the cup holder this is what you tell all your clients when they come and buy a car you have you money when you have a cup holder no more this is version two of august motor cars come on in yeah we’ve never shown them this place all right come on come on three five ten spectrum course this is it it’s done done we’re gonna fit eight cars in well seven hey that’s your old destiny old one you move the desk here wait until you guys see the actual showroom in the back it is ridiculous this will be the new showroom holy 50 foot ceilings how much floor space 17 000 square feet you guys are gonna have a wall of lifts right triple stackers nine all the way across the back damn and then these are gonna be all the sales offices my office and mike’s office mine’s obviously the bigger one yes by three feet on the plans they were identical that he just moved over the tape he had to have something bigger damn look at this delivery area they’re gonna have a turntable so when you buy a car at august they’re gonna put the car on the turntable to cover over and you come take delivery of it and they’ll just be spinning around nice and slow pull the cover it’s gonna be sick so sick this place is so big put cars in here and it shrinks really fast oh my god i bet the voice we should hopefully get 75.80 in here wow with all the hoists there’s still a lot of cars oh yeah how many fit in your last showroom 27 20 yeah triple yeah we’ll have our whole showroom on that one wall that’s insane and then i have a big surprise for that back wall a lot of construction is still to go yeah two weeks out well your hands are gonna let’s get us done let’s but what i do have is your guy’s christmas present is the pulley dance on matt what’s this is this it this is it what the hell oh my god yeah always wanted it to do a donut fryer what is this why don’t you find out it’s a big check that says negative one million dollars holy crap holy sh that is insane and this is hand painted by paul really yeah you painted that i painted it paul’s got skills that’s incredible that’s amazing for your garage damn dude thank you i mean we are the number one lamborghini enthusiasts right absolutely i wonder why we picked this well i’ll tell you this it’s a lot nicer than uh ryan’s signing his girlfriend yeah wait until we get kelowna put on the bottom lamborghini kelowna that is so cool i can’t wait to see this in the garage i can’t wait to see all the cars in there we’re gonna get a reaction from mike you think the helmet’s gonna muffle your screaming you’re wrong i’m gonna lick the inside of your helmet do it hold on that sounds dirty hey i’m gonna lick the inside your helmet can we do a donut oh we almost wrote the t wagon off what are you doing parker that looked like we almost hit you no it’s fine oh stand right there and let us cross [Music] and we finally broke the aperta in that’s the first first donuts ever okay i like how you said i just go over there do a donut sure what are you doing later yeah steve can go do uh donuts in there with the t-rex no it’s for sale i can’t break it i can’t break it dave know how to do doughnuts oh you must do a doughnut yeah he’s ripping it he’s throwing mud up here oh whoa oh no no no [Music] and it’s going to be listed in august live for motor cars um our new address here some court it was so slippery let’s do it hey listen just leave it there that’s where it sits for sale put it out okay you asked me can dave do doughnuts the answer is clearly hold on oh you broke some um it’s actually just the bumper right there no man the chain just drug all over the roof too i thought he was gonna flip i thought he was gonna hit it and roll right through the freaking fence what was he thinking he was doing like a hundred kilometers an hour right there look at look at this one this post right up too you have another post under here what else what is that hit the front of your car this is why the stunts are left to me on the channel yeah i’m sure as hell never driving with him dude that pose is right here how do you end up through a fence i don’t know i was ripping i was like that’s pretty slippery i hit the brakes here and i was like oh you could have just gone straight through why you’re going sideways right through take them all out straight through look at this wow you’re lucky you didn’t roll it if the fence was in here you would have rolled it onto the roof look at this post sticking out of your g wagon like it’s solid it wasn’t my fault i just asked if he could do donuts and he blew right through the fence he’s gonna be digging new fence posts here you’re going to see him out here with a shovel digging your fence post holes did you order a new exhaust order a new roof and front bumper as well uh no freaking wings ah no jokes that’ll buff out it’s just a front bumper and my oem lip it’s just the bumper look at this it’s cracked that’s a bumper cover i’m actually surprised it’s actually not that bad these things are solid i gotta show you guys this like look at where dave’s truck is that straight up stopped you from rolling over this dude 100 it’s in there like i don’t even know how we’re getting this out at least he missed the concrete rings and stuff i thought you were hitting the concrete rings and jumping the fence i thought you were straight up you launch it this is the tire mark i thought you were gonna hit this and go straight through look at this angle he came in at he came in he came in hot boys he came in hot right here hit the mud hit the puddle nice and straight and then realized he couldn’t slow down and boom i thought he was going a bit hot towards the fence when he came up i’m like oh he’s coming in like seabiscuit he just kind of blew right through the fence why didn’t you finish the rest of this for driving through the building only your degenerate friends would come like honestly it wouldn’t just be us like brent marshall could have pulled this off too so hey by the way like we said in the video this car is available now oh bro i’m not backing up why but that bull is jammed into the frame i’m two weeks out from being having to move in here and now look what uh oh can i lease these repairs i don’t think so okay if you’re at home wondering right now do i feel embarrassed yes a little bit i came in real hot so i had to stop and turn tc off it was cutting power so i was ripping cold here as you can see it’s icy i smashed the break about here i started to slide i was like oh there’s a wall i actually saw the concrete thing first thought to bring it over i was coming in too hot and i was sliding and then hit the fence luckily there’s not that much damage the roof’s a bit scratched into front bumper but it’s good to go this thing is solid like the g-wagon is a solid vehicle fence up now we’re gonna cut that pull out and then cut this pull out because this pole is right in there we’ll get that repainted and this car will be available soon for still here at august motor cars what made you think to turn your steering wheel here i don’t know i want to earn your respect mike it’s what it cost me this is me you guys i’m gonna own it bring it it’s already been rotten we actually drive our cars here at dd saw a donut a minute ago it’s a donut here i’ve crashed a lot of cars it’s a little embarrassing this is the moment that i’m not very proud of sorry kids you’re watching this right now dad could be a [ __ ] sometimes i literally peel through the fence over here and see this it’s literally peeled right through the fence i haven’t seen this angle yet oh yeah she’s scratched that’ll do a little bit of paint these are heavy duty jesus christ scratched my truck he got too close there my mom’s going to kill me when she sees this your mom is going to freak out she wants her i finally get it when my wife says don’t let dave drive dave learned a valuable lesson break sooner so one of the reasons why we moved from 884 mccurdy place where carbine carbine’s using your thing just to have a little bit of security yeah we have a hole in our fence we’re actually hired by a security company and do some testing another weak spot right here what did i say before i got the keys no it’s for sale i can’t break it do they not say that you did actually i didn’t say that yeah back it up now without rolling it you got this bro make some room here meet my friend dave hi i’m dave he decided to stunt in this massive lot the trick now is can they back completely rolling the g wagon onto its side stick around and you’re about to find out this is 150 000 mercedes-benz g63 amg actually quite suited for off-roading just not off fencing you can see the angle of this attack is quite aggressive here we go go forwards or backwards mike i would say backwards matt can you hurry up this is not we got the fence dragging across the top of this 150 000 suv now dave’s cunning driving experiences we’re guiding him here you can hear the fence being ripped on top of this oh yeah oh it’s ripping different pieces off you’re uh you’re gonna need a new one of these this side looks pretty good actually this is a showroom ready as they say well there’s a little a little guy right there we don’t worry about that though a little bit of blonde little stand looks good i think we’re in good shape and oh hold on a second yeah there’s that there so there’s the impact of the pull and then uh it’s actually not that bad the j-wake is definitely a strong vehicle it’s a very small that got scratched but the bumper’s actually in decent shape the bumper just bounced back honestly dude we’re going through a fence at like 190 miles an hour i’m actually shocked i’m actually shocked aren’t you shocked yeah actually well thank you for the lesson today dave you’re welcome guys all right guys smash subscribe follow like this video again this is like we’re talking like a polish a little trim you get everything back on this except for your dignity price went up how safe it is 150 is the price now let’s see what this thing is three kids in there exactly how it works oh god what did i do i’m so embarrassed i’m gonna get out and own it you know what damon sometimes you don’t have to tell me i’ve wrecked cars literally it’s brand new about a month over mercedes under warranty because it was corroded i complained there’s a scratch on it not joking everybody’s okay and i say this all the time cars replaceable people not so much especially not this guy this guy’s one right one on one thanks for watching the video smash that subscribe button please please please please sit through all the ads we have to pay for this truck and the fence peace oh yeah and the pants take it easy though round two oh god oh my gosh where’s he going oh there goes zero [ __ ] dave coulter wow he’s out what do you think the people in the hotel are thinking [ __ ]

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