oh bye dino i’ll see you in a couple of

days mr man

don’t drink the pool water i love you

wifey give me a kiss

you guys guess what we have to go and

rescue dave r34

hard out 10 minutes damon let’s go we

gotta go get the r34 gtr from the

impound line what happened

god impounded a week ago on a monday

which i think they won’t let me actually

get the car until tomorrow we need to

call them

ask a few questions hopefully fingers

crossed there’s no major damage number

two we need to find out how much the

bill’s gonna be it’s been there for a


all the fees for storage the fees for


taxes everybody gets everybody gets

their piece but in today’s video

we got brand new wheels you guys for the

career gt they’re at sr auto group we

had them refinished so today’s gonna be

a big reveal with the cgt we have an

epic road trip all day for a road trip

and i want to take the gt3 restaurant’s

first maiden voyage of a long drive

longer than two miles so we’re going

with the gt3 rs

and i’m going to take the murcielago i


i’m gonna dare to drive this car for

five and a half hours

last time we did a road trip together it

was it broke down rally and you ended up

with me in the squadron seat for the

whole rally

oh man it sucks watching your car but it

does look good up there

i did how’d that treat you uh i hate the

seats in this car you were two years

after then

i was all right we’re gonna throw our

stuff in the cars and let’s hit the road

get the squadron out of here we’ll bring

the 3rs

down to this level actually you know

what i’ll just lower the 3rs down right

now while you’re there

bam she is on the ground fire up let’s


comms check chumps

i’m super excited taking these cars for

a road trip two rules one

don’t get impounded for sure second rule

no speeding

mike check mike check one two one two dj

david are you there

what’s up dude what are we doing here

you need any fuel i have a full tank

i have a full tank however my tummy is a

little hungry

what do you want red bull and beef jerky

and two hours of sleep all right we’ll

make a quick stop for uh hungry dave

all right guys we have officially hit

the highway

damn that thing sounds amazing


well guys we’ve made it to the cow

country of merit

dave and i are gonna stop get some food

get some gas tell you about how many

freaking we passed

because we passed a lot and we’ve

arrived ladies and gentlemen

well we’ve survived to this point man

there are a lot of cops out four clubs

you passed

four that’s a lot what’s going on

considering there’s never really cops on

that stretcher

ever three of the four didn’t have any

radar had radar he did so he was hunting

he was on the hunt how much fuel are you

down it says i’m like i haven’t used any

fuel basically so far so it must be uh

the gauge isn’t that accurate oh the

lamborghini with the v12 is completely


oh you can hear it just sucking it back

i mean i guess

this car is gonna take over a hundred

bucks so we’re merit right now what’s

barrett known for music festival that

used to have

for really yeah like a country music

festival oh merit music fest yeah

do i get cowboy hats and do like a

cowboy weekend or something no no

just watch your video on that blue

skyline in vancouver you get that out of

the impound

one on vacation tomorrow well today

hopefully i actually get the car back

but maybe tomorrow hell yeah and get the

car out tomorrow

they won’t let me know what the bill is

until i get there how much think that

bill is going to be at the impound lot

uh well i just went to a dispute in

excess of speeding i had to get this

thing out of the impound

it was 372 bucks in merit just for a

weekend pound for a weekend

you’re probably looking at 700 bucks oh

god oh well how fast were you

going 142 and a hundred 142

and you have to be doing 41 over to get

impounded yeah so he impounded

so he was he was yeah but he dropped it

to speeding instead of excessive

speeding so

i got off but he still impounded you

still dave i got beef jerky and i got

you a couple of road pops to stop the

old handshake

dave and i just finished having a nice

little burger what have you seen the

whole time while we’ve been sitting here

i think

four times i’ve seen a police officer

yeah three of them are different one of


was undercover did a u-turn and then

drove right

there oh there he is that’s undercover

okay let’s go well he’s going the

opposite way good luck to you sir

getting there without any issues good

luck to you too sir thank you


damn guys it’s like sharks in a tank

another police officer on a motorcycle

was pulling into chevron after he saw us

we were exiting and we got on the road

he came into chevron did a quick u-turn

got in behind dave

followed dave right on his and me

until we got to the city limits and got

on the highway i don’t know

why they do this it’s obviously some

form of targeting or intimidation

he wasn’t running our plates because he

didn’t run my plates he was behind dave

he didn’t ever come up on me

it’s so bizarre i don’t know why there’s

so many cops in merit this is going to

be an interesting drive there’s a lot of

police officers on the road and they

seem to just be

looking for anything anything so i hope

we make it to vancouver i want to see

the new wheels on the carrera gt

the mountains in the background sure

look epic lots of snow still on those

bad boys

this highway is so insane in winter

like look at just the beating it takes

all these patches on the road

are all puddles that they fill up and

they just did this last week

hey dave we got some fellow car

enthusiasts with mclarens

we got a 600 lt and a 675lp


we survived we did not get the mercy


it’s not like a huracan what was that

that’s a red huracan a red huracan santa

claus is in town

definitely know my cars you want to go

see a career gt with some brand new


new wheels brand new wheels look at this

okay what do you guys like better the


or the murcielago i love the murcielago

i think the murcielago

is the best damn looking lamborghini

ever made the best handling

the best sounding i mean don’t get me

wrong it’s crazy looking the inventory

but it doesn’t beat this

especially from the back end hey i mean

just look at this back end right here


oh geez wow aggressive aggressive

i’m pumped dude i have pop and here it

is you guys ready oh look

stock wheels are on the ground i am so

excited so here are the stock career gt

wheels what light are these

i don’t know they weigh nothing pick one


holy crap those are really really cool

in the dumpster we don’t need them now

oh i think i just hit two of them




who does that mistake that’s crazy

huracan going nuts

okay we’re gonna get to the wheel reveal

right nice

hey raymond this is my baby take it easy

you know what it is gated you know how

you can tell it says it right here

on the windscreen and it also says it on

the license plate oh this is good

so that means this is a manual this is

so if you like 640 right

it is if you let the left pedal out and

give it a little bit of gas it’ll move

forward yeah i’m going to try this let’s

see what happens

there you go when was the last time you

drove a mercy a while ago one of your

favorite cars isn’t it awesome

there we go god she’s just

whoa v12 baby all right guys the mercia

logo is gonna do a little sleep over

here at sr auto group and i have a huge

announcement one

my boy dave’s getting a mod for the gt3

rs stay tuned for that so we gotta get

those in the morning number two

dave we’ve partnered with universe to

help promote the launch

of fast nine june 25th that’s right john


is gonna show you guys some of the cars

that are in fast nine and we’re gonna be

showing this over the next seven weeks

so right here right now

john take it away show the dd fam what’s

up with the new cars

when you think of fast and furious you

think of american muscle now here in

fast nine

look out it’s frankenstein’s monster

a mid-engine dodge charger

this thing is awful which is like

awful and awesome all together

this is a beast and it kind of got the

automotive world buzzing because the car


engineered to the engine to go in the


but they really modded the body they put

the engine in the middle and dropped it

to the ground

but it really is cool i don’t know what

they’re gonna do next

how sick is that mid engine charger in

fast nine insane now as i promised we’re

going to get to

the new upgrade for the gt3 rs hold it

in now

bring it in bring it in bring it in want

to mess with dave oh stop stop there’s

something on the ground

is it working he looks so calm god he

doesn’t even care

let’s do that before come on go go go

so you guys we’re here at salter arrow

they do a lot of

specialty porsche parts so for example

this is where we got these beautiful


end plates for the wing and the larger

uprights do you have any idea what we’re

doing today

any guesses any guesses any guesses


i don’t know what could we be doing i

don’t know i’m not sure great a chassis

upgrade these are these are cute this is

what we’re doing that’s what we’re doing

right you ready for this

this is actually way more intense than i

thought it was going to be

these arrow discs are attached

completely by a special design

you call it a sandwich the wheel

sandwich it’s a wheel sandwich

i like it bread that’s crazy carbon

fiber bread

that’s cool dude this is way too good

for you we’re back to the too good for

dave thing yeah that was from two years

ago i know we’re bringing it back we’re

bringing it i started with the r8 i

think didn’t it the r8

and the audience started it it had

nothing to do with us we just took it on

it did is there yeah

all right so i’m sure some of you are

wondering what the hell

are these arrow discs all about what do

they do what’s the purpose are they just


looks well they’re definitely not just

for looks now a lot of people thought

these were like some form of a turbo fan

they’re not they’re not here to reduce

the heat what they do is their air

management air management in the sense


under here it creates a lot of wind due

to the fact that the shape of the wheel

as well as the brakes are taking air in

is throwing air all over the place a few

engineers to found out

was if you manage the airflow that comes

around the side of the wheel you can

actually change

the rear wing by two degrees now instead

of having it two degrees in a sharper

slope you can flatten it out by two


maintain the down force due to reducing

this wind that comes around the side of

the car

and at top speeds meaning when you’re

going into any

straight stretch on any race track or

whenever you’re driving in a situation

where you’re trying to maximize your top

speed before you have to brake and go

into a corner you can actually

increase the top speed by reducing the


being thrown around and the volatility

of that air you can

reduce this by two percent creating less

drag but

maintaining the downforce that’s the key

thing here so

this whole setup works together at the

back of the car

now you might think damon holy sh is the

most i’ve ever heard from you

you’re really really smart and you would

be right i did not watch a youtube video


basically word for word say what another

guy said i didn’t do that

now these look absolutely amazing thank

you to salter air if you guys need a set

of these

for your gt3 rs hit them up there’ll be

a link in description

but more importantly this is for a very


porsche owner one very humble one

that looks like this son of a my porsche

owner get it done

you’re on my time can’t do it so another

fun fact since

damon’s killing it with a fax game today

the porsche center locks take 444

foot-pounds of torque

when you’re torquing them no more no

less one click oh yeah

you like that watch this watch hey don’t

get up don’t get up don’t get up don’t

get out

no no no no no no ready what are you


and bam they look even better on

the actual car dave were you pumped or

what these look really good thank you


yeah thanks ultra arrow you have a three

wrestle at home right now you need to

order some of these

this is like the best mod for this car

well it’s a game changer right that’s

the uprights from these guys with the

end caps is the gt2r style ones

yeah you know a couple little mods and

really changes the car super cool

super tasteful too normally we do some

really dumb dude and this is like

all of this stuff is purpose built and

has an actual

purpose that would be perfect thank you

to you two gentlemen you guys kill it

the salted arrow products are

top-notch fire this thing up i think in

fast 10 they need to get some sulter

arrow discs for the cars

yeah right you guys ready oh i’m ready

ready fire this thing up i want to hear


yeah bro that looks so sick


hey are the wheels all done for the cgt

they look

finished is he torquing the wrench

he’s got it up yeah my man all right

we’ll wait a couple more minutes and

then we’re going to do the official


i haven’t even seen them yet i’ll stand

outside and we’ll have them pull out

into that gorgeous glistening sunshine

don’t ever talk this is it this is the

big reveal ready for this so excited you

haven’t seen it have you

i actually i know you haven’t worked

here you own the place we’re just bullsh

everybody at this point are you guys

ready for this this is the only

and the best actually set of wheels that

we could find for the career gt


they came all the way halfway across the

world didn’t they they really did which

is cool

so they were on another career gt the

guy also raced his car i believe didn’t


who has the balls to track one of these

that’s crazy

dude it looks so mean

with black wheel now here’s the funny

thing i actually said

gold because i wanted to do like the

gold with the seal gray but i told

raymond gold and then raymond never

passed the message on

he would and i have the text message i

have the text message to prove it back

or map

i have the text okay well let’s go i

have the text message to prove it

apparently we’re gonna drive with black

wheels for a little while which is fine

black looks sick

completely changes the look of this car

nobody wants to listen to me talk

everybody just wants to see the car

damn those are good so these are a


hre monoblock correct that’s right i

really like it

what do you think dave do you like it

yeah big upgrade it looks good

sounds good we’re gonna service it’s all

banged out services service rads

spark plug coolant’s been done brakes

have been done we did new pads for the


right so it’s not supposed to squeak

anymore more noise no more squeaky

squeaky bro

get in it and drive it through the

squeaks what’s that does it

squeak is it look in his eye again you

excited just look at his eye with a


do daddy a favor and plug this in you

got it daddy

what do you think of the look of these

wheels looks really good very race car


oh look at the window to the windows to

the wall

so sweat dripped off my balls

the brakes feel so good do they yes i

don’t hear you tweaking

no squeaking

braking listen

not a single squeak before they were so

bad do you guys remember how happy is

this guy right i don’t wanna i don’t

wanna ask jamie to do this but jamie can

you find a clip

of those brakes squealing i turn the

volume up to plus 300 for the headphone


pretty loud you like it yeah

your brakes better oh your brakes are

squealing how’s your brakes

yeah rest empty talk on a nails on a

chalkboard here we go

oh man this car so fresh service big

bill on that not cheap to service the


the service was eight thousand dollars

for oil spark plugs that’s not even

raymond bought me ten thousand dollars

five thousand dollars each for two new


shocks because the shocks in this car

unfortunately were blown

quiet quiet when i break no more squeals

sounds really good dude yeah they’re

honking at each other get in my way yes

i really like it black is going to be

okay for a little while i want to really

see what it looks like gold but the

color of the car is going to change

this is dd we want bright we want colors

we want excitement

the wheels would look really good with

the color of the wrap we want to do by

the way i am so freaking pumped the

wheels are amazing i love this car

impatiently excited to go to fast track

auto body

and get the 720 gtr because now it’s

officially the gtr

a lot of people didn’t believe in my

vision and were like you can’t just put

a body kit on and call it a gtr demon

i got that i understand that it was a

long process to complete the vision

so that’s funny this is massive uh katie

and loon blocking the road right now

hey ya looney what up guys

jdm space hey jdm space

thank you for 34 is this confirmed we

can go get it tomorrow guys yeah

tomorrow in the video we will be going


getting the r34 gtr out of the impound

breaking her out of jail baby

that’s what we’re doing okay i’m gonna

do so use my arms there you go

oh you’re gonna make it harder on

yourself i love it when it’s hard on

myself okay

well the wheels set this car off finally

the wheels set this car

looks good dude looks really good what’s


yeah it looks really good i like it with

these wheels


all right guys that is going to conclude

today’s vlog

smash the subscribe button and enjoy the

dd fam now

while we’ve been filming the tail end of

this video we’ve also been filming

a second video going and retrieving the

r34 gtr

from prison the impound lot and dave we

found a little what

some damage we found some damage we’re

gonna tell you how much it costs

but you’re gonna have to wait until the

next video so thank you for watching

we love you guys see you guys in the

next video peace

that’s what you say the next time you

get a ticket yeah


the best way to earn a cop’s respect is

to fight

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