all right guys this is it

this car has been a car i’ve been

searching for for years

it’s very emotional for me this is

really cool oh

my god holy crap what color do you guys

think did we buy

brand new jdm supercar two daily driven

exotics i’m so excited this is the

moment we’ve all been waiting for

so exciting i can’t believe you guys are

doing this yeah we just gave away

an integra type r let’s remember that a

year ago we bought a white

r34 gtr we owned it for a short period

of time kevin fell in love with it and

kevin bought it off of us that’s why you

never saw it on the channel again then

covet hit we never saw kevin again kevin

i hope you’re doing well we’ve been

wanting to get back into this whole jdm

space for a while so what you’re getting

right now

you guys know we’ve already been looking

at it the gtr but what color did we get

what color did we get silver

is it red it’s a surprise is it a blue

cover on it fun blue cover because well

this car

isn’t a car we can currently afford so

without any further ado would you two

gentlemen please grab a corner

huge shout out to raymond sr auto group

he isn’t selling us this car he’s just

connecting us with the buyer this was

really cool this was like a private sale

so to speak it took a lot to get this


here done in the condition that it’s in

which is mint are you ready i’m ready

are you ready reveal the bugatti please

oh yeah

you guys wanted this car on the channel

this car has been a car

i’ve been searching for for years

it’s very emotional for me in some very

unique way this is really cool because

this for me has just been like a dream

for a long time in the making one of the

perks of being in canada is that we

legally can own these cars

this is the car we chose mainly because

we put it up on instagram mr instagram


over here was like

holy the engagement is through the roof

on this car we put up this post

asking you guys do we do blue silver or

red silver

came in third place at 1844 likes

second place the red four thousand nine

hundred and six

but buy a landslide the blue pick the

case that’s like astonishing 20

407 likes this is the new car for daily

driven exotics check out how sick the

key is

oh he’s like 20 years old 19.99 it’s

actually not a 99. this car is a 2000

and it’s a v-spec dave’s a big gtr guy

you should know all of this stuff

so this is the v-spec 2 which gives you

the carbon fiber hood now how much does

this hood work damon this hood

is about 16 000 dry carbon hood

it’s glossy up here underneath it’s all

dry carbon fiber it’s pretty cool stuff

it has

a little addition right here for an oil

cooler this is an added piece

and so is this right here we can get a

z-tune fender kit and front bumper kit

which is different and side skirts which

i think we might do we can always

update the tail lights to the nismo led

tail light we could do something with

the exhaust and make it obviously louder

got the spoiler

and in this beautiful bayside blue one

of my biggest features for this car

the client said you can have it with or

without i was like we have to have it

the wheels

the wheels nismo lm

wheels i love these wheels this to me is

like crude jdm

and this car overall is like my dream

car as it is

a lot of people’s dreams totally it’s

fast and furious original oh gee yeah

and because it’s a v-spec 2 come show

them the interior it’s a full

black interior and it’s so clean it took

us a long time to find

the perfect spec you guys this car is

going up in value it’s not a bad

investment five years now this could be

five six

a million dollar car who knows where

it’s going who knows you guys this is

  Mercedes G63 AMG

the car you guys all chose i think we

need to take it for a quick

drive yeah

what is this garbage shut up clean it up

i was excited that we got an r34 because

it’s honestly been one of my dream cars

this is definitely a car i couldn’t

afford when we were young

so here we go

so this is the bone stock as far as the

engine goes has 280 horsepower the

six-speed manual

and i’ll be honest there were so many

other options for daily driven exotics

coming from a content perspective like

brands like lamborghini mclaren ferrari

or even a porsche

that were really more desirable for

content to make enough money

to ever be able to afford or just spend

200 g’s on something like this

we didn’t think you guys wanted to see

this even though we love it doesn’t mean

you guys love it in the beginning you

buy cars that make content

you don’t buy cars because you love them

you buy them because the internet loves

them that’s being totally honest

we’ve been fortunate enough with your

health create enough of a following to

go to a place where we can spend some

money on the cars

that we’re truly in love with regardless

of how many views they get ironically

you guys really love this car you do and

there’s all these cars out there in the

marketplace that came a little rough

from japan

this one is like insane in the glove box

i did not plant this

it’s like a parking ticket from japan is

that really how authentic is that

where’d you find that that’s right here

right there there are more r34s

here in vancouver than most people know

because here we can have them so this is

the first point of entry for north

america they all come from japan

into vancouver kind of get dispersed

road canada or the odd

handful that are in the us probably

aren’t supposed to be there that are

there though

all came through vancouver

i need you to drive got this this

thing’s awesome how sick does it look


streamy dude

right it looks epic in this light dude

look at that backdrop you guys

oh yeah

amazing shots you guys this isn’t our

typical carville

car drive this is one of the main cars

we’ve all wanted that

we’ve put off for a lot of reasons

today’s the day we are seizing the


moment pretty skeptical about buying

this car for this much money after

driving it for a little bit

it’s really cool oh look at the gauges

well that’s it for godzilla in this

episode you guys stay tuned

what mod should we do to this i think

maybe we need to finish the z-tune


which would be the front bumper makes it

a lot more aggressive the side skirts we

won’t change the hood because this

carbon fiber hood

is super gucci as it is i love this car

you guys

smash the subscribe button say goodbye

to anthony dave

see you guys by the way we have another

car i don’t want to break it to you yet

but we have kind of a big build that’s

already happened

i’m super stoked it’s pretty absolutely

a lot of people’s minds about it it’s

the fastest car since the huracan twin

turbo’s been here right yeah

crazy all right guys say goodbye bye

you enjoy the car don’t go too crazy

and you guys are gonna come with me

we’re gonna get some exterior b-roll


this is how it works when you make

youtube videos it does i can’t drive and

film the outside of the car and all that

at the same time and

i really enjoy the cinematography side

of this when we have an opportunity to

and this is where dave really gets to

shine as the driver i am a really

skilled driver

dave is our daily driven exotic stunt

driver he does

all the stuff driving behind the scenes

well i become the producer the director

so that’s how it works i’m hearing jokes

most than anything

i don’t know what i do sometimes

actually i just hang around damon

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