good morning dd fam look at this gorgeous day we have ahead of us we’ll be taking the r34 gtr to the airport we have an adventure today guys we’re gonna go and inspect the 720 gtr paint it’s fully painted and i’m really excited but a little nervous because well it’s paint it’s not like a wrap where if we got one of the lines wrong or look kind of funky you just peel it off and start all over again so let’s put some heat in the gtr and we have a special announcement to celebrate the r34 and dave’s spoon integra on the channel that’s right we created some jdm space merch we have hats and a t-shirt i’ll show you the shirt after because i’m in a hurry and if i don’t use literally right now i very much could miss my flight a luggage car doesn’t sound like much what a beautiful day we have today you guys let’s do this [Music] all right fam we have less than well technically my plane is boarding one minute ago and i still got to go through security and we’re running [Music] oh thank god it’s not a big one [Music] we made it i ran all the way down and it turns out plane was actually boarding about 10 minutes after i thought it was so that’s good there’s the old gal there we’ll be taking hopefully the pilots don’t make me fly again i really like to just relax this trip scattered at 10 000 feet uh they’re currently plus 11 degrees and we’re here let’s go bug uncle ray ray and grab the cgt and go get an update on that 720 gtr and like that we’re back sr auto group hello hi good to be back you don’t want to talk to me you just want this what is that that’s the key to the cgt it is actually what i want i’m gonna go to fast track have you been there yeah fenders and body look crazy it’s gonna look really nice i’m pumped can’t wait these guys gotta go see it hey did you know fun little story the gentleman is named andy blackmore who actually designed this library for mclaren for their f1 race team and it was for lark now do you even know what lark is it’s a bird it’s not it’s not a bird so lark is the japanese cigarette brand to marlborough it’s actually the sister company so you know how back in the day marlborough was a big sponsor a lot of these cigarette companies were big sponsors of racing teams well lark is the jbm version of marlboro i have no idea it’s a sister company it’s also a bird it could be a bird the gentleman who designed this library back in the day now lives here in vancouver he’s from bristol uk his name is andy blackmore you can look him up on the internet i went for lunch with him and he to this day designs libraries for race teams at the cost of around 10 or 15 000 per car so he’s doing okay you have to give him a taste or no i do have to give him a little give him a little taste so when the car is done i intend to take the car try to get his approval he actually sent me the original drawings of the f1 car shut up i’m not even joking so he writes the percentage of the hood that needs to be done in every specific angle and the angles that go down the side that’s awesome i can’t believe it he lives here i’m gonna go check out the car yeah there she is how i have missed her you guys want to do official cold start on the cgt now it’s supposed to stay dry out but it is spring so we could get some spring showers i’m not gonna lie i’ve not driven this car in the rain yet i would imagine it’s scary i just realized i have no fuel so i need to consider my range let’s go and fill this beast up put some 94 in it treat her good i don’t even know how i let it get this low and this thing’s like just a beast any guesses how much do you think it’ll take to fill this thing right up i’m gonna guess a hundred and oh it’s expensive here 130 dollars 34. already this is kind of nice this is a full serve i didn’t even know this station had full serve i always come here and pump my own gas now i’m getting special treatment by this nice young lady here just hit 50 bucks i think it’s gonna take like 130 i honestly have no idea how big this fuel tank is on this car we were right out too i don’t ever intend to get it that low again where it was on the reserve for probably a solid hour before i dropped it off to sr because we were in a rush that day i didn’t stop to put fuel in it it was really low we’re at 113 14 15 1 15 more dollars how big is the tank in this thing we’re at 120 but we just hit 70 liters 140 when’s it gonna stop my credit card gonna get maxed how much is gas here 156 97 157 wow i was not expecting that can i please get a receipt i need to write that one off look at that you guys 157 it says 25 i thought it said 95 25. i was wrong i got bad eyes wow andrew we’re here give them the heads up oh i’m excited to see this car i am excited welcome back to fast track auto body here in richmond by the way due to our current restrictions here in canada i do have to wear a mask when they go into close proximity businesses or indoors anywhere so please forgive this it’s just what i got to deal with oh by the way i guess i’m not really inside yet am i the career gt i said in one of my previous videos that i was going to repaint it triggered a few people and a lot of people were like yeah let’s do this however some people said why don’t you just start by wrapping the car so i’ve been thinking about that i could wrap it the car still is going to need to be fairly significantly taken apart because when you do a full color change you don’t want to see in any of the putty lines where everything lines up you don’t want to see silver or anything like that i’m gonna get a quote from my friend sam at wrapworks and see if we can’t do some sort of a cool wrap on this to start and we’ll rock it with a wrap for a little while and then who knows maybe i’ll come to fast track or i do know that you have the option with these cars potentially to send them back to porsche they’ll actually repaint the whole car for you i couldn’t imagine what that would cost 100 150 000 or more i don’t know but i’m gonna get a quote we’re gonna find out let’s go see the 720 without any further ado he’s texting me and i’m texting him i was in the back are you a little peek how are you good take a look do you look at that i had a little peek i’m not gonna lie it looks absolutely amazing i cannot wait to get this car put back together but damn what a lot of work now that they’ve painted the whole damn thing they’re wet sanding the entire car to make sure that it blends perfectly there’s no little lines from any of the details oh wow so i gotta show you guys this this is a 720 completely torn apart we got the wing the headlight socket we have the door panels and i’ll show you guys all this in detail we have the rear quarters the front bumper the rear bumper the fenders the side skirts the wing that’s the active wing that we have now made static and we have all the little pieces over here holy crap but look how good this looks look at this metallic gray paint and i promise you i know it looks red you’ll have to see this in person but that is fluorescent pink it almost looks orangy i think on camera now remember this is the iconic f1 lark livery from the f1 the gtr i just had to have this in real life and not as a wrap which is what i had previously on my huracan but i couldn’t get this color like this color is so hard to get that we had to get the paint to get it right because nobody makes this in a actual vinyl we’re like t-minus about a week yeah about a week and then she’ll be back on the road and we’ll do the full reveal unobtainium new exhaust will be sticking out in the center like we had it all custom made wow wet sanding the entire car down so you can see he’s been working on this panel just this one panel he’s been on this for about an hour but andrew’s only going to be on me for about 15 minutes and he’s like you said right that’s right i’m sure this one’s going to uh we’re gonna have to cut dave’s salary down for this but it’ll all be worth it you guys [Music] okay that’s not imagine having to do that to every part of the entire car couldn’t handle doing this i couldn’t stand in one spot long enough to do that but i really appreciate the talent these guys have that’s crazy every single part here let me show you guys the 720 as it sits right now this is basically an open wheeled race car bam so we got fully exposed rear tires almost the entire other than the heat guard here oh we could actually take off cool we’re going to just slide that off for fun for a sec look at that look at that that is sick i’m not gonna lie i haven’t seen this in a while that is a really big piping yeah thick piping like holy crap it’s gonna look so freaking sick with those tips oh i can’t wait i’m pretty patient and i try to like out of sight out of mind not think about my car project because i get really excited about them like the twin turbo f12 dude i got some new photos of it the hood’s all cut up now oh nice oh it’s crazy insane wow this is so cool to see this car guys if you’ve never seen what goes into engineering these super cars it is really impressive think about this intake piping how it’s around and then how it narrows out to make sure that it can make the tolerances and the tire and everything and then you think about what aaron kaufman is going through the twin turbo the f-12 which was never intended to be twin turbo he’s spent countless hours just working on how to make everything fit that’s what’s really impressive now if you don’t know we have a second channel it’s called daily driven exotics stories i uploaded a video last night that shows some updated photos i wasn’t really worthy of putting it all into this vlog but if you want go check it out subscribe to our other channel we’re just shy of 150 000 subscribers thank you to everybody who has subscribed it is more chill laid back behind the scenes we do show little teasers of things we don’t show on this channel and there’s no real editing and what’s really cool is it’s designed that channel to be watched on your phone in portrait format so it’s supposed to be portable on the go not like sit down and watch it on a tv type of thing that’s this channel look at all this and in a week these guys are going to have this car all put back together all buttoned up and we’ll do an official reveal over top of some of the door panels the wing the front of the hood obviously to complete the library and really make it look like the lark car i can’t do the copyright reasons put lark on the side of the car and i’m not looking to promote a cigarette company i just like the racing colors and the heritage and the library that the colors and the shapes and the design however what i will do is i will do what i did on my huracan i will emulate the dde in the white with the black background we’ll put that on the door and we’re gonna put something across the wing i think maybe mclaren or we’ll put 720 gtr we’ll have some decals from my logos and my sponsors we’ll put those around the car in various places the goal is to be a dd inspired lark car it’s going to have its own little flavor to it quick little montage on this just for fun and then i have a massive update you guys on what you’ve probably noticed behind me that’s right the tire slayer 2.0 if you will recreation with the over fenders that’s right this car is going wide body we’re going to cut the fenders all up in fact the other side already has the fenders on i’ll show you guys another little glimpse as to how much wider this car is going to be then we’re going to have to go bug ray and make sure that raymond orders the wheels in time so they’re here for the fitment and everything because we’re going wide body we need wide wheels [Music] let’s talk 488 wide body tire slang mayhem 2.0 this car is going to need some big fat old tires to slay so we’re going to need to get some bigger wheels to offset obviously the over fenders now if you look over here they’ve already got the over fenders lined up now we want to make sure there’s no rubbing and i remember on my 458 andrew told me that they actually had to modify the firewall a little bit to make sure that the tolerances when you went full lock the wheel and tire wasn’t going to hit the firewall and create any rubbing this is what we’re working with ladies and gentlemen it’s significantly wider when they say wide body you can remember that’s two times it’s this side and then also on the other side so the car it might not look at first like a whole lot it’s significant it’ll take this vehicle and never being able to fit in transport again i had that problem with my 458 i shipped the car all the way across to boston for a rally and well when it showed up at boston it showed up with damage and what happened was specifically on that car some tie-downs for the rear wheels and those tie-downs severed filed away my carbon fiber side skirt and it destroyed all the tire stickers i’d put on the sides of the tires because it was rubbing essentially on the inside of the truck like that all the way across the country so i wasn’t very happy transport guy and i had words basically for the better part of an hour and a half in the lobby of the hotel and i ended up not paying my bill on site people actually advised me not to i wasn’t working with the super credible ply car automotive logistics at the time i was working with just some sideshow transport company i just needed to get it there quick and cheap and well i paid the price that’s why i always want to go with ply car better known as plycon transport highly recommend them super amazing guys and if there were ever an issue these mistakes do happen if there were not that i ever had any they would definitely take care of it and they are properly insured for your vehicle so shout out to those guys i miss those guys i haven’t been traveling so i haven’t had any of my cars transported we got the front over fender now in the original 458 kit they never had this you actually took the shield off and you never put it back on now they’ve created it so that you can keep the ferrari shield on the front fender which i think is a nice touch nothing screams ferrari like that front fender shield this is the liberty walk one we’re actually not putting this on we’re gonna keep the stock rear diffuser it’s over at sr which is fine and we have replacement fins that are from vorsteiner that are carbon fiber so we’re gonna use a combination of the stock active arrow diffuser because this is not active but if you look at a rear diffuser of a 488 it’s got these metal slits right around here and they’re active they allow airflow through the bottom of the car i want to keep that so that’s why my car is kind of like a mix-matched project liberty walk-over fenders and that’s all i’m keeping then i have vorsteiner front carbon splitter vorsteiner side skirts four steiner carbon fins to go on the stock rear diffuser then i have ferrari carbon actual racing wide body mirrors and the ferrari gt3 carbon chassis mounted wing will probably have pure wheels and it’s cool because it creates it more one-off instead of just having a full liberty walk kit absolutely so back behind here you see that it’s the rebar obviously it runs right along back here because it’s more of like a street chassis that they use for the race cars too it can be directly bolted on and lines all up with a street car however we wanted to make his life more complicated absolutely yeah so we got him the full race gt3 wing now the challenge with the gt3 car is it’s like a complete tube chassis race car and where they mount that chassis mounted wing has nothing to do with the street car so it adds a little technical aspect where basically instead of them getting a blueprint last time we had a little rig yeah it was a jig setup they were able to put rebar and then cut out holes and mount the wings they don’t have that this time this time they basically just have to go like okay the wing is going to go here and create brat like tony will have to fabricate some really strong brackets that mount to the chassis then that mounts to the wing and make sure that the holes are lined up where they’re supposed to be based on the photos of the race car and it’ll be lots of fun that’s right tony will handle all that tony is a freaking genius around here guys i’m fired up we are going to repaint several sections of this car but we’re just going to repaint it red i really want the rosso ferrari red the classic red for this car my last car was black underneath it was a black car so i didn’t need to change anything it was perfect for wrapping but i’m gonna keep it red it’ll be a challenge to wrap when we do the wrap but the wrap won’t be permanent i really like the way that this car looks in the original ferrari red i just wanted to show you guys this this is the vorsteiner full carbon side skirt it just adds a completely different cool look an element to this build thank you divorce diner for working with me we’ve had a long long successful great business relationship and personal relationship peter is an amazing guy very ocd about his products which i love very detail orientated and he has a what we call high giveaway level so his products are really well built he makes great stuff probably the best in the marketplace in my personal opinion so if you guys want anything and you’ve been thinking about vora steiner go hook it up you won’t be disappointed always a pleasure always a pleasure dave will be on his way he dave’s on a ferry dave’s missed his private jet pilot was sitting on the tarmac running the jet for probably three or four hours dave was you know ignorantly late as usual they just had to eventually shut the plane down because it ran out of fuel so he’s on a ferry and our boy will be here shortly oh now we’re outside i can take this off and we got sunshine today and tomorrow are the only two days that it’s going to be dry and then you are going to get hammered with the rain for the next week oh yeah lots of awesome yes vancouver right vancouver all right guys we’ll jump back in the cgt and let’s go talk to uncle ray ray as we like to call him which he hates about the wheels for the 488 we gotta spec some wheels boys do i go with the original wheel original og wheel what’s your choice og wheel i like the og wheels they were awesome oh i love it when it gets sunny out you guys i think we need to give this beauty a little bath rinse her up since i’ll be driving it for the next 24 hours before we go back to kelowna we can’t have this look at this oh it’s dirty let’s clean it up i’ve got the goods this is what we’re doing oh yeah look at this eats off all that disgusting brake dust and we’re gonna get these looking real pretty and nice again we’re gonna get the wheels looking real nice oh look here look who it is humble dave yeah my man good more afternoon how are you dude this thing looks good thanks bro hey you want me to do your wheels they look pretty dirty surprised you decide not to take the private jet you want to go humble or what the pilots wanted a day off i used to fought on circles on board and they’re like just feeling tired way more respectable so speaking of wheels we’re telling the audience we need to decide on a wheel for the 48. i think i’m going to go og tire slayer wheel i thought we decided that didn’t we didn’t vote well i think well we did a vote and they said no a majority of the audience said get new wheels like that bbs lm style your vote oh wait is there a boat the whole concept of this build was to bring back the original look and feel of the 458 that’s what i think we’re gonna do who ray made those wheels right ray made those wheels thanks them out real quick today well let’s go talk to uncle ray ray and see if he can get it done ray let’s get this done why are you wiping my car he told me to dry it right yell at me i did not say that land of the wheels pure wheels raymond just got a new shipment in of these bad boys i don’t know what they are but somewhere in here is an example of what raymond can do and ironically the design of this wheel is exactly what raymond made for my liberty walk e92 bmw m3 that’s where where you bought the wheels and you built your own car because you’re too cheap to do it at some point these are them what is this we found another set of your garbage in my store hey dd hercon oem look at that hey these are really good wheels bore steiner uh those are oem as you can see oh my gosh get out of the way get out of the way get out of the way get out of the way do you actually sell wheels or just give away to friends uh chad lately ever since i missed the dde cruise those are cool these are cool so i had these in a two-tone gloss lip satin face all black for my bmw e92 in fact uh pull these out because this is like a similar rear would you just tell me to pull it out like i’m with hey raymond he says he feeds you my old car cool part about pure wheels ladies and gentlemen they roll oh yeah you like that is that one bent i’m joking i’m just joking is funny at all i was a jdm guru no no he’s not here yeah dude what are these for uh these are for a hellcat wide body literally walking there’s my liberty walk bmw m3 as you can tell it’s very wide those are the wheels oh yeah those were nice they’re all blocked that was a fun car did you buy that kit from ray i did raymond got me hooked me up with everything on this one right away i didn’t even know him he was already asking me for free here’s the garage hack job install we did ourselves lining everything up all taped on tape the fender up before we start hacking and we hack away that that line looked really good but this is this is what you go through that’s exactly how you do it there’s no oh there there look look at that when i pick them up gloss black that’s gloss lips look this was eight years old yeah this is a long time ago look how freaking wide these are it doesn’t even justify when you put a tire on here 335 think about that it’s a massive tire when you’re thinking about like a sticky compound on a bmw that’s a cool car yeah how wide it is yeah anyhow the whole goal of this is raymond makes really nice wheels when he gives i’d like for you to give about the 48 wide body build could you please make those amazing pure wheels i will make them identical to the 458 is that another one of those cars you crashed i did i crashed this one yeah in the rain put it into a ditch and hit a culvert rip the whole front end off do you know how i crashed the bmw it was of course my fault but it could have been safe you know what we didn’t do because i built it with a buddy in a garage and we didn’t do what i said back at the garage at fast track you need to do for the wide body kits we did not modify the firewall so we didn’t create that extra tolerance for the wider wheels and tires kicked it out sideways and i went to counter steer and guess what happened to my front wheels they hit the firewall lock the front tires up and basically just put me into more of a spin had i taken the car to fast track in the first place but i was cheap and couldn’t afford hold on i’m gonna give you guys fun fact best way to save a car is not to drive it park it at home and leave it there shut up yes our way salty raymond auto come on let’s go let’s make a phone call this is all this is how i make a call kevin see i made a call no that said kevin kevin now that you’re in your employee’s respect apparently all the barrels are in stock can you find out if we’re doing a 488 wide body for the liberty wall the girls are in stock okay sure thank you no calls necessary because we have professionals in our team why are you following me so closely so i’m a videographer now ray’s lifeline you juggling i’m juggling damon one end up um now you got two problems oh i got three what’s nice about ppf cars you don’t have to worry about me driving i can scratch it a black car that’s fully people yeah scratching it yep you getting a sammy well that body fits in there just perfectly

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