the v12

sounds amazing welcome back to another

episode of daily driven exotics you guys

we said we’re gonna sell cars

we did we are selling a car today never


which car we’re selling so we gotta go

meet up with the potential client

he is a big lamborghini guy i’ll let you

know that what’s he buying out of the


stick around you’ll be shocked

it’s all about those high-pitched

downshifts the murchilago

do you say mercy longer or chillago okay

this gas station is

is always a mayhem here so this is our

meat location one we gotta get gas

because it’s the thirsty v12

it is thursday and two we’re supposed to

meet our potential clients we do all

business at gas stations we do like back

in the us when we say travel a lot we

should always have the stuff going on

gas stations were fun

hey what’s up ready to have a fun day

i’m so ready we haven’t told the

audience that they won

you’re gonna be buying a car potentially

two we haven’t told them what car it is

no but i really like this i know you do

let’s fill it up and we’ll go for a rip

let’s do it

all right we’re going 94 let’s see how

thirsty this girl is

one of my favorite things and i always

brag about it the billet gas cap

on the old school lambos is pretty

pretty cool real question is how much do

you guys think it’s gonna take

the murcielago happens to have a hundred

liter tank

that’s right hundred liters and

currently a dollar seventy eight

nine per liter you can just hear it

sucking it back

oh all right luke 106.66 good thing you

like big gas bills

yeah all right take that throw this back


gotta love the billet gas cap it’s all

about that right there

bam thank you david for the water you’re

welcome bro well we have one issue sir

where’s that i think you’re walking we

have a two-seater lamborghini oh i will

sit in his lap

with pleasure sir i insist

oh august luxury motorcars let’s go i’ll

take him for a ride

do the whole test drive test drive thing

you’re ready to go i’m ready you’ve been

asking me for a long time to go in this

thing have you been this far before i’ve

never been in this car

i actually have never been to mercy damn

let’s go watch out for the hazards i

know we have a battery pack

just in case the car dies this feels

daily driven

absolutely the seats are really

comfortable they are more than my car

that’s for sure

way more comfortable actually than the

sv and the doors go straight up opposed

to up

yeah mine go like like that up and out

that is straight down yeah the other

thing yeah it gets you every time mercy

logo seat belts are in the center i knew

i was gonna do it i was waiting for it i

knew i was gonna do it so i was just

waiting for you to pull that that was

good that was good

not only is it gated which is very

unique to this car

the old-school key bro where you

actually have a key and just

bam which is always kind of fun right

there’s that startup

significantly different sound right

totally all right here we go

i got an interrupt for one second i

think today sponsor

raid shadow legends let’s get straight

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let’s get back to the video the note of

the exhaust

thoughts it’s very different than mine

even though it’s also

a v12 lamborghini that’s very different

notable difference we can talk in here


pretty easily at the moment

that’s different that’s definitely

different than mine it sounds so good

that is so crazy man

oh my god


dude how’s it going luke hates this car

oh you like that

no claims there’s no claims clean title

u.s car it is a us car i bought this car

to florida okay and we’re coming up on

the three-year anniversary has it been

that long it’s been that long

v12 we got a v12 in the house i bought

it for 285 no secret i’ve said that on

the channel before

usd and i put 100 000 into it i bet

because i put a new engine in it yeah

put a new differential in it i’ve had

new axles put it this is a new shift

knob shift knob that it came with was

actually someone had the short one

i wanted the original like murcielago

tall one it’s a great knob

it’s a great great knob great knob i

haven’t touched it throws better yeah

feel it fill mine up this is getting

weird luke this is getting weird feel my

knob thinner than i thought

yeah it just hit 40 000 miles

v12 as you know revs at eight and a half

thousand rpm

screams stream i’ll tell you when i fell

in love with this car

on the members only rally last september

because i had to spend

hours and hours and hours in my own v12

lamborghini but behind this

and it sounds so good but my favorite

part was the fireballs that would come

out because the ones that were in my car

yeah are like blue purple and it goes


orange flames lying out the back of this


i’ve absolutely fell in love with this

car it’s amazing it’s unreal

a buddy of mine ace shouted to ace has a

murcielago first-gen manual tube

a white one shoots fireballs even bigger

than mine i think he did something to

the tune that’s like one of those kid

tawny flame tunes for a mercy

this fireball would come out it’d be

like six seven feet long and it would

dance outside of the back of the car

look like the car’s on fire


oh man that’s horrible god damn you try

to talk to lucas

i know how was that that was very loud

how’s it drive by the way

i love it i mean i haven’t driven it

he’s driven my car how different is this

to an aventador so different i hadn’t

been in one before shockingly i was

expecting it to be a very similar

experience but it’s totally different

way more comfortable the whole time we

were laughing about how comfy it was

it’s so comfortable because my car has

got the fixed bucket seats which i love

them like you feel it you get into it


know that you’re you’re locked into

those seats they’re just hard when you

get in don’t get me wrong you can drive

them but they’re hard where you get into

this and you’re like oh this is actually


damon loves hard seats okay so now

what’s the plan hard everything do you

love this car a million dollars worth

make some things happen here or what

i do love this car juggling this and

another car in the fleet faster the

other car

exactly what i was going to say is one

thing that i do miss is having a

very fast high horsepower car which

sounds funny talking about mercy’s and

aventador svs they’re not fast anymore

exactly so that’s kind of where my brain

is going it’s like do i want something

super classic gorgeous gated manual or

do i want something that’s going to be

really fast all right let’s go look at

the fast car in the fleet


i don’t think you can handle this i know

you can’t i don’t think you can either

don’t take it personally

well i can’t have another force his

name’s luke so oh damn i never

that was quick of you to put that

together there’s too much car for me

luke so i’m gonna hand it off to you

if you guys don’t know what car it is

that’s right the alpha built

r35 gtr


okay luke you actually have a history

with r35 that’s why you want this

tell the audience about that my history

with nissan my first car

s13 nissan 240sx second car s14

nissan 240sx then later much later in


i decided that i wanted to have an r35

gtr so my first one i bought it in


2016 r35 bone stock actually loved that


from factory tons of power but wasn’t

enough i went out and got what they call

a full bolt on

r35 gtr that was a even faster card i

fell in love with that very dear friend

of mine ended up writing it off not his


he’ll have one of those friends shut up

so basically the bank reported and then

what happened got written off but i’ve

always had some aspirations for a

very very fast one so here’s the deal

though this one’s very fast but we need

e85 which we can’t get here

funny enough i actually brought my own

e85 shut up

it’s in my car the car i was just

driving yeah i brought it

just in case we needed it because i

remember last time it was an

hour drive and you didn’t quite get to

the threshold

to unlock the full power so no they

robbed us it was more like e55

bonafide loser bonafide

start it up closer cold start hoping it

starts we’re used car sales we might be

fine we might be two for two the cgt

died earlier if it doesn’t start cuz

it’s brand new and hasn’t been broken in

yet that’s

how these cars work this seat is really

hard yeah damon would love it heard

everything so we’re gonna throw them in

for free so you’re welcome this is dead


yeah what’s good about the jumper back

in the mercedes

85 startup

the beast set the beast free

so this entire building is luxury car

storage it’s a car elevator because the

ones that raymond has

are on the top floor this is really cool

i thought how cool would it be to have a

custom-made home one day you have a car

elevator in your home


ladies lingerie thirsty

how much is in here 20 liters how many

that’s 20 liters 20 liters my entire

fuel tank on that

is just five of these yeah that’s pretty

big it actually doesn’t look that is it

pretty big it doesn’t look that big this

doesn’t look like it it gets bigger

that’s what dave always says the

question now is will the ethanol meter

read what we needed to read to hit that

it helps someone close the deal today


oh here we maps oh it’s over 60. all you

have to do is be over 60.

that’s right i’m genuinely concerned now

because i haven’t driven it on the race

now it was spinning all four tires on

the previous stuff

going up damn 67 all the way up all the

way up

and gonna stop us my gtr ran on straight

e85 from 60 to 85

made a big difference still going up

i hope it hit 69.

still pretty cold right now is it we’ve

got 37 degrees on the transmission

absolutely insane it’s pretty cool it’s

pretty damn cool


it definitely feels like a race the way

it shifts the way it drives like it’s

built to go


i have a 1500 wheel horsepower hurricane

being built 1500

wheel horsepower that’s insane so if

this car scared me the truth is

i love this car with a hurricane coming

it has to have two

drag builds we’re not really using this

car a lot we want to potentially buy it

that face seems like he’s pretty


in a cigarette the seat went inside me

for a sec when it

no breaks car salesman no no no that’s

horsepower sweat

i talked to the manager they’re gonna

let me give you the formats as well

wow undercoating i’m gonna throw in the

undercoating tire of your warranty it’s

actually 800

so 250 to the car free format 800 for

the keep up warranty

now i already lost on the key fob so

i’ll charge you half

400 bucks

all right look at that close the deal on

this or not man already

playing good cop bad cop with myself

hold on dave just hit my chance no

obviously you can’t afford it


what the hell oh no dude it’s scary this

car makes a real man that driver this


that’s pretty nice i’ve been miss daisy

over here driving miss daisy

wow can’t we get a hearing aid now

i got my hot dog

so what do you think he likes it driving

around like a little

what do you think race car your next

race car very potentially

all right let’s go talk

this thing sounds angry that does that


my god

and then it came down to this isn’t time

luke what are your thoughts what are you


it’s a little slow oh come on okay no it

was really like it

it was really fast it’s every i said to

damon it’s everything my heart

wants a hundred percent i love the


every time you get in you get violated

by this why are you still in

professional times it’s inappropriate

stuff for a minute it’s just the


probably a million people watch this

video a million people just picture the

population in vancouver

right now that’s fine no big deal as

damon said it’s nettier than

squirrel both naughty i’ll show you guys

how to close all you gotta do is this

you like the car all right 60 000.

well dude enjoy the r35 we’ll figure out

some details i do love the car

it’s sold i think we’re buying it he

bought it of course he did it

we had to talk about price tag he’s

buying it no i’m just talking we already

shook them

a good deal 60 000 this thing’s

absolutely nuts it’s gonna be fun

because i want to see someone rip it at

the track i’d really like to see this

hit area 27

just destroying everybody in a set of

slicks oh yeah 60 000 then

stop saying they both agreed saves money

we’ll take it out of the salary

160 000 that is sold in the meantime

luke you’re gonna put it back in the

elevator the super convenient elevator

luke that’s on you we gotta go

damon popsicles popsicles popsicles hot

dogs no bun

we got some more crazy stuff coming stay

tuned we’ll put this away a couple of

more updates on some of the other cars

don’t leave yet oh was your ride in the

mission lago david my favorite car ray’s

favorite car

is your favorite car right why did you

not buy another one you had one grigio

telesto the best one like out of batman

i had a grigio telescope i

i had a block he had the exact car that

was in the dark knight that got hit

right in the side i didn’t have that

good thing we brought this we made the

right call battery is that yeah second

battery that was dead well guys

pretty soon that’ll be us we will be

going back to the us

and i cannot wait look who’s driving my

mercy david

we’re gonna put all the cars inside of

ray’s secret lair

yeah are you starting to like this car i

like it more when i drive it

gangster it’s a big loud manual car we

need oh

we need more manual cars dude we’re on a

mission to save the manuals you guys

let us know in the comments we got lp


640 manual

cgt manual what other epic cars that the

value is going to go up on do you think

we should get here at daily driven

exotics dave was asking me about manual


that’s right a ferrari f430 poop not a

spider manual lp gallardo coupe

obviously that’s a harder one to find lp

gyarado would be hello

coupe how about a manual 599 v12 front


they made a manual 599. super rare how

much would that cost

a lot this is a little oh my god

almost died almost died i almost died

right there holy crap

i can’t believe how close she got these

cars oh my gosh

i almost died almost died didn’t even go

through the garage

it’s a little bit tight in here and you

know he’s getting a little so he’s not

gonna fit through that and there’s

nothing wrong with that but

damon used to be really thin and now

he’s just

what happened i don’t know man

and i are in a mission to save the

manuals we thought let’s have a few cars

what would we get and you got a manual

f40 in the corner

let’s go let’s look at the manufacturer

right right right hear me out i have an

idea oh no here we go think about this

yes save the manuals manual f430 yep

manual 599. yup manual what’s cooler

than that

uh cards right in front of us yes what

if we bought raymond’s f40

what if we bought the apple 4 to you

guys lots of other channels have like


new hyper cars and both but honestly now

on the internet it seems like

everyone’s got like a hyper car

collection why don’t we go old school

i’ve seen these modified bowden didn’t

exhaust on net 40 and it was shooting

flames it sounded absolutely madness

it takes balls to drive these cars

because they’re so rare and so expensive

and so collectible

no one’s really driving them in fact

most people are like hell we should buy


the f40 bro talk numbers let’s do it f40

do you have the key can we open it up no

let’s hit it i don’t know

oh you locked it you and you know what’s

funny the f40 is one of the few cars you

can do this

you lock this and even with the window

down you actually can’t you can’t open

the car you knew

i give you the invitation with the

window open yeah but then

locked bam duke’s a hazard it is

we’re going in through the no

no no get out of it this would be super


i love the old school seats all the

carbon fiber

this is carbon kevlar the chassis look

at this manual

net i spot the manual dude and it’s

turbo the intercoolers

is that a big wave skate right here

really yeah the waves

from high school you can do some cool

stuff with these cars yeah you can turbo

charge car you could probably mess

around though

i don’t see why not 400 something

horsepower get up to five something it’s

super light

this thing is so light already a handful

to drive when the turbo is kicking

because it goes from zero to hero

yeah literally zero to hero real quick

what do you guys think an f40 on the


i’m not even joking dude they made over

1200 this one by no means is like the

perfect collector car

i see lots of flaws in it it’s got

higher mileage 3000

mile 40. there’s f40s out there with a

thousand or less there are

there are okay there are us three

thousand mile cars there’s send me

another one there’s

also f40 lms out there you’re supposed

to be lm you you guys are good

you’re getting lm 100 how much this is

way what would an lm be worth seven


oh okay we’ll get this one what’s this

one currently worth two million right

two million so an f40 would be so sick

and probably one of my favorite parts

aside from it being manual and turbo is

the old-school flip up headlights

guys we were talking about getting that

red diablo at august which by the way

we haven’t forgot about we’re still

negotiating on that but that’d be cool a

red diablo roadster

and a red f40 park side by side with the

flip up headlights okay next time we

come to visit you can we please take the

keys down

warm this thing up take it for a little

drive just a short drive to monterey

a thousand miles yeah so we’ll have four

thousand now seriously let’s do this


come on deal deal come on

all the cars are locked up you guys

thank you for watching this episode

always have a blast with you

thank you for killing it in the store the merch

flew off the shelves david it’s gone

thank you guys so much

for watching this video for being my

friend what car is going to be on the

chopping block next what car do you

think next

one of your cars no what car would i

talk about earlier that you’re upset

about no

what oh he wants me to sell the mercy

not telling the mercy see you guys in

the next video dave you have fun i had


peace peace

fun thing sort of these little

inventions called trickle chargers

you should put all your cars on them so

i have a place called the troll

not a really nice building doesn’t have


like that so i just let the cars

batteries die all the owners are so rich

they just replace the batteries doesn’t

really matter

just like that you can’t do that dave

will pick that up wow

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