always a pleasure to see you welcome back to the vlog thank you are you excited for today i can’t wait we’re gonna have a great time i was gonna say something else the continuation of the 720 gtr build is happening today in this video like you saw from the thumbnail entitled the best part is he suggests that we try to install this stuff ourselves we’re going hands-on today hands on get a little handsy handy squadron’s looking good by the way i really like the fierce fuchsia on the car you know you should really keep that i think you should keep it did you know you know now i unwrapped the mercy all the way all the way you don’t watch the video i know he doesn’t watch because this video came out after that video but he hasn’t watched the vlog hold on it’s not edited yet and all i saw was a file name said on rap mercy i thought you were clickbaiting because you’re a clickbait and son yeah i actually unwrapped the entire car my car is yellow gorgeous yellow i didn’t want this weird pink on it anymore no i didn’t do it myself you know these hands are not made for labor are we taking raymond’s personal ride you’re watching i don’t know okay fire it up i want to hear this oh my goodness sarah it’s not the fastest car no but it’s exciting it’s exciting it’s got that emotion the new mclaren just came out it was revealed so it looks like a 570 had a baby with a 720 and then it has the back end a little bit designed like the gt car do you guys love that it’s not about the look it’s more about the fact that now it’s a twin turbo v6 and electric motors have we heard the car yet like they showed pictures of it have you heard it it’ll probably still sound like a mclaren but we talk about emotion and that is from the sound of the car the rawness and not being too refined this car even with a dual clutch transmission still has a bit of a kick it does you like that or do you like the fact that cars are getting more refined and smoother and just faster faster is the end game the faster the car the better for the economy not economy ecosystem we’re at fast track let’s go get the 720. andrew hello how are you good how are you boys yeah amazing oh there she is oh yeah so what do we have left on the bumper welding plastic weld it yeah finish it up and paint it where are we at with the paint he’s like yes hard right behind this it is where are we at with that we have basically this color very very close version of this color in a paint i could essentially paint this type of a scheme onto it which is the first idea we had but i wanted to one up this and go to that next level try to paint on a livery that is really really hard we got to do it pretty one to one and that’s where this special color is no pain in the ah so later today you’re gonna have a swatch book yes and then we’re gonna use that paint that you got yeah and we’re gonna match it to the swatch book and see if we can get close to that we’ll be back today to talk about that that looks so sick i wonder if there’s a way we could clean it up like this and get away with driving it we’d have to do something with this because these right here that’s the freaking ecu to the car all the rocks would be bouncing off of which would not be a good thing to have i haven’t heard this yet this is like full on straight pipe nope wow currently on the ferry and i have a two hour wait now what’s the best thing to do when you’re bored on a ferry flight when your wife’s talking too much your kids ballet recital that’s right you play games this video is sponsored by cash man casino you guys let’s get straight to the game you’re gonna love it okay so cashman casino is a really exciting mobile game which includes the newest free vegas slots and the best classic slot machines win big with mr catchment’s online slot machine casino game by aristocrat alright let’s play a game you guys i’m gonna go for the walking dead slot machine all right let’s spin what do they get what do they get what do they get oh yeah 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also get two million extra coins oh look at that i just found my lost briefcase another bonus for me for playing the game thank you for watching this you guys click the link in description and download capturing casino right now you will not regret it i’ll see you in the game i haven’t drew this car yet with the new exhaust on sounds really good [Music] 720 looks crazy the pops start smoking a little never really good it’s kind of alarming no smoking what [Music] this is like the look of a concerned face right now i do not know what’s smoking like something’s smoking look at this [Music] where is all that smoke coming from the smoking not a big deal it’s just because andrew drove like a little on the way to the shop last time and the heat wraps were burning off or you know all the metal and all the new stuff was just burning off the oils or whatever they cleaned with stand right where you guys are all right nothing stay right back there i ain’t moving i’m gonna flinch watch my face the camera almost felt the vibrations see the camera on that one wow it’s like whoa hey martin did you hear that did you i heard it man i’m excited yeah me too time for seat seat let’s put some seats that i don’t fit in we’re on the hunt for the center seats there they are those are the seats i’m out of breath how are you yes oh oh man fryer let’s go all right okay first things these things gotta go they do they spare the dirty water for 10 minutes probably 14 minutes right he’s going to help us with this he taken many seats out of my time but i think it’ll be much more enjoyable watching him do it you don’t have any faith in david’s mechanical skills i like how he tucked his shirt in so i wouldn’t film his butt crack dude his pants are too small for me now i’ve gained so much freaking weight get out of here i’m on it feel myself yep ah i lost it when people are talking and they’re like you’re not a real car guy unless you work on your own car no part of this looks or sounds fun i have no ego in the fact that i could put my own seats in or exhaust or a set of wheels or change my brakes none some people can do everything some people are perfect you’re probably that guy writing your little comments right now where’s your hat i don’t like seeing you without a hat oh geez you’re so silly right look at the anthony’s stance it’s close it’s clogged up it clogs he’s so dirty he’s so dirty look at this you give anthony some tools and he makes magic happen yes he’s got the seat out the seat dave couldn’t get out what are you doing okay what do we need now a wrench to take this bolt off we’re golden okay what size torques do you need probably 18. you guys this is an episode of daily drone exotics where the boys are actually working on my car with their own hands yes the wrench guess the wrench dave’s tool time home improvement i miss those shows yeah we should start our own show car improvement a lot of people would probably say it’s probably not improving the car but well i think it’s the sort of opinion i think santa seats you’ve significantly improved this car the arrow the handling the performance the looks the driving what is it that’s exactly what i asked for oh what is it it’s a 17. oh snake you i got an 18. did you really there we go one down time to reveal the gorgeous new seats pretty bougie that’s pretty sexy so uncle raymond was going to get these headrests taken off and get 720 gtr stitched into him how nice butt look at this i’m pretty fired up about putting these seats in you should be one of my favorite pieces of art that come out of clarendon yeah they they killed it with the seat game c games on point incredible i hope you guys are impressed with this because normally we would just get raymond’s team to do all this and they were like no we can do it how heavy is that compared to the other one it’s pretty heavy it’s not horrible like a gyarados seat would be boom what an upgrade and i honestly i like it that they’re all black or the new seats go in yeah i saw the tie harness bar to make life a lot easier can you imagine we got the seats all in you guys did all the bolts that’s something i would do too if i was working on my own car look at this dave being careful not to scratch the car up when you pull the seat out customer cars the customers 50 bucks an hour how much do you think we can sell the stock seats for because there’s airbags and everything in these you put these in like an mp4 or 650 it’s a good upgrade carbon tub seatless oh that is cool carbon tub oh there’s a french fry in here eat it eat it eat it eat it do it that’s definitely from mcdonald’s how’s it going dave’s f1 driving position it’s actually like the 12c was not obviously the slope you sat a lot more lower than the 12c i feel like what if we go get a train horn and put it in one of the cars one day and bring it in here ray’s been pranking us a lot we have to go next level is it just because we’re at a shop all the time we don’t really pay anything new this facility is 24 7. uh i get all the bills i pay a lot of people we get bills oh we get bills tokens for ray nothing nothing you gotta remember what token this is raymond raymond always needs this right hey needs a little taste where does little b yeah he does little look at the size of that caliper that’s often urus wow that is huge world’s largest brakes on a production vehicle martin came over and was like staring at dave just checking oh he makes me nervous well it’s because he knows what he’s doing and we don’t anthony’s got a line right there did you break it that’ll go right about what about like there you think you sounded i think this is not a problem this is again why i don’t work in my own car we’re talking about brick hold other people accountable we don’t have anything look plug that clip into here and you’re done that’s the seat sensors yeah that’s it there’s a clip right there right yeah you plug that into that clip right or that go into the module can’t scratch it don’t touch it hold on come here you’re gonna hit me you’re gonna hit me okay look who’s back i like you you’re a good guy apparently we have to take the whole panel all of this has to come out it’s already [ __ ] handled but i won’t take any more off your rep called saying it’s a liability issue it’s not in your contract sog i’m an actor i’m going to juilliard new york i started theater theater your dinner menus what are these access panel plastic pry bars oh that’s what i should have used here is grabbing it and breaking it yeah you smash that one dave that’s one of your salary i get a salary oh boy that was it’s literally just folding under there freaking shot we could jump he’s definitely stolen some cars before you think so do it yourself with mad whips yeah you know what screw this vlogging stuff we’re gonna turn this into a just a car building channel we’ll do it all ourselves you know what you guys are right this actually really isn’t that hard oh yeah yeah it’s not that bad when you get your hands in there here’s the truth though if you like it on cars work on cars if you don’t like it then don’t do it do what makes you happy who cares what the internet tells you what you should be doing yes i am a jdm guru any questions spoon part questions how much they cost let me know if you’re triggered leave a comment it’s better for engagement oh look at that that was so hard somewhere who needs that in the charon is four kilometers of wire in a charon four kilometers and all the mountain little bolts and hardware is titanium so do we have to actually take this out too yes really yeah that clip right there is literally in the carbon so let me have it from the back forward i’m going to show the audience how this is actually going to mount in yeah are the seat belts make me nervous david so there’s a bolt right there at the top yeah so this has to come out and then this will be right here you can see this is actually a carbon part of the body and that big long shank voltage is going to come out be replaced with my favorite part is what is the blue tape with the writing me that’s the serial number of the car they make it about to go chassis left hand drive and uh serial number of the carbon fiber tub and they just literally leave it on blue tape yeah i guess let’s swap this one with this one that one with that one yeah just to see what happens maybe 15 horsepower jamming we need some me to you want me to be the water boy yeah i’ll go get some drinks oh thanks i can take the type r yeah just don’t be attacking too hard i would love a matcha latte a matcha latte he’s not going to the gas station anymore i will go get a half sweet matcha latte made with oat milk my boy anthony yes you know why because anthony’s been doing all the work you know what you’re gonna get curb start the buster brought me back and christ he left hey it’s martinis have a good time in here hi i’ll bring the pole out dude you got the final one though the mean one any long-lasting damages no but jesus they probably put these things in here anthony your favorite 17. jesus what 17 ml it’s a good size the upper seat belt mounts come off all right anthony it’s mocked up right now yeah you can see it mounts up top but we’re not sure where this uh floating gal right there mounts leave it with us we’re professionals okay it’s called for help we got this template right here yeah so this obviously is made to go on here so anthony’s saying that this piece has to slide into the car yep so we may have to make a little notch like this so we can slide the bar in after and then this piece goes right on top right like that like we were never here but it’s actually quite a nice piece so it’s kind of back [Music] i’m impressed by how much these guys have done this is why i don’t work on my own cars like this is so overwhelming to me but it’s gonna look good when it’s done and i’ll be very grateful and then i will drive the [ __ ] of it because that’s what i do damn is that actually cutting it yep oh snap so bar will be over top here be nice and clean it’ll look oem yeah you definitely are raising the bar on this one master upholstery check look at that oh yeah hey dude anthony’s got this thanks dave for all your help by the way nothing like cutting up a 6 000 piece of a mclaren cover i know for the first time yeah this has never been done before six thousand dollars and it’s discontinued you can’t get them anymore [Music] look at that nice work bro huh that’s that’s solid work right there dr anthony hey this is crazy fully customized by anthony and co hey ray you got a sharpie i do you please grab it for me [Music] thanks can you come at me again with that last request uh please go and get the sharpie from my front desk from your front desk he loves it when i do this how much am i paying you an hour again jesus look at anthony’s work this is ridiculous turned out pretty good what are you guys doing oh this is crazy this is the real surgery this is the big piece i got it damn get your hand out of there raymond no it’s actually gabe oh carry on gabe’s spotting you we’re talking about making it so that my face can fit in the center seat like you want it really thin like almost really thin enough padding that i’m not going to feel the hard carbon you want to ride together so you need to do the passenger seat too make it so the fatties can drive in the car we’re thick i like pizza we got big bones what do you want doing something here for you there’s a businessman here and you’re just effing around i’m working it’s what i do you want do you mind if i take this away no you do do that i want to do the thing okay do the thing any thoughts making moves the boys are making moves that’s all cut you’re so close shut your mouth you haven’t done anything anthony how’d it go smooth dude emailing me hey look at this guys okay what email address do you want the resume to go to [Music] my man i don’t understand why we haven’t done more of this on our own cards i didn’t realize you guys knew all this why am i paying all these bills for raymond to do this we get big invoices and then we have to pay him and clout this thing looks insane the mso badge on it in the middle of just like a tie bar it is really cool check it out guys little teacher oh yeah you happy with how it turned out super happy dude looks good thank you for doing this you guys are very welcome this was all anthony i’ve been earning for a little bit of a hands-on dvd product you liked it i do like it camera comes on ray’s in here all of a sudden yeah the whole vlog except for run his mouth you know how i feel about this whole build come back i feel that was easy pretty cheap come on mickey offerman paper drink caravan that’s a flash bike ball splash is your car it’s not for me it’s from my mom he’s ma sorry martin you’re out of the job brother got the boys here now so see how it’s all cut out there yeah yeah yeah okay throw it in wait is it oh really hey boom slide it down looks good we’re showing the reveal here in a second once dave’s done screwing around making this work for him passenger seat going in oh yeah it’s a clip oh hell yeah wow that’s amazing that’s sick that wasn’t just the car that it came with senna oh yeah i should just i’m made of money raymond like you that’s what i would have uncle raymond you should buy me a center you guys raymond should buy me a center for me helping him with his youtube channel 100 100 so many clout tokens they’re worth more than bitcoin right now how oem the boys made this look beautiful right christ jesus that gave me a [ __ ] heart attack holy [ __ ] i got serious problems i really do but this isn’t going to end like this are we done i hope so you did it all hey hit it hit it hit it anthony that was easy you nailed it bro it looks good hey he really did look at this you guys you ready the 720 gtr finally has center seats and harnesses this side’s all done we still got to tuck the ones back here through but look at this it’s all done to the tie harness roll cage these guys absolutely killed it anthony is what i mean by these guys oh come on you throwing all the garbage into the santa seats what the heck it’s covered in our dna over here it’s very greasy that was crazy though so much work but so worth it what do you guys think pretty soon we’ll have the custom headrests promised by uncle raymond and the custom badge down here raymond’s also getting some more custom pieces made i mean really at the end of the day this is a 720 gtr because raymond said [Music] so [Music] damn bro thank you i’m beat i know you are let’s take you for some dinner let’s get you a few drinks in you and dave and i will make it up to you i did absolutely nothing i filmed these guys absolutely killed it i stayed out of their way what do you guys think of that though the mso tie bar is in and done the harnesses we have the roof scoop we are so close to completing this project and all the haters who said i can’t just put a body kit on a car and call it a gtr well guess what few this camera’s getting heavy can you hurry up dave he’s talking his butt what i don’t we’re sharing a hotel room later you think now is when you need to worry about it

  Mercedes G63 AMG
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