that’s trick auto body


what’s up you guys welcome back to


another episode of daily driven exotics


you got me in the vlog we got mad whips


on the ball guys


we have some updates on the 720. i


promised you a 720 gtr it is something


that we’re installing that’s going to


make it go to that gtr level chassis


mounted away canada is serious about


kicking this covet thing we’re going to


be wearing masks hopefully you guys can


hear me no problem it’s really important


whether you believe this helps or not at


least you look at this as a sign of




about other people so we’re going to


wear them and that’s just what’s up hey


how’s it look is it a small wing or what


i know just


no not a small wing andrew says we got


the biggest wing


we could possibly find for the 720. i


think you got an airport hanger back


here somewhere


holy crap wow that is not a small wing


oh yeah true dde fashion


right what do you think mia i like it


can i get one


can you get one she’s got a guy or


though now she’s like can i get the


mclaren oh you just want the wing you


just want a big wing so this is an


all carbon fiber chassis mounts is


designed specifically


after one of my favorite cars the p1 gtr


this wing came from


vorsteiner so huge shout out to


vorsteiner we’re sticking with the


vorsteiner theme this wing came from the


570 program


this is not designed for a 720 so it’s


gonna take a little bit of massaging to


get it to work the exhaust


outlets are really close to the carbon


but uh check this out


look at this that is uh impressive now




all carbon fiber this wing four steiner


killed it with this design


totally somehow notch some holes into


back here on the carbon


mount that to the chassis basically find


a way to get this to kind of sit


somewhere along these lines is that


where the rebar is where it’s gonna sit


right that’s pretty much where we’ll sit


that is uh that’s a big wing like look


at the size of this thing it goes right


to the edges of the body line which is




so how much work do you think it’s gonna


be to try to actually get this to fit on


the car


lots of work lots of work lots of work


lots of uh fabricating


is there any way we can get it to sit a


little higher if you build something off


of the rebar this is a smashed up call


right now this is from a 720. yeah


oh look at that so what do you think


tony are we still filming are we still


we’re still filming tell me all the bad


ideas that i have and how they


don’t work this wing is going to look




getting it on is going to be a horror


show this is a 720 rear bumper


this is what sits behind it not in its


perfect form


no this is what it does this is what


it’s meant to do when you hit someone


hits you right


exactly inside like this


oh really the 720 is a little different


it’s got this piece in front of it


yeah this big chunk right yeah that’s


worth twenty two thousand dollars


shut up you’re throwing it out there


this is worth twenty two thousand


yep and we’re gonna hack it up well


that’s why i want you here


to tell me yeah go ahead you know me go


ahead he says that this is tougher than


the aperta


really why is that i gotta make that


thing mount on


yeah and still be able to put the bumper


on after


and when you’re doing 300 kilometers an


hour not have this come off


that’s important yeah we don’t want this


to come off at 300. i had a ski box come


off at 250.


obviously we did not put that on no so


this is how this sits like this


so that’s about where it’s going to sit


it could actually be long there


i like the idea of things looking like


they belong we’re still trying to make


that work for


dave on this channel but it’s coming


along you know


no i get it that’s why i bring it to you


guys because at the end of the day when


these guys finish something


it looks finished doesn’t look like a


hack job but i love about tony and again


tony’s who built the 458 liberty walk



way back in the day i bring all my stuff


that requires brains


and a steady hand after a couple of


drinks we get things done how long do


you think it’ll take to hack this out


and do it


not three days we get it done by tonight


well let’s hit a little montage because


this is sexy


tony’s freaking out off camera here okay


what do you want sir you want you want


confirmation on the internet that i


appreciation now you have a look here




i am allowed to cut this 22 000 piece




i give fast track auto body in richmond


tony specifically


nobody else in this shop permission to


cut the 22 thousand dollar bumper


to make the wing work perfect


you guys think we’re playing this up


we’re not playing this up every time i


bring a project here they ask me ten


[ __ ] times


if they’re allowed to do it and on the


last project we even had to have like a


legal waiver written off


the lambo is gonna come back soon the


wings looking pretty pretty amazing


everybody decided that we need to have


it right up against the bottom of the


bumper here that gives it the perfect




and it’s gonna sit at about that height


look how good this looks first


carbon fiber p1 gtr style chassis


mounted wing ever on a 720 and it’s a


little hard to see but you can see it




look how that sits i know we got a lot


of stuff in the background but it’s


gonna look so epic you guys


and this is really what makes the gtr in


this car this


and this special unobtainium exhaust


that’s designed like the p1 and then


we’re gonna get some custom carbon


canards for the front and i do have an


arrow scoop coming for the roof still


and then we’re gonna take mia over to


her lamborghini gallardo we have a plate


we have insurance we have registration


for my baby


aren’t you yes you haven’t seen your


plate yet we got a custom plate that


dave and i ordered that was supposed to


go on the la c8


super appropriate for that car and much


more relevant about six months ago but


it’s still gonna be really funny so stay


tuned all right buddy thanks brother


we are off to sr auto group raymond


recently had to drive the huracan to rap




and andrew couldn’t believe that he


drove the car he looks like


what’s it called the starfighter or the


guys from star wars the rogue squadron




yeah one of the guys he has the yellow


glasses on anyhow we’ll throw a clip


right here he’s really happy about it




douche bag look at that let’s do for you


i’m driving


the car into the rain to rat works to


get it wrapped think this is


funny a douchebag sick of this


nice car though i’m not gonna lie you


guys we’re walking to sr cause it’s only


a couple blocks away and check this out


has found the epic


best porsche build ever for anthony the


stance edition with i think wire wheel


dayton’s on it


porsche i’ve never seen anything like


this we have a porsche


with wire wheels in canada


shut up it has hydros probably the next


mad whips hydro horse build


all jokes aside you actually want to


build an off-road edition high level




i think dd has to do it like legit


jumping exotic yeah we’re talking like


at least four or five feet in the air




the bad ideas continue hey


what’s up welcome back brother how are


you how you doing good how are you doing


i’m great


you know what we need to do right now


you’re perfect timing bro we need to


thank today’s sponsor


that’s easy it’s rockford rock form or




that save our phones yes i have two


phones you have two you know what that


means right


all right all right gentlemen out there


voice divorce now listen


this is an easy one for us because it’s


like the best case ever made for texture


it’s really strong like look check this




all right check it out come on check


this out military grade drop protection


your phone protected look at this


got a scratch on it it’s looking brand


new brand new screen’s fine you son of a


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neodymium magnet you know what that


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how much do they get off on the rock


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what the [ __ ] you do to my door what’s


on your door well you just threw


the phone with the case on it that’s




you know what you need a rock form case


bro too stressed out


what about my door don’t worry about


your door all right mia we’re here to do


some fun stuff with your car but before


we get to that


how disappointed are you anthony that uh


basically the whole internet voted for


the gtr instead of the manual


all right i’m really pissed off i was


really into that debt alright


and i would have pulled the trigger and


sold my porsche and bought that alright


but it doesn’t seem like anyone in the


channel really wants me to do that


that’s true right given the amount of


feedback that you got i think you guys


definitely need to pick up a gtr


dave are we getting an rv not a chance


no we’re gonna all right not a gtr i


want a gtr it’s not a supercar


it’s whoa i literally just wrote an


article for our blog about that’s how


it’s not a supercar


when did you write a blog uh gd dot com


check it out right into articles i’m a


writer now me right article you read




i think it’s a supercar dave doesn’t


think he’s a superpower what do you guys




vote below do we get a gtr do a build


and prove dave wrong


we build the dd craziest wide body


liberty walk silhouette supercar we’ll


make it fast you make anthony drive it


you get a vape pen




that’s a big custom one right


i thought that was a subaru thing do you


think it’s a supercar honestly


yes i do you think it’s a supercar yes


okay is it supercar


no captain obviously


no backseats cupholders supercar




uh it’s fast it is fast they are fast


they are fast you’re driving and gtr


passes you go there’s a gtr


if i owe four doors like 80 grand passes


you literally will turn a look at it




it’s exotic it sounds good gtrs are like


everywhere they make a nissan micra they


make little cars and minivans yeah


right yeah rory doesn’t do that nobody


doesn’t do that no all right it’s their


funeral on the internet


we’re gonna get a gtr you know what i


got one


you got one what give me five minutes


we’re getting a gtr right here


i used to like you raymond


i don’t want a gtr i don’t wanna what do


you mean raymond is a gtr supercar


okay don’t even get me in this car


obviously anything that


is jdm yes is a supercar


wow i would pick it over an r8 sorry


guys really whoa


where are you going i’m gonna go get a


gtr i promised you


i’m serious yeah i’ll be back in five


minutes gtr here it comes


i have no idea what he’s doing but this


is for real right now you should have a


helmet on


you just jump the tracks what’s going on


i really don’t even know did you see him


jump the trap did you get that


yes i got it this side looks good v-spec


2 gtr r34


good choice you’re gonna trigger the




you said it was a supercar and then you


show up with half a car


are you into drifting what did you do


what happened here reverse entry onto


the freeway


remember in fast and the furious paul


walker got to go


into the police database and he found a


broken gtr


you guys are not better than him right


look at this how do you pull this he’s


got all these hyper cars and supercars


and i asked for the most random obscure


car and he’s like here you go got one


got one of those so these are going to


the roof pretty soon the u.s is


whatever 20 million years 25 year rule


is coming through


so it’s going to the u.s how much are


these couple hundred canadian



shut up couple hundred more than your


car this is worth more than your




and there’s only half of it here’s what


we gotta ask if we get one of these at


gtr what what do you vote do you vote


r34 or r35 him to drive he’s already


kind of salty about the r8


debacle yeah he needs some sort of


luxury i’d go r35 but if i want the real




godzilla thank you for watching godzilla


for sure for you


do we get an r34 or do we get an r35 and


go liberty walk silhouette i personally


vote r35 what would you say


uh what are we talking about okay


dave i take this one for sure it’s an


appreciating it’s cool but it’s not


yeah exactly i vote r35 and we wide body


and make it fast and beat every supercar


to prove to dave that a gtr is a


supercar i’ll make it i’ll race you


you drive every car in our fleet 720 gtr




your twin turbo huracan i bet you i can


get a gtr to beat all those cars


i bet you a coke zero that my twin turbo


huracan it’s now 2 000 wheel horsepower


and parachute will destroy


our 35 vape machine hold on hold on wow


we do a series drag racing


built gtr and we race every car on daily


driven exhaust sounds like an awesome




lamborghini ferrari mclaren yes and we


even throw a porsche in there gt2 rs


we’ll get one we’ll race every car


against the r35 that i’m gonna build


you just have an r34 sitting around your


prison wallet just now


that key in his prison wallet not in my


prison wallet this is pretty cool


oh yeah




rabbit there’s that super car note


nothing performances what was that


what was that noise this is two r8s this


is three r eights


in fact raymond


this is a really cool car 200 grand


canadian for one of these


well this is cool so you got the rb26


engine in this car


twin turbo how much power does this


produce like just as is from the factory


anybody know 300 ish just low 300’s


japan had a gentleman’s agreement that


they would not go above like 320 or 30


horsepower so the supra


the r34 all that genre yeah they


literally shook hands that during a


meeting smoking cigarettes probably and


said we will not go above a certain


horsepower really really fun fact with


dave coulter this thing’s rad you want


to see your car


come on let’s go let’s go see your car


fire it up


get in there stir it up dude this looks


so good right


it sounds good that’s what supercar


sounds like an r35 oh


did you miss it yeah i did miss it you


can’t see my smile but i’m




don’t know any of smiling stuff we’ll


teach you that’s what dad’s here for so


the car is nice and warmed up now


you should give it some revs okay rev it


up i want to hear it i want to hear it




come on


i don’t want to break it you’re not


going to break it i’m going to please


say it


no that’s not what i got the kid’s


giving me lip already


you have to hit it hard hit it and then


let it on


do it again hit it again now give it a


couple in a row


there now we’re talking what do you


think oh


you’re obnoxious we got a new exhaust


for you we’re gonna make it louder dd




sweet we have a crazy vlog for you


we are going to show you the huracana




this close to being done wrapped so


we’re going to go check on it at


rapworks we’re going to show


mia her brand new plate so all that’s


going to come in


a two-part vlog i’m sorry i know i’m a


bit of a mean guy today you’re gonna


have to smash the subscribe button


you’re gonna catch up with us in the


next video


guys show me her per plate’s hilarious


like honestly


so crazy you’re not even gonna believe


this and dave


we’ll see you guys in the next video






it’s not like a supercar like a supercar


but it’s still just point at the 722 slr


that that’s a that’s a super car but but


the gtr


is also a supercar in the sense that


you need super money to get a good one


which you guys have


wow wow


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