we take a ferrari apart today making

this happen now oh

yeah now oh wow what power is hard

to make

good morning we have a beautiful stay

ahead of us what’s up welcome back to

daily driven exotics look at these


canadian mountains over here we have the


mia’s lamborghini tyler’s new civic and

dave’s bentley anyhow we gotta get our

stuff together it is

my day to wear the ysob camo hoodie good

morning mia morning you sleep good

yes did dad snore too much you did not

smile perfect


yeah let’s go find the boys hello

no no skipping another good time

oh hey we’re vlogging come on guys we’ve

got a beautiful day

we got the og diddy did we match

no we did it we got the ogdde tri-color

honestly this is one of my favorites

yeah how clean and simple it is hey guys

what’s up what are you doing yeah catch

coffee time

for some sugar oh my god

i don’t know let’s go get coffee did you

give them this morning nothing

holy [ __ ] that’s the problem

oh time for some coffee whole milk latte

and then can you excuse me

sam sir and

good morning to the hello

coffee won’t wake you up hold start will

never gets old not for me anyhow i’m a

big 42 year old kid now aren’t i we’re a

14 year old kid let’s do a cold start on


whole starting pacific place

to bring it back to your available today

all right i learned something on the


this says si but it’s not an si what

i think someone put this here well i

also read a lot of comments on the

internet last night about it so i went

and did my own research

and from what i read i’m pretty sure the

si honda civic coupe did come to canada

automatically it did not come when one

in the u.s so

all the people from the u.s who are like

that’s on si because it’s an automatic


could be wrong no hold on no no hold on

the internet the internet can’t be wrong

no the internet’s never the internet’s

never wrong i’m gonna take the

internet’s word

anthony so it’s got s-i it has the body


it has the wing it’s got the gauge

cluster but anthony found something


on the registration model civic si

because we’re in canada we get different

models that’s right and also one other

thing that’ll tell you it’s an si

it says vtec on the engine you son of a


actually discovered the mythical


only one of one honda civic

s.i with a transmission that is

automatic in canada

luck out to get this what you guys don’t

know is i didn’t cheap out on my

daughter’s civic because a lot of people

were like mia got a lamborghini and then

tyler gets a civic obviously you’re not

an og fan

because you missed her delivery of her

first car it’s not her only car which i

still have

which he has the kia soul i went out of

my way and i called mr honda myself and

pulled some strings i paid big bucks to

have the auto put in this thing


what why is the heat on 20 billion you

got a puff jacket on no i was cold

i like to be cozy we are gonna get some

starbucks then we’re gonna go to fast

track auto body big

things are happening you guys that’s

right we’ve been waiting just shy of two

weeks to get the paint for the 720 gtr

project and today’s the day

boom shalom the paint has shown up to

your uncle bob’s your uncle

uncle bad touch bobby bobby we got the

boys in the belly in front of us

do you want the guys in the bentley to

pay for our breakfast hey hey rich guy

hey rich guy dave hey

dave dave i want you to pay for the boat

you’re rich i paid for you don’t worry

welcome i want to get back to the last


watch out dave i’m driving behind you

we’re hitting it right here in front of

fast track and then we’re going to go in

you guys

and get an update on the 720 gt after

the boys are done eating so

are you guys finished up what are you



fast track auto body my man andrew we


the lark replica type pink sprayed a

door so we could actually see how it

looks he said you did this in stages a

six code a seven coat and a eight coat

you got it well i actually noticed one

coat difference yeah really yeah

oh look at this damn

dude looks good you son of a you nailed

it holy [ __ ]

thank you oh yeah that’s awesome it

looks great do you like it it looks


yeah i love this one you’ve seen the

lord i have do you think that’s it it is

it’s it yeah you ready wait

whoa oh god strobe oh yeah

dude oh jesus that’s bright

that looks awesome dude doesn’t it yep

killing the game how is this painted in

stages can you explain

six days seven coats eight coats i can

see the faint line right here

so this is six then we go to seven and

then i can

kind of see oh yeah eight over here


seven the middle one seven yeah that’s

what it looks like the first coat this

gnarly bright pink oh that’s crazy and

then it gets dark into this

that’s amazing holy crap i love it

andrew you absolutely killed it bro

i don’t even know if the camera does

this justice it probably looks like it’s

red on camera

you have to see it in person to believe

it but it’s impossible to get any type

of a wrap color that’s cut that’s like

that that’s why i went with the neon

orange yeah the neon orange was the

closest thing i could get to kind of


that whole livery on the huracan when i

did it but now


guys we’re going all in one of one 720

gtr with my own lark livery dude i’m


i’m actually painting what are you

actually taking the car how did the back

bumper turn out turned out great let’s

go have a look at that all right

that’s crazy yeah these used to be over

here how did you make it look so oem

that’s nuts look at this and look at


an official one of one true center exit

p1 gtr style exhaust that’s so cool

and then coupled with the unobtanium

titanium tips that are all redone in

that kind of goldy bronze color this

looks so

good holy so what are the next steps for

this we’re gonna start painting the car

you’re gonna start right away

yep it’s done right away we got the wing

over here so this is my

old carbon fiber active arrow wing we’re

actually gonna paint this because

this now sits flush with the back of the

body so the back of the body needs to be

that bright color you just saw

so we’re actually going to go ahead and

paint this however we have that full

chassis mounted carbon fiber wing

we’re going to leave some exposed parts

on that but also paint parts of the top

upper wing you’ll get it it’s going to

look like the lark p1 gtr

you guys just have to wait put a little

trust in me this car is going to blow

your mind when i finally bring it to


it’s going to be crazy half this car in

person this is what you need to see up

close and live

absolutely and you will eventually you

say you unwrapped the rest of the car


i haven’t seen my car white since i

bought it basically wrapped it right


holy crap that’s wild it looks good the

mso bar might have to come out and get

painted to match the body the large

color anthony we have to do the work

again to get it out

there’s no way he’s like dave can you

please shut up right there’s a lot of

work you guys put in

a lot of work i’m on it i feel myself

you know what you guys are right this

actually really isn’t that hard yeah

it’s not that bad when you get your

hands in there you’re so close shut your

mouth you haven’t done anything

anthony how’d it go smooth tonight

[ __ ] nailing me

so just to give you an example here are

the tips with the unobtainium custom

exhaust so they designed this

specifically to my spec so that we could

create the p1 gtr

effect if you look at a p1 gtr they have


style of tips and they have this slight

angle cut on them if you were to take my

car and literally put it next to a p1


i think you’d have a hard time being

able to distinguish the difference

between this exhaust and actual p1

exhaust i

had chris i don’t obtain him go to great

lengths to like one to one this

my hopes and dreams are to get this car

next to the actual larp this is crazy to

see this car

white for the first time we got the

forged borsteiner

in partnership with dymag carbon barrel

wheels is a full

carbon fiber barrel by dye mag you guys

and then what’s left on this car which

is all painted

assembly that’s it that’s the car’s

built cars done here’s the carbon

chassis mounted wing so

parts of this will be painted some parts

of this won’t be painted i’m going to

give you a little teaser this will be

painted this will be painted and we’re

in the hopes that we can actually get a


reverse carbon that says 720 gtr across

it with the carbon showing but then

painted you got to paint like the detail

because you it’s not just like

a line and a line it’s like you got

little points and weird

points you have to paint all this crazy

stuff going in here right you guys

better get paid big bucks


i better do the plugs people watch when

i do it

daughter’s talking something i think we

paint all of this down to the fin to

here and you put the little reference

point right

here and then the other one right there

so that’s that let’s look at the back

maybe start here so you can see how it

starts the separation of the two

panels right there we can go from here

we go up so we’re gonna go

up here like this and then we’re gonna

have the next stripe come down and the

point come down right here oh this was

from uh raymond last time speaking of

raymond why don’t we get out of your

hair and go harass raymond for a little

bit i got some ideas for harassment

that’s a great idea thank you so much

good man fast track auto body killing

the game


saying that he saw another 720 gtr

coming out or something okay we need to

grease tony to get it done tomorrow

he grease him degrease him leave some

cash no problem

no problem just wait till the car is

done to spend that so we’re long gone

this is where we unfortunately need to

say goodbye to mia goodbye

mia needs to go back to the island back

home i’m going to deliver tyler a car

around two okay


i put makeup on yesterday then i zipped

it up like this so it was really tight

rubbing we were in a body shop body

shops always do that

okay i’ll see you later kiddo give dave

his money back he needs it more than i


oh back to sr auto group just in time to

say hello to our favorite guy raymond

do you hear that that actually sounded

pretty cool it did sound good he saw you

ain’t got no way

how are you today i will do that so many

times for dave’s money


yes joke’s on him he doesn’t know it’s

movie problem

keep it are these fake no they’re real

it’s so sketchy why does he have us

dollars on them why did we’re american

so chris at unobtanium who built the 720


is gonna take a straight pipe exhaust

that he got made out of cheap stainless

turn it into

a beautiful f1 quality in canal one of


straight piped cgt exhaust no um

no temptation island is not today bro

me neither all jokes aside probably the

safest donuts for him to be doing from

you guys fan this one what really some

guy came from i would not eat something

i’m just joking

he spit it out so fast i’m sorry guys

that was amazing but could we take a

ferrari apart today yes

488 yeah you need to y body it 100 so we

need to take the lights off of it we

need to take the rest of the wrap off of

it we need to decide what wheels we’re

going to put on that car

70 percent of you said get a bbs lm

style wheel

30 bring back the og tire slayer pure

wheels why don’t we choose wheels

can’t wait you’re the master of disaster

when it comes to wheels let’s make it

happen why so excited right now why so

excited calm down

you got the scheduling when can we get

in here i’ll probably try to fit it 4 30

yeah 4 30. it’s a bit late in the day

when do you close

488. listen listen very nicely

you just you just oh oh oh oh just put

that in here somebody’s providing me

with this

money can we bump that up three o’clock

sounds good three o’clock

let’s tear down the 488 let’s hit

raymond down and we’re actually gonna

we’re the wheels today we’re making this

happen now

okay let’s do this all right sir thank

you sir

i’m gonna miss the ferrari rally car but

you know what we’re onto bigger and

wider things

well laughing


so the light bar is obviously easy it

has the sea sucker suction cup pop that


these bad boys here are drilled in i

can’t see the holes in the ferrari

it’s pretty close oh no no did i hit it

oh is it hitting oh that’s not good

i thought it was heading up top ah minor

scratches the good news

is that when we do this wide body kit

they’re going to repaint the whole car

repaint all the fenders the front bumper

because they drill all that i can’t wait

to see it all awful the holes we cut or


work from ferrari what do you think 20

grand 15 grand probably a lot that’s

crazy that’s so dd right there they made

a lot of these

there’s a way you could probably find a

used one yeah i’m gonna go get gabrielle

yeah his new car

so raymond that’s so rare that’s pretty



you did take the bucket out where’s

raymond we got last time we had this

raymond was in the middle what’s he

doing he didn’t do anything throw

raymond under the bus what’s he do no

idea what does raymond do

sure i don’t know does a lot of this

doesn’t he talking we love you raymond

well it’s time to take

the rally lights out martin has

completely torn my car apart and

apparently i missed a few spots when i

was cleaning

it’s been driven it’s been daily driven

no pun

intended nailed it

she’s been winter driven winter driven

hard look at

all the dirt in this thing i got my use

out of this ferrari

we have removed all of the plastic inner


front and all this and we are now at the

exciting part removing the entire

face of this ferrari off to get to

everything behind here

that we drilled holes i’m gonna make

myself useful and just sealed the

headlights off i know some people are

loving this right now how satisfying is

this for you the people who hate

the yellow gt3 style headlights this is

for all those people who are like i hate

those yellow headlights yeah some people

really hate really yeah

what is this trojan damn yeah


oh making moves boys

all sorts of stuff’s falling off oh wow

yeah oh yeah

sauce left in those

the bottom of this is definitely dvd’d a

little bit it’s just a little there

a little here and a little here a little

little rash here

a little that little little scratch

there back into place oh what up gabe

how you doing doing

fantastic uh i have a bad idea for

dave’s car what is it

follow me i got a bad idea let’s make

dave’s bentley


how professional is that

world’s first probably is a world’s one

of one

tasteful bentley mods with damon fryer

huh what’s up

you’re working there what are you what

are you doing what’s

what’s going on nothing i’m good i’m

working on the ferrari bro

what i’m doing you too you know you’re

not filming it’s not telling you that’s

an iphone that’s amazing

what are you morons up to both feeling

walking around so here’s your clothes

are they going

nothing i don’t know i like your mods on

the bentley the wheels are tasteful

i told you that bentley was off-limits

remember with this conversation

off-camera whatever professional mods

you got done are not my problem

you actually look cool if you did it

properly where’d you get this done

that’s so bad it’s so good these pop out

to clean the headlights it’s like rip

the whole

you don’t need those dude they’re

they’re good

stand back and look it looks pretty good

what do you guys think

picture me now look at me now

everybody look at me i want attention

photo shoot here what are you doing

i don’t know why but in some disgusting

way it looks cool

success is finding a friend with a

channel on youtube and then leaching to

him and soaking them

right what do you think of dave’s rally

lights that’s perfect


i took a little material off the ferrari

and i reapplied it do you have any

leftover for his watch god that’s not

the reaction i want i like it i don’t

want you jumping up and down

losing your [ __ ] i don’t really get mad

in public i do like how you do you just

do it off camera you’re smarter than


how about you watch you know i have the

footage of this

i’m at broad street bridge and public

going sr auto

fail you know the only fail that

happened odessa auto was about four

months ago when he came into my store

like me oh i know yeah you do actually

it’s funny

i’ve seen the late night text you send

it late night text

bromance these guys are like you and me

bro yeah hey yeah

bro just want to take a night next thing

you know raymond’s gonna be like hey

look i got a rolex

that’s so good rally bentley i’m

actually getting that done properly now

i told you i always do tasteful mods

that’s why dave’s not allowed to design

the cars oh it’s in the air

let’s see the progress we gotta undo all

these lights

which means we’re gonna undo oh look at

the flakes oh my god

right here that’s right the helmet


look at that my video update

rg on dave’s twin turbo huracans we made

it into a quad turbo because it’ll be


oh oh oh oh that means four that’s


we see the car is it there right now

yeah oh yeah

oh there’s no motor in it your

transmission is in here

so your kit is built completely built is

powder coated

we’re just waiting on my surprise to you

which will be here hopefully by the end

of the week so what point will the car

be built dave’s car

yeah uh less than two weeks

realistically the secret surprise

well i got you completely built in sleep

motor cost me 50 000 bucks but

we’re waiting on it to get here so

that’s why your motor’s out you can’t

make a car that’s

better than mine for dave why not

dave deserves some extras in life he


but dave also is an amazing friend first

and foremost oh thanks michael

he’s also a good business partner i want

him to live how much power is this car

going to make yeah does it come with

driving lessons well

so we’ll probably have it set up like

1400 to the wheels

still you’re still recording me i see

that no we’re not no we’re not

oh there it is wow the dde

dave tire slayer

once this thing goes back together

you’re telling me this on e85 will make

1400. horsepower though what are you

gonna do

i don’t know dude we’re gonna drive i

need a boarder to open

up dave drove his 1200 horsepower alpha

built gtr and it scares the living

well it doesn’t scare me no it’s slow

boring thanks for the update we do

appreciate it so the 488 got

all the bumpers off all the pieces taken

out that we need to do start prepping

this car

stage one of prep work to get this car

wide-bodied then what we’re going to do

is we’re going to pick some wheels i

think we picked

i’m not going to do a bbs lm style i

know you guys

asked for it but hold on hold on hear me

out this is really big news

i think i’m going to try to do my best

to do a bbs lm style

wheel on the cgt huh i fully support

that so what we’re gonna do is probably

go with the og

tire slayer wheels on the 488 boom

saloon bob’s your uncle remy can quickly

make because he’s already made them

we’re gonna make the same wheel

for this car i really want this car to

look like the old car that was the whole

point of this

we have some little tweaks that we can

definitely do to make it look a little


but i want you to see it and be like

that’s damon’s old car because that’s

what it was iconic for

right are you gonna do the same colors

on the wheels we’ll have to wait for

later for that maybe a polished lip

maybe a champagne center i don’t know i

don’t know

i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know i

like the party i don’t know

i like the party i like champagne

sometimes we get crazy a little bubbly

little slip of the finger

two you’re out of here another amazing

day with


we’re out the yellow lights will live on

for one more night good night to sr auto



back in the city always a fun place to

be dave’s yellow rally lights look

really good actually driving down the

road i think this should be a permanent

addition to your car

dave i think real ballers with bentley’s

have rally lights

mia’s lamborghini is actually a lot of

fun this takes me back to the roots

of dd good memories great memories


that’s how we got here i love that you

kept those on it’s actually really

ridiculous all right guys smash the

subscribe button we’ve had a long day

that last little bit of the vlog was

kind of all over we went downtown didn’t

show you anything

we went with a buddy of ours chris

ramsay he’s a magician

he did some stuff but we were in a

restaurant there was copyright music so

we couldn’t film it but he did some

mind-bending stuff you guys can check

out his uh youtube channel if you like


chris ramsay chris ramsey all right guys

have a great night smash the subscribe

button we’ll see you in the next video

a buddy of ours who’s a youtuber has a

huge channel four million

plus subscribers knows magic and he

happens to be in vancouver when he’s

done filming we’re gonna go see him pull

a rabbit out of dave

that’s actually not a magic trick that’s

just getting it out

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